Government hasn’t the capacity to realize that its election victory -UNP

(April 27, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) Lakshman Kiriella UNP M.P. thanked the voters and supporters who supported the UNP at the 25th Apr. WPC elections .Addressing a media briefing at the UNP media unit today (27Apr) , he said the Government hasn’t the capacity to realize that its election victory was founded only on the votes of 39 % of the registered voters. In other words over 61 % are with the Opposition . Even this 31 % was possible after descending allegedly to the worst election malpractices; illegal use of State resources , State media propaganda and the Police force; violence and intimidation , he added.

Hence, if the Government thinks that its victory is an endorsement of its Mahinda Chinthana , it is sadly mistaken. Why cant the Govt. win when it is openly promoting lawlessness in the country without appointing the Independent Commission under the Constitutional Councils (CC) , whereby the Police are disrupted from doing their duties without fear or favor. They are now serving as lackeys of the politicians . They have no choice, for otherwise they will come under the Government’s reprisal actions. If the independent Police commission , Elections Commission and other commissions exist appointed under the CCs , the Govt. cannot politicize the Government sectors .As it is ,the Elections Department too is being allegedly used by the Government to serve its political ends, he asserted.

The Government is employing all its State media throughout 24 hours to propagate its propaganda of lies. But the independent Free media are stifled from exposing the truths against the Government by a vicious terror campaign directed against them. Journalists who express the facts are killed or intimidated . Consequently , many have fled the country or are remanded even without any evidence. A case in point is that of Sudar Oli Editor who was remanded for months without evidence , and now released on the ground that there is no evidence against him. The Government’s open and undemocratic actions are very clearly brought to light by the fact that, so far it has been unable to file a single case against any one of those Journalists who was remanded in the recent past, he pinpointed.
-Sri Lanka Guardian
Tudor the Canadian said...

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