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Eyesore of Kurunegala city

by K. W. Desapriya

(June 14, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) Kurunegala has been transformed into a modern city, thanks to the tireless efforts of the incumbent Mayor. His ambition of reaching near perfection is thwarted by some vested elements in not allowing to widen the D. B. Welegedera Veediya, which was formerly known as Main Street and Bazaar Street.

This prominent street, which is only about 350 meters from the Puttalam road junction to the Dambulla road, is in shambles and motorists need more than 15 minutes to cross this small stretch. This street is invariably blocked by lorries and heavy vehicles, day in and day out. Customers are never allowed to park their vehicles in this street by the persons, who are engaged in loading and unloading goods from the lorries.

This street is the link road of many Highways to wit: Katunayake, Trincomalee, Anuradhapura and puttalam etc; and as such is designated as super class road, which should be wide enough to allow free traffic flow. Presently, it is very narrow and congested. By widening this street to the maximum possible extent and not allowing lorries, tractors, and heavy vehicles to enter the street at prescribed busy times, the congestion of traffic could be minimised to a greater extent, with the provision of parking facilities for lorries, elsewhere.

Diverting long distance buses through this street is an another advantage to ease the traffic flow around the bus stand and other streets.

Therefore in greater interest of the public, the authorities concerned should take an appropriate decision, with foresight, without giving into the pressures of interested parties.
- Sri Lanka Guardian

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Achi said...

No doubt kurunegala is the most beautiful and well organized city in Sri lanka now.Have to take brave steps to improve it further.

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