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Eviction of people from their houses in Colombo

by Rahula Athalage

(July 21, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) Intellectuals for human rights (IHR) vehemently condemn the brutal acts of the government in evicting unauthorized residents from their houses at Slave Island in Colombo last Friday (18th July 2008).

The Urban Development Authority (UDA), officials under orders from the Ministry of Defence, demolished the houses of the people who have been living over 50 years in the Glain Street area of Slave Island, Colombo, claiming that the houses were a threat to the security of the Colombo city, especially during the SAARC summit.

The UDA officials have not respected the Supreme Court injunction issued on the same day morning stopping the UDA from demolishing the houses. The Supreme Court injunction was issued in response to a fundamental rights petition submitted by the residents.

This brutal act of the government is a serious violation of human rights. The government had not given reasonable time for them to find alternative residencies and the authorities have not considered the livelihoods of the people, school education of the children and other socio economic aspects.

IHR emphasize that the government has not respected the human rights and the authorities were not civilized to solve the problem in a democratic manner.

We urge the government to immediately solve the humanitarian issues faced by these people and pay them compensation for their damaged properties. If the eviction of the people is essential for the security of the city, they shoul d be provided with alternative lands and houses with adequate facilities to carry out their day to day activities without any disturbances.

( Rahula Attalge, General Secretary of the IHR )
- Sri Lanka Guardian

1 comment

withane said...

The whole excercise, especially for SAARC, is inhuman in a so-called SOCIALISTIC country.

This proves that the aristocratic families who inheritd the political power from the Colonials, simply used the word SOCIALISM only to grab power.

The ruling class or the GOSL should be ashamed of themselves.

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