"My government and I give foremost place to the country, and its people”

President's Message on North Cenral and Sabaragamuwa Polls

(August 24, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) "I see the convincing victory by the United People's Liberation Front (UPFA) at the elections to the North Central and Sabaragamuwa Provincial Councils held yesterday as a victory for all our people who love our motherland. It is an election where the country has won. While thanking the people of Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa, Ratnapura, and Kegalle Districts and all others, who contributed to this victory, I call upon them to enjoy their success in peace,” President Mahinda Rajapaksa said in his massage on recent Provincial Council Election.

According to the President, "I express my humble gratitude for the new people's mandate given to the "Mahinda Chinthana" through the free and fair election held yesterday.

"There is no doubt that public opinion represented in the North Central and Sabaragamuwa Provinces is the opinion of the entire country. While the majority of our people have been able to defeat the many vicious efforts of forces that were ranged against the country, the strength and morale that our heroic troops will receive from this victory in their battles to finally end bloody terrorism from our country is immeasurable.

"My government and I give foremost place to the country, and its people. This public mandate has given greater strength and courage to expedite and energize our march to protect the country and awaken the people.

I repeat the plea I made to you in the Presidential Election of 2005 to help build a country that is free of the differences of political party, colour and all such differences. I wish to state that the door remains open for those who have delayed to join us on that march.

"I also take his opportunity to extend my thanks to the Commissioner General of Elections, all public officers, and all sections of the armed services and police for the commendable work they have done for the conduct of a free and fair election.
- Sri Lanka Guardian