Who said the the army is not humanitarian?


by Jacinta Cruz, Los Angeles, California

(November 19, Califonia, Sri Lanka Guardian) The following photographs were sent to us to show how the Armed Forces are treating the helpless LTTE fighters injured in the civil war and had abandoned them to their fate. If people in Wanni are hiding then they are hiding from the Tigers and also to enable the Armed Forces to take over areas held by the LTTE. Those LTTE Diaspora supporters living in the lap of luxury in the west are fighting a proxy war that kills many innocent people forced into the frontiers of the war by Pol Pot Prabhakaran.

There are people who still believe that Prabhakaran is a hocus pocus magician who will achieve Eelam. How many of them are aware that the people of Wanni cannot wait anymore for their liberation from the LTTE?

- Sri Lanka Guardian