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LTTE in dire straits: Original dummy of the original has fled

Machan Markandu from Montreal avows “Maha-Maweeran” is no more

By Catapult Thangavelu from Kappang Highway

(March 20, Jaffna, Sri Lanka Guardian) “Who said the LTTE is headed by Velupillai Prabhakaran? He was only the visible front of the hidden back and it’s the “Back” that is very powerful; only the back exists now. This “Back” of the front is overseas,” said Machan Markandu of Montreal now on a holiday unknown to his relatives in Manipay. One can gather therefore his name is not Machan Markandu.

When he met me at Kilinochchi the other day recognizing me with pleasant surprise as the former Hartley College footballer, he addressed me: ”Enna Machan, eppadi sugam,” in Tamil “How is your health my cousin,” a traditional courtesy. I reciprocated likewise. It was then he requested that I should not use his real name. We agreed on Markandu.

He had not forgotten the leathering we gave his Manipay Hindu College team at soccer and talked about the Tamilnet Tiger tail holder Muthuthamby Sreetharan spitting out reams of lies in sheer desperation to save the Tigers. Sreetharan was in the same team as second substitute; the entire season he played only in one match that we lost 0-7 to Sacred Heart College of Karaveddy. Sreetharan kept goal and got the nickname, Maradana Boku.

Machan Markandu had heard of Catapult Thangavelu and was shocked beyond belief when Poorani acca unwittingly let the cat out of the bag thinking he was one in our team. Can’t help it no! Poorani acca is new to this business of stealth and sneakiness but she will soon learn and also the Wanni situation has virtually ceased to be a danger and we have confidence Machan Markandu will keep his lips sealed about us.

It was fortunate we met Machan Markandu although it was quite by accident. He had taken the journey to Kilinochchi hoping to meet his in-law folks only to be told that Pottu Amman people had spirited them away to Mullaitivu and he was totally distraught and in panic stations.

“My relatives lived under Tiger terror in a make-shift hut having been chased out of their spacious house which they commandeered to set up their headquarters in Kilinochchi.” He said he would wring Nadesan’s neck if he had even a quarter chances; this is of course the Constable-General now turned the successor to Chavakacheri saloon drop out and Norwegian stooge, Zoo-Pa. Wonder whether Nadesan has managed to escape from Pottu Amman.

The Tigers had even snatched away Machan Markandu’s two nieces while preparing for their GCE Ordinary Level examinations two years ago and their whereabouts are unknown. His folks in Vavuniya were surprised that his in-law folks did not choose to flee to them.

They had learnt that a Catholic priest and two nuns persuaded them to go to Mullaitivu one night and there was awaiting for them a tractor with a trailer already half full of people, a luxury that was not availed to most others. They were told that the order had come from Pottu Amman alias Pottan.

“Why Pottu Amman?” I asked Machan Markandu and it looked quite unnatural. The orders were generally supposed to be from the man in the bunker some 40 feet deep carved out of sheer rock and luxuriously equipped and furnished. He even had his own underground pool afraid anything out of his sight could be poisoned.

“Why Pottu Amman, machan,” retorted Markandu, “who else can give the orders?” Turning gently to his side, he told me softly, “Periyavar was gone with the tsunami, did you not know that and what you had is a dummy and that too has run away now.” Periyavar of course is Prabhakaran, the deity gone beyond.

This observation was not new to me. I have heard this umpteen times but had my own views. The predicament for Pottu Amman is to find a new dummy that can be subjected to a Veera Maranam “Brave Death” and then officially Prabhakaran will be laid to rest with honour. It seems this is the problem facing the LTTE.

Charles Anthony is a mere frontier to an empty space. Anthony is more interested in playing toy trains and gluing together plastic aircraft models. He may have already escaped to a Catholic rectory spirited away dressed as a nun. We have to ask Father Pathinathar about it.

As for the LTTE, and as Machan Markandu also told me that the LTTE is a frontline organization that hides behind a political organization. It badly wanted a smuggler state of its own and chose Prabhakaran as its frontline agent when this smuggler boy was steadily graduating as a ruthless killer.

At one stage the “Back” organization outside Sri Lanka was quite happy with Prabhakaran and everything was going according to plans. Ranil Wickremasinghe and the Norwegians proved to be great help.

But soon the invisible “Back” got worried with all the happenings after the Ceasefire came into operation. But it was tsunami that took its toll. According to Machan Markandu, Prabhakaran became a major problem. “If the people came to know that he was no more,” the movement would collapse like ten pins,” he said.

“They must have succeeded in finding a dummy but that fake guy was slightly taller; he was almost as tall as Erik Solheim. But Prabhakaran was 5’2’ only.”

The LTTE underworld industry had grown so large that its political frontline in Sri Lanka had to be protected. The smart ones of the “BACK” overseas were able to manipulate with repetitive lies that were cast around by the LTTE controlled media among the Diaspora.

There were some smart guys who in turn sought positions of importance and clout by singing hosannas to the LTTE. They are the millionaires now faced with a crisis of having to pay their mortgages with the source of Tiger fund collecting running dry.

This “Back” industry has developed into an international agency geared to terror in alien smuggling, arms running, drugs, credit card fraud and numerous other areas where terror is the driving force. The “Back” was confident with the thousands held ransom in Wanni there would be a ceasefire. This among other reasons will also help continue to propagate the idea that Prabhakaran is alive and still in control; but with the dummy having run away, the LTTE is certainly desperate.

Aware that electronic listening means are being used, some conversations that sound like Prabhakaran talking to someone is being slinked out.

How can an outfit caught in this labyrinth of deceit and deception lay its arms down? Machan Markandu was not short of words to express his anger and even used some choice French words with good effect. He also talked a great deal about the Canadian Tigers. “Little do they know that they are being used by the ‘Back’ which he said operates from Europe possibly Italy and more pointedly from Rome.”

He drew parallels to Nicaragua but more importantly to Mexico where terrorism rules the roost and wants to show solidarity with Sri Lankan terrorists. The Pillay woman from South Africa draws data only from LTTE sources and plays an incredible number game. “How the hell did she ever get appointed to the UN,” asked Machan Markandu.

This “Back” mafia still needs the Prabhakaran front to secure a land strip where it can headquarter itself. It will work hard to have demonstrations worldwide calling for ceasefire and keep the alive-myth of Prabhakaran alive. “But if by chance the area still in the hands of the Tigers is run over, the question of Prabhakaran will straightaway arise,” said Machan Markandu.

He concluded: “Human ashes would be found and that is most likely to be a human shield victim, shot and burnt to be honoured as the dear-departed Maha-Maveeran, the great hero.”
-Sri Lanka Guardian

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Tudor the Canadian said...

Just to let you know your name and articles bring a smile to my face at a time when so many are suffering. Keep up the good work even if I don't agree with everything you say. You are truly a nice gentlemen.Few more like you would have done wonders to the old country unfortunatly most of them happen to have died.Bye

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