"Police registration, a violation of the constitution"-TNA

(September 21, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) Tamil National Alliance Parliamentarian N.Sri Kantha has criticized the proposal to insist on people who have arrived in Colombo from the north during the last five years, to register at police station, as a violation of the constitution.

He argues that it negates the concept that all are equal in the eyes of the law. Furthermore, the time given for the purpose is rather short

He questioned whether it is the position of the government that the security threat is only from this category and that there is no such threat from others. If it were so, then it is a discrimination against the community.

Minister P.Chandrasekaran also stated that the proposal for police registration is harassment against the Tamil people from the north east.

He explained that following the war the Tamil people are displaced and are seeking refuge in refugee camps or in other parts of the country for security and to live in peace. So any harassment of this nature is unfair.
- Sri Lanka Guardian