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Section of the LTTE front media claim 60 army deaths in Akkarayakulam

(October 29, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) According to latest news published in some of the LTTE front Tamil and English websites the Sri Lankan army has suffered 60 odd casualties when they faced an unexpected rear guard attack. The news said: ‘The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) and the Sri Lankan security forces (SF) clashed when SF troopers tried to advance into the LTTE held area in the Akararayan - Mrukandi Raod area using heavy artillery, mortars, heavy weapons, tanks, helicopters, and close air supports from Tuesday morning 6:00 a.m till evening 6:00 p.m At least 60 SF troopers were killed over 100 SF troopers injured, according to the sources in Vanni’ . The news also claimed: ‘According to the Vanni sources, many dead bodies of the SF troopers killed in the battle still scattered in the area.’

The news is not reported by the LTTE’s main website Tamilnet. It is not possible to obtain independent accounts from the war zone, from which most journalists are barred. Rebel spokesmen could not be reached for comment because their communication lines have been severed.
- Sri Lanka Guardian

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