Heavy fighting at Iranapalai: 20 LTTE killed

(April 01, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) Twenty LTTE cadres were killed and 11 injured in heavy fighting which flared when troops of the 58th Division advanced on LTTE defences at Iranapalai, east of Puthukudi Irippu yesterday.

Defence ministry website stated that troops had advanced further into LTTE defences forcing the LTTE to flee leaving the dead and weaponry.

During search operations, troops had found bodies of three LTTE cadres and a number of T-56 assault rifles. Meanwhile 11 LTTE cadres had been killed by Army snipers.
The website further stated that a 130mm artillery piece was destroyed by the Air Force and the Army east of Puthukudi Irippu with precise information obtained from the air and land.

Meanwhile, a news carried by the pro-LTTE media has says, ‘the Sri Lankan Army was trying to breach the LTTE's front line bunds in Anandapuram and Iranaippaalai in Puthukkudiyiruppu Division. The fierce fighting that continued for seven days was thwarted by LTTE inflicting heavy damage to Sri Lankan Forces. 1412 army personnel were killed and another 6123 were injured in the battle.”
-Sri Lanka Guardian

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