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Twins in Washington

In lighter mood by Victor Karunairajan

(November 29, Toronto, Sri Lanka Guardian) White House, Washington is agog with great activity with George's brother Chimp Bush visiting for one last time before George and his family move to Texas for good. They may even want to do what Arthur Clarke did and go to Sri Lanka to gaze the stars but for an altogether different reason. Mahinda has indicated a keen interest in this idea in return for a shipment of arms of the kind George and Cheyney keep supplying to desertify Iraq.

Mahinda is also hoping Rumsfeld and "Condolenza" Paddy or is it Rice (?) to join the Washington discards. After all he has already three from the US doing war duties in Sri Lanka.

Chimp Bush lives in Botswana and there is much excitement in Africa - not a country as someone called Sarah from Alaska thought - that Washington DC may become the most popular destination for people of that continent and soon may do what the Irish did some decades ago. If George had continued his seat in Washington using his brother Jeb as proxy, this DC could have become the Vatican of North America politically and its head chosen by Smoking Fires the way the natives of North America falsely branded as Indians did for centuries. And how they do in Vatican.

But now the story is different - the first via space commercial international flight will be between Dulles International (Washington DC, US) and Jomo Kenyatta (Nairobi, Kenya)' also in thinking stage is the first Oceanic Bridge to link New York and Mombasa. The Dulles-Kenyatta flying time should be no more than 11 minutes 11 seconds.

A mix of Irish and African along with Indian and Chinese the already here people in the US which would be inevitable may mean even more beautiful and brilliant people for humanity and ensure more Obamas in the future giving the hope of a better world. The day of the WASP is gone and will be sealed for good when a certain party takes oath of office in January 2009. WASP evidently stands for White Anglo-Saxon so and so!

It is realiably learnt there are plans to change certain sections of the US Constitution so that a President of the United States can choose members of his cabinet from anywhere in the world. A top favourite for such a selection is Prime Minister Manmohan Singh of India as Secretary for Finance who was supposed to have suggested that the name Rupee replaces Dollars.

Former Russian president Putin is also on the list and Albert Rene of the Seychelles who was most successful in democratizing a one-party state into a multi-party country with a peaceful revolutionary process. No other country ever allowed a deposed head of state by coup to contest for presidency the very man who deposed him. Mahinda R did show some interest but he was promptly told to take good care of the Tamils and grant them equal rights along with his Sinhala majority people.

All these is possible because a man called George Bush cheated his way to become the first unelected president of the US, thanks to another brother Jeb Bush and all that is at fault in the US voting machine. Unable to bear such practices anymore 51 percent of the Americans decided to bring to end such practices. Happily 90 percent of the 51 percent are young folks who are appreciative of the multicultural nature of humanity. Also fortunately 90 percent of 49 percent of the Americans have a vastly accelerated rate of becoming extinct, only species welcome to become extinct.

Now let me introduce you to the two brothers George and Chimp Bush - they, I understand were identical twins but the genes failed when it came to complexion. Whether it failed George or Chimp I don't know. It could be a genetical throwback from generations back just liked White Leghorns could be black and Austrolorps could be white now and then among the chicken breed!
- Sri Lanka Guardian

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