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Mayuran Mahenthiraja - London Tiger Terror connection

(April 22, London, Sri Lanka Guardian) Sri Lanka Guardian had recieved reliable information from Tamil Diaspora that one Mayuran Mahenthiraja, a former LTTE cadre from Sri Lanka is involved in Tiger terror activities in London. UK. He is a currently a resident of Croydon, according to inside Tamil sources. Sri Lanka Guardian will conduct further investigations and will expose this individual within upcoming days. His family including his father and uncle are also Tamil Tiger members from Sri Lanka, sources added.

Research on pro-LTTE terror groups in West during the current era and research on TULF supported violence during during 1970's look shockingly similar, " according to a Tamil principal from a major school in Jaffna now retired in Canada. "Amirthalingam-encouraged-violence in 1975 that led to the murder of Alfred Durayappah and current diaspora violence by ex-LTTE cadres living in West is identical. So we have to be be careful bout Tiger violence spreading outside Sri Lanka," he added.

To view video on Tamil Tiger run terror in UK (Click Here)

-Sri Lanka Guardian

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