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In Eelam Gnanakone will not deal with peasants

A Sri Lanka Guardian Report

(November 21, Washington, Sri Lanka Guardian) Freedom Fighter Jayantha Gnanakone is a Lone Ranger fighting for an Eelam State in which his own smuggling fraternity will be the dominant community. All others are peasants and he will not deal with them. Of late he has been making so many slashing statements which he casts like sowing wild oats all over the world. His language is often belligerent and bellicose and some of phrases certainly are x-rated and unfit for civilized communication.

Unfortunately Jayantha Gnanakone's dreams and Tamil rights are far apart. Every one else of the Tamil community apart from those of his own Valvetttiturai smugglers are peasants and pariahs. Every inhala is a racist except his own good friend, as he always claims, Mr Ranil Wickremasinghe. His only other friend is Velupillai Prabhakaran who denied Mr Wickremasinghe the opportunity to become president of Sri Lanka. What role did Jayantha Gnanakone play in this conspiracy setting one friend against the other?

The problem seems that every mile gained in Wanni by the Sri Lanka Armed Forces, he is becoming more and more agitated but lives in the hope that sooner not later hundreds of armed troopers will be massacred to nourish the Wanni soil, scores of fighter planes downed and Eelam will be achieved with Velupillai Prabhakaran emerging from his hole as the undisputed leader of the Tamils.

Sri Lanka Guardian received a certain document which Mr Gnanakone has prepared as an answer to a Mr Visuvanathan. This is relevant in the light of events today especially for a close confidante of both Prabhakaran and Wickremasinghe to express. It is important for both the Sinhalese and the Tamils to know the views of such a person who enjoys the confidence of these people.

We publish in full his response to Mr Visvanathan:

Mr Visvanathan:

There were many reasons for the LTTE to withdraw from the Peace Talks, as I spent two months in Wanni and Colombo during that period with the leadership in early 2003. It was me who fought the Balasingams, Rudrakumars, Dr. Jay Maheswaran, and Pullethevans/Tamil Selvams not to attend the peace talks in Tokyo Japan.

In fairness to all above they were very keen to continue the talks which they were unable to produce any results. I was involved with the CFA from June 1996 and this did not happen overnight when my friend Ranil became PM in December 2001.

People who do not know the subject first hand should refrain from writing big stories listening to the so called pundits from various capitals of the world, in a CYA process.


The Tamil negotiators were simply incompetent and showed lack of finesse. How many of them can get a job in a commercial enterprise including the so called attorney who is an immigration consultant who as a student in Texas was a supporter of EPRLF when I visited them to organize the Tamils in Texas for "our cause and movement".

I never write about it because two of my very good friends of 40 years would be exposed i.e.: Ranil and VP. There is a lot more to do to bring about peace and prosperity.

I am not in the business of KISS AND TELL BOOKS for cheap popularity, name and fame that some Australians and Tamils are notorious for. Please remember in 2002 Ranil was only a Prime Minister with limited power, compared to Rajapakse and Chandrika being all powerful President. Besides that Chandrika was a hostile President for Ranil.

Please take a look at the Sri Lankan Constitution.I would be happy to educate you of the recent history in the corridors of power, as I am very busy and unable to write further.
Tamils also need to deal with the corruption, the cancer of the Diaspora.
TRO, WTCC, WTM, IFT, ITRO, TAG, TEAG, CTC are a few good examples of how bad the situation is

The split between Karuna and LTTE is also both their fault as well as the RAW, and SLA. We Tamils cannot be blamed for the internal problem of the LTTE similar to the Mahathya syndrome, or LTTE PLOTE or LTTE -TELO problems of the past. Or other current Tamil quislings like Douglas, Sangaree, Sitharthan and SJV's son Chandrahassan in India. The Emilkanthan –Tiran Alles link also proved to be disastrous.

I am certain you are unaware of all these issues or have a different take on the matter. Also about the Interim Administration which was offered to the Tamils in 2002, and I was involved in it in New York and London.

Please let me have your sources where you write so authoritatively to enable me to comprehend why you are writing. FYI, I spent a lot of time in Vanni, Trincomalee, Jaffna, Batticaloa, and Colombo where I have homes, Delhi, London, New York and Los Angeles where I live.

Canada was never a factor and they always in the cold, despite the financial contribution that is made by 333,333 Tamils living there, most of them political or economic refugees.

Jayantha Gnanakone
Founder, Tamils for Justice, Los Angeles, 310 404.
- Sri Lanka Guardian

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