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15 Tamils escaped from the Tiger boot

(June 07, Mannar, Sri Lanka Guardian) Amidst the escalation of atrocities perpetrated by the terror outfit in the areas yet to be liberated, this time especially from Mulaitivu, thirteen people of three families with another two individuals surrendered to the naval troops at Erukkulampiddi beach area in Mannar, on 05th June around 0600 hrs.

According to Sri Lank Navy sources, “the group consisted of three persons over 40 years (01 male and two females) five males aged between 17 and 28 (17, 19, 23, 24, and 28) and 07 females aged between 05 years and 22 years (05, 07, 12, 15, 17, 19 and 23). The forceful conscription of youth, the most out of the fled group as it is apparent, continuous harassments and scarcity of basic needs compelled them to flee the clutches of LTTE, they claimed.”
They had dared to flee from Silavanthei in Mulaitivu via Vedithalthievu on a locally made fishing boat paying Rs 50,000.00 each except for the little children.
- Sri Lanka Guardian

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