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Majority in Tamil Nadu favours backing LTTE: NDTV Poll

(April 01, Chennai, Sri Lanka Guardian) A majority of people in Tamil Nadu want the government to support the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) in Sri Lanka, according to an opinion poll.

Asked if the government should support the LTTE in Sri Lanka, 66 percent respondents said yes, the NDTV said in a release Tuesday, revealing the findings of the opinion survey.

On the political front, the survey showed that Chief Minister M. Karunanidhi of DMK and Leader of Opposition J. Jayalalitha of AIADMK are in a neck-to-neck race to be the next chief minister, with 41 percent and 40 percent respondents backing them respectively.

The poll was part of an all-India, state-wise NDTV-GFK Mode poll to understand the key concerns of the voters.
-Sri Lanka Guardian


Unknown said...

We all know that in Tamil Nadu the most active participants in polls of any sort are the Tamil Dalits
Tamil Dalits (who are Casteless) win almost any poll conducted there about the ltte, unless it is life threatening to the Caste Tamils !

Tamil Dalits are some 5 Million of the total 53 Million Tamils of TN.

Unknown said...

...and yet there were 34% against LTTE as well! By the way, an opinion poll in Sri Lanka would't be that CLOSE! And by the way, when did the TN got the right to decide for us in Sri Lanka? For the Fun of it, lets have an opinion poll in SL to determine where India should give autonomy to Kashmir!

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