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Eggs, omelets, GSP plus and EU

by Kumara Kaluarachchi

(July 29, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) A visiting EU Parliamentary delegation has criticized Sri Lanka on human rights abuses. The head of the so called delegation, Mr Robert Evans has threatened that Sri Lanka that is not going to get GS plus trade concessions from the EU.

Perhaps Mr Evans is not aware of the fact that Sri Lanka is fighting a bitter battle with the worlds most ruthless terrorists, the LTTE. Probably he thinks that making omelets is possible without breaking the eggs, I am not sure.

So called human rights chaps were not around when the Batalanda holiday home was functioning in full swing. They were not bothered during the 88-90, when the “liberal democrats” and “leftists” in Sri Lanka were making omelets. So many eggs were broken by Kola Koti and PRRA. Hilariously, leaders of Kola Koti and PRRA are now agitating against the breaking of eggs!

When a suicide chappie from the Tamil Terrorist gang is “removed” from the scene before he blows himself up in a public place, hundreds of lives are being saved. That is the first lesson in how to fight Tamil Terrorism 101”!

Same time one should not forget that the number game played by the people who are well experienced in disappearances. It was said that most of the chappies who are reported as “missing” are in fact gone abroad. Some are gone back to Vanni. Naturally the beggars who do their trade by showing the human rights wound, and their donors are not ready to listen the government. They have made their case against the GOSL already.

The latest weapon they use is the GSP plus! We are being told by different parties that if the EU does not award the GSP plus status to Sri Lanka, 300,000 jobs will vanish overnight. A huge catastrophe or what?

I am no Economist. However, what I see is that EU is going to help the Sri Lankan defense forces in near future. If 300,000 young people were made redundant overnight, they will try to hang in to the very next job they get. Who else is hiring in Sri Lanka other than the SL defense forces???
What will happen to the big business people (traditionally UNP chaps) who own the garment factories? Since they are going to be jobless, they will have to join the Army too!

(The Writer is an Editor of the Lanka Journal Web site. He can be reached at lankajournal@gmail.com )
- Sri Lanka Guardian

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