India’s duplicity

– The Sudar Oli Editorial

(September 14, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) Two important events took place this week in Vanni. One is the air attack on the Vanni Head Quarters of the security forces, while the other is the proposed exit of the Non Governmental Organizations that perform humanitarian services.

The international Community is startled that notice is issued for the NGO’s to make their exit for security reasons. At the same time, the air attack on the military camps, too, has caused a shock.

Meanwhile, India, which has been voicing for a political solution to the Lanka’s ethnic problem, stands exposed since two of the Indian troops – technologists- were injured during the recent air attack in Vavuniya. It has been proved once again that India makes its moves to suit its geographical, political and economic interests.

It is well known that India maintained calculated silence while the Tamilnadu fishermen were attacked and when the north-east was de-merged in breach of the Indo - Lanka Accord. Now, it has come to light that India had supplied not only weapons but also troops to fight the war, while preaching a political solution.

The Sri Lankan government issued exit notice to the UN agencies serving humanitarian work in Wanni. UN Secretary General Ban- ki moon has condemned this move. But, surprisingly India maintains a calculated silence.

International Community must act fast to save the civilians caught up in the war.

(An English translation of the Editorial in The Sudar Oli, a Tamil daily, based in Colombo)
- Sri Lanka Guardian