Woman Tiger Leader Calls Upon LTTE Child Soldiers to Surrender

(December 17, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) The latest LTTE cadre to narrate openly about the terrible ordeal she had been through was the 26 year old, Nadarasha Rajeshwari alias Sekkuil in the terror outfit who was conscripted to the LTTE when she was barely 16 years of age.

The woman Tiger who took to LTTE arms in 1998 after the teenager was forced to do so received gunshot injuries in Kumulamunal, Welioaya when trying to lay an LTTE ambush against advancing troops.

Born in Ramanadapuram, Kilinochchi on 18th March 1982 she was forced to undergo LTTE weapon training in Muttayankayyu area and was assigned to LTTE’s Chemmannai Tiger training camp as a ‘Major’. ‘I gave training to about 50 Tigers, of whom ten were teenagers in the camp. I was firing on advancing Army troops but their fire-power overpowered me. With injuries received to my shoulder, I fell on the ground as my fellow-fighters started running leaving me behind. They also called out asking me to rise up and run to them, but I could not manage myself. Army troops spotted me and took me to their custody and provided with medicine for the injuries in a nearby hospital. All members of the Security Forces and medical staff of all ethnicities offer me tender care and I am on the way to recovery. During my ten-year service in the LTTE, I was made to get instructions from Tiger leaders like Prabhakaran, Balaraj, Karuna, Soosai, et al. However, some of them were killed by the Army and some others deserted the organization and entered the democratic mainstream. I really repent my past in the LTTE and call upon our colleagues and child soldiers to surrender to the nearest Army troops
- Sri Lanka Guardian
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