LTTE Attempted To Infiltrate The EROS

(August 07, London, Sri Lanka Guardian) The Eelam Revolutionary Organisation (EROS) claimed today that they have identified four agents of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) who had attempted to infiltrate their organisation and target key leaders within EROS, senior member of the EROS said.

According to the sources, “It is said that the agents of the LTTE had attempted to formally re-join EROS claiming to be loyal members of the (Shankar Rajee) faction of EROS which joined the democratic mainstream in 1987 and has remaining opposed to the LTTE facist terrorists since.”

Meanwhile in a statement the EROS claimed that these agents of the LTTE were being closely monitored from the very begining when they attempted to re-join EROS claiming to be opposed to the LTTE. "Our Intelliigence wing always has its eyes and ears open and we are very cautious about recruiting old members, many of whom joined the Balakumaran faction who joined the LTTE in 1990. There are always LTTE agents attempting to inflitrate political parties and in our case we have exposed them to the authorities concerned".

It is said that one of the four agents of the LTTE presently living in Norway received substantial funds from the LTTE in order to infiltrate EROS and sabotage its operations in Sri Lanka and abroad. The other three identified LTTE agents are said to be from Switzerland, Germany and the United Kingdom. All names have been identified and reported to the authorities by the EROS politburo and action will be taken in due course.

A secret meeting was said to have taken place in July 2008 in Zurich, Switzerland where the four LTTE Intelligence agents hatched a plan to take over the leadership of EROS by eliminating key members within the EROS leadership.

Nesan Shankar Raji, Senior leader and spokesman of EROS claimed that the authorities had already been informed of the said agents working for the LTTE and that these agents of the LTTE had not infiltrated EROS.

Mr. Raji without mentioning names claimed that the authorities would deal with the identified agents of the LTTE accordingly. "We will not allow our organisation to be infiltrated by agents of the LTTE Terrorist Mafia and we will take all actions and precautions as necessary. We have also given instructions to our teams to detain them should they step foot in Amparai or Batticaloa stated EROS senior leader Mr. Raji.

The Politburo of EROS has since appointed Mr Rasamanickam Yogarasa alias "Yogan" as the District Team Leader of EROS for both Amparai and Batticaloa in the Eastern Province.

Meanwhile Rajanathan Prabaharan, a former member of EROS has since been identified by the EROS Intelligence Wing as an LTTE agent. He is said to have received substantial funds from the LTTE via an Intelligence agent of theirs based in Norway. As a result he was reported the EROS politburo to the authorities and is said to be in hiding in Batticaloa. EROS team members are said to be presently on the look out for him. The EROS organisation in the East works closely with the Security Task Force (STF) in both Amparai and Batticaloa including the local police force. EROS has also recently recruited 60 new members in Kaaraitheevu, Amparai.
- Sri Lanka Guardian