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JVP‘s street protest against Govt.

(September 24, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) Hundreds of people joined with the JVP‘s street protest against the government’s failure to reduce the fuel prices at the usual venue Lipton Circus on Wednesday.

JVP Propaganda Secretary and Parliamentarian Vijitha Herath says, government had promised during the last budget the fuel prices would be reduced even by cutting taxes, but had done the opposite by increasing the taxes for petrol by Rs. 15 and Rs. 10 for a litre of diesel respectively.

“The government said it has taken this step to prevent the Indian Oil Company from earning a high profit. But what it could have done is reducing the prices and thereby preventing the company of earning such profits,” he pointed out.

He explained the government purchases crude oil from Iran at moderate prices of $122 a barrel though the prices were increased when the global price rose to $147 a barrel.

The JVP MP explained it was the best quality crude oil which rose to $147 whereas only moderate quality oil was imported to Sri Lanka. He also diluted the claim made by the government that the prevailing stock was bought at higher price.

Mr. Herath said this stock which was purchased in early August this year was not a large one and questioned as to how could it last till end of September as the government claimed.

In this situation he said “it is clearly possible to reduce the prices and give a relief to the people”.

He charged the government was keeping the fuel prices to cover up the losses created by its large scale corruption and fraud.

The MP said the party was currently studying the legal aspect on the situation and would decide on legal action thereafter.

He also explained one cannot blame the Petroleum Minister A. H. M. Fowzie or the Trade and Consumer Affairs Minister Bandula Gunawardene for this as it was the Finance Minister who was responsible for the management of the economy.
- Sri Lanka Guardian

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