“The Govt. was not reducing prices despite the CPC earning a profit of RS.1.5 billion”

(September 19, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) Addressing the Media yesterday (18Sep), UNP Gen. Secretary and M.P. Tissa Attanayake, recalled how the Govt. when raising the price of fuel for a record 12 times in May this year burdening the people ,solemnly promised to pass the benefit to the consumers if the world fuel price plummets. Now, when the price of crude oil per barrel has dropped drastically by US $ 70.00, the President says, he wants time to consider the price reduction favoring the consumers. But, when the world market prices rose, this Govt., even when there is such a whisper, has been making a scramble to raise prices and burden the people, he added.

The CPC, on the other hand says, in the last one month it has made a profit of Rs. 1 ½ billion, but cannot reduce the local fuel prices because it has to pay debts the Govt. has taken at prohibitive interest rates. In other words, this Govt. is shamelessly and unconscionably forcing the people to pay the penalty for the sins and misdeeds of the Govt. On each liter of petrol, at the current rate, the Govt. is extorting a ruthless profit of Rs. 65.50 from the consumers by selling at the old rate of Rs. 157.00, he pointed out.

The Govt.’s obsession with selfish and corrupt objectives is not permitting it to get off the back of the people on whom it is riding, and its parasitic habits sucking their blood. He explained how the Govt. hurriedly imported 135,000 M/Tons of refined oil at peak price when it was fully aware the price plummeting was imminent. Why did the Govt. import refined oil when there is the Sapugaskande refinery that can do it at half the cost? He asked. Besides, the usual procedures adopted in the import were waived and this import was done only with the approval of the Minister and Chairman of the CPC. It is therefore obvious why and for whose benefit this import was made, he concluded.
- Sri Lanka Guardian