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Some Tamilnadu politicians are not jokers; they are traitors

- Lt General Sarath Fonseka should have called them traitors to India and not jokers.

by Ravi Vigneswaran, Chennai

(December 11, Chennai, Sri Lanka Guardian) Sri Lanka’s Army Chief Lt General Sarath Fonseka has been somewhat generous naming some of Tamlinadu politicians as jokers which is as good as saying that they are clowning around or messing about when they should be conducting themselves as responsible leaders of the community.

Instead, most of them are a veritable pack of cards of knaves, aces sixes, sevens and nines and some even twos and threes. Far too frequently they realign like a pack of cards and the people who vote for them do not really know how they will form into alliance time and again which makes anyone to wonder whether people vote for persons or political programmes.

When will some of these Tamilnadu politicians realize that the Tamils and the LTTE are forces apart, one is peaceful and political and the other is violent and terrorist. Terror politics have not only tarnished the image of the Sri Lankan Tamils internationally, it has devastated the community itself. If Sinhala extremists had wished the extinction of Tamils in Sri Lanka, the LTTE has gone halfway in achieving it.

It is common knowledge that some of the Tamilnadu politicians are in the pay of LTTE Diaspora and what is happening in Tamilnadu has been beating the chest and wailing for generous payments for demonstrations. Some of the so-called Tamilnadu politicians are making a lot of hay through LTTE manipulations.

How come the Indian press is not screaming at these politicians who are flirting with Tiger terrorists who could become a major plague for Tamilnadu if not India by flirting with the ruthless LTTE? Lt General Sarath Fonseka should have called them traitors to India and not jokers.

Our northern borders have been exposed to terrorist plague for too long a time and the recent Mumbai attack should remind us that terrorism is a scourge that we must overcome. There is no escaping from it. While this is the position in the north, New Delhi must ensure that the LTTE is not afforded any support or succor in the south.

A recent feature stated that the anti-Sri Lankan Government demonstrations in Tamilnadu were funded by the Tiger Diaspora in Canada and in Chennai is stationed a Sri Lankan don who is directing action on behalf of the Tigers. According to this feature, the contact persons appear to be from the Communist Party in Sri Lanka and the same in Tamilnadu too.
- Sri Lanka Guardian

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