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LTTE: Freeing Nalini will ratify Tamil cause

by Dhanya Rajendran

(July 10, Chennai, Sri Lanka Guardian) Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) has said that early release of Rajiv Gandhi's killer Nalini Murugan will be seen as ratification of the Tamil cause by the Indian government.

Speaking exclusively to Dhanya Rajendran from an undisclosed location, LTTE's political chief B Nadesan said that such a step will be a strong indication that the Indian government has recognised and ratified the Tamil cause.

Nadesan was reacting to the appeal made by one of Rajiv Gandhi's killers Nalini Murugan for an early release.

The LTTE perceives Priyanka Gandhi's meeting with Nalini Sriharan at the Vellor jail as 'a purely humanitarian gesture', Nadesan said.

"This visit was a purely humanitarian gesture. Nothing else."

On a question on Nalini request of an early release, Nadesan said that the release will 'recognise' the legitimate aspirations of Tamil people.

"We firmly believe holistic changes will take place and Indian government will recognize the legitimate aspirations of Tamil people and their freedom struggle," said Nadesan.

Interestingly, LTTE's statement comes a day ahead of the hearing on Nalini Murugan's appeal in the Madras High Court.

37-year-old Nalini had moved the Court after her plea for release on the ground of good conduct and having completed over 17 years in jail was rejected by the Tamil Nadu government.

Nalini was initially sentenced to death along with her husband Murugan, and two others.Her sentence was later commuted to life following an appeal by Congress President Sonia Gandhi.

Significantly - prior to Nalini's petition seeking early release, Rajiv Gandhi's daughter Priyanaka Gandhi Vadra met her at the Vellore Central Prison in March, 2008.

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- Sri Lanka Guardian

1 comment

monkey said...

Has the LTTE not killed enough moderate tamils and not sent enough unfortunate tamil children as child soldiers to the war front and destroyed their future for the Lanka Gunardian to realise that the LTTE does not stand for tamil or any other liberation?!

The lanka guardian should stop publishing comments by LTTE spokespersons who are nothing but a gang of thugs who have destroyed the tamil cause as such

Tamil liberation and sinhalese liberation are not mutually exclusive but bound by historic ties and if one is doing well so would the other and vise versa

let us sow the seeds of love between these two unfortunate communities so we can move forward to a secure, peaceful and prosperous future

What ia needed today especially for the tamils is for them to live ina secure environment, have job opportunities, use of tamil equal to sinhalese, devolution of power and to go about their day to day activies in peace and a secure future for their children. Same for the sinhalese, nothing different!

So lanka guardian, you have a historic duty to promote peace and not publish any violent rantings of a group of terrorists i.e. the LTTE

The LTTE has had twenty three years to do the right thing by the tamils but instead they have destroyed them and every opportunity to get a fair deal. So now is the time for the LTTE to leave, depart and let the tamil people themselves find solutions to their problems.

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