TULF Discusses Permanent Political Solution and Humanitarian Situation

(September 02, Toronto, Sri Lanka Guardian) The TULF Canada Branch hosted a discussion on a Permanent Political Solution, at Cedar Brae Community Centre, Toronto, Canada on August 31st, 2008. The speakers included Mr. V. Anandasangary (President of TULF Sri Lanka), Mr. Nadarajah (President of TULF Canada) and Mr. James. The discussion was chaired by Mr. Namu Ponnambalam. Mr. V. Anandasangary called upon all Sri Lankans to work towards a political solution that will fulfill the aspirations of all the communities.

He praised all the communities for their tolerance and understanding and expressed the importance of all Sri Lankans to live as brothers and sisters alike. He stated that a permanent political solution could be achieved by adopting Federalism or by adopting an “Indian model”. He argued that the Indian model, which has the features of both a Federal State and a Unitary State, will be a viable alternative to arrive at the common ground necessary for a permanent political solution acceptable for all the parties. Furthermore, he argued that the 13thAmendment in the present Constitution or for that matter any other interim arrangement will not be acceptable as a political solution for the minority communities in Sri Lanka.

Mr. V. Anandasangary invited all the political activists in the Diaspora to pressure their respective governments; to distinguish between the LTTE and the Tamil people and to advocate a permanent political solution that meets the aspirations of all the communities in Sri Lanka. He said that a solution based on the “Indian model” will ensure the confidence of the minority communities and in the process defeat the call for separation. TULF Canada fully endorses the demand for a Federal solution within a united Sri Lanka to address the grievances and aspirations of all minority communities.

TULF Canada also believes the “Indian Model” is a viable alternative to a Federal solution. TULF Canada is deeply concerned about the continuing humanitarian situation in the Vanni, and calls upon the government and the LTTE to ensure the safety and rights of ordinary citizens, especially the women, the elderly and the children.

TULF Canada appreciates all humanitarian support given to ordinary civilians trapped inside the Vanni and calls on the International Humanitarian Agencies and other governments to continue to provide humanitarian support. TULF Canada encourages all political actors and political activists in Sri Lanka and abroad to campaign for a permanent political solution and a better future for Sri Lanka.
- Sri Lanka Guardian