Hindu conference in crisis

(August 07, London, Sri Lanka Guardian) The 11th London Saiva Conference hosted by The Federation of Saiva (Hindu) Temples UK is facing difficulties due to pressures from the LTTE supporting members of the Federation. The Federation of Saiva (Hindu) Temples UK is made up of five Hindu temples in London: Shree Ghanapathy Temple, London Sivan Kovil, Highgatehill Murugan Temple, Sri Kanaga Thurkai Amman Temple and Sri Rajarajeswary Amman Temple. The 11th conference of the Federation is to be held on 23 August 2008 at Shree Ganapathy temple in Wimbledon and on the 24th August 2008 at London Sivan Kovil in Lewisham.

A section the hardcore LTTE sympathising trustees of the London Sivan Kovil is said to pressurising the Federation to prevent non LTTE supporting persons from participating in the conference. The Federation was put under enormous pressure to reschedule the programmes between the venues as the dominant London Sivan Kovil imposed sanctions that some of the speakers are not allowed to participate in the programmes on 24th August at their venue. As a result, the Federation management has shifted these items of programmes to Shree Ganapathy temple.

The London Siva Kovil is controlled by the LTTE activists and the temple premises alleged to be regularly used for LTTE secret meetings. The pro-LTTE trustees even went to the extent of cancelling the memorial event for Late Maheswary Velutham who was slain by the LTTE in Jaffna Sri Lanka in May 2008.
- Sri Lanka Guardian