57 division captures Kokavil

(December 01, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) Kokavil, a major LTTE stronghold along the A-9 highway, has been captured by the Sri Lanka Army (SLA)’s 57 division. Fighting has been going on in this area for quite some time with both 57 division (north of Kokavil) and Task Force 3 (south of Kokavil) been engaged in frequent firefights with LTTE cadres. 57 division units who moved southward from their positions south of Kilinochchi yesterday, were able to take control of Kokavil area by today morning. Kokavil town and the area where a former Rupavahini transmission tower is located, is now under SLA control.

Meanwhile Nedunkerni, a major LTTE stronghold in Mullaithiv district is facing increased pressure. Army’s 59 division who recently captured Otiyamalai, are around 4km from Nedunkerni. Task Force 3 is also advancing east of Mankulam and a possible link up between the two divisions could prove to be disastrous for LTTE cadres in the area.

In other news the SLA is planning to add yet another new division to the Wanni theater of battle; Task Force 4 (TF$). Task Force 4 will be raised as a semi offensive division. The area where this division will initially be deployed is unclear as of now. (Images from Agencies)

[DefenceNet Report].- Sri Lanka Guardian
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