Canada must pressurize the Tiger lobby to demand civilians be released

A media release from the Consulate-General for Sri Lanka in Toronto states that the time is right for Canada to take appropriate action against the Tiger terrorist lobby and the front organization that support it

(April 22, Toronto, Sri Lanka Guardian) The time is right for Canada to put pressure and threaten action against the Tamil Tiger lobby and its front organizations active in Canada, stated a press release from the Consulate-General of Sri Lanka in Toronto.

It further said: “Canada should put pressure on the Tamil Tiger lobby to demand the LTTE to release immediately the balance, suffering and innocent civilians held hostage by the Tamil Tigers. Canada and the world must understand that the Tamil Tiger lobby will never listen to persuasion, only to pressure.

“There is celebration in Sri Lanka today with nearly 50,000 innocent people enjoying freedom away from the clutches of Tamil Tiger terrorism, due to the effort by the Sri Lankan Security Forces. Other hostages are waiting to be rescued with Tamil Tiger terrorists facing imminent defeat. It clearly shows that innocent Sri Lankan Tamils are defying the terrorists and escaping.

“The flight to freedom, the fundamental right of every Sri Lankan that the Government of Sri Lanka is striving to accomplish is a humanitarian service. It is sad that certain opposition Members of Parliament in Canada cannot understand this flight to freedom of the Sri Lankan Tamils "enclaved" by the Tamil Tigers.”

The Consulate-General, Mr Bandula Jayasekara welcomed the statement issued by the Foreign Minister Lawrence Cannon calling on the Tamil Tigers to discuss with the Government of Sri Lanka the terms for ending hostilities, including the renunciation of violence, the laying down of arms and acceptance of the Government of Sri Lanka’s offer of amnesty.
-Sri Lanka Guardian
dogooder said...

Better late than never I suppose the Sri Lanka consulate in Canada to issue this statement.

These protestors are doing more than just spreading bogus propaganda in this country.
Liberals are capitalising on this opportunity to secure votes for the next election. As you may already know it's a minority Conservative government in power at the moment.
Sri Lanka mission in Canada is more than inadequate. It needs a bigger effort than this to protect the nations' (Sri Lanka) interests!