Sinhala settlement in the east! – Shivajilingam

(September 14, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) Shivajilingam, TNA Parliamentarian, charged that the Sinhala settlement in the east is intensified under the programme of environmental health.

While addressing Parliament, he stated that the government had destroyed the LTTE Leader’s house which had been unoccupied for 25 years in Valvettithurai due to frustration suffered from the air attack in Vavuniya camp.

He added that the Sinhala population which was half percent in the east has risen to 30 percent. Hon minister Chamipika is intensifying the Sinhala settlement in the east making use of his office.

He continued that the JHU must stop Sinhala Colonization’s in the east. Else, there could be serious consequences. The people of the country will give you the right verdict at the next election, he said.
- Sri Lanka Guardian