Pro LTTE demonstrations in Germany

Traffic paralyzed in Düsseldorf !
Riot Squad guards German Foreign Office !
Seating Blockades in front of Broadcasting Station Bremen !
Re-implimentation of Police Protection for Sri Lankan Embassy Berlin !

From our correspondent Lalith Ganhewa in Germany

(April 11, Berlin, Sri Lanka Guardian) In the same pattorn as happened in London, Sydney and Paris, around 250 Sri Lankan Tamils gathered in front of the German Foreign Office in Berlin on Wednesday the 8th. The highly emotionalized demo which started around went for about four hours.

The demonstrators held Pro LTTE Banners, Placards and flags shouting loudly in groups “Germany helps, Stop the Genocide now, we want peace peace now”. Majority of protestors were the the 2nd generation of the Tamil Diaspora born in Germany, who may have not visited Sri Lankan or even seen the northern part of the country.

At one point demonstrators try to jump over the Police Barriers to enter the German foreign office by force. Riot police acted quickly pushing them back to the area where they are allowed to demonstrate.

The Organiser was given a stern warning by the police, that if they become unruly, the police will disperse the demonstration immediately.

Later the Demonstrators handed over a petition to the foreign office. Tamil Youth Berlin was the organiser of the demo. According to anti LTTE sources, TYB is a new front organisation of the LTTE.

Sri Lanka Guardian learns from intelligence sources, that Pro LTTE activities have taken a sharp rise in Germany through front organisations in the last few Months; therefore special Protection has been re-implemented by German Police to the Sri Lanka Embassy in Berlin.

The Embassy was attacked by an unknown person (or a group) in the beginning of February this year.

Düsseldorf is the capital of the federal State Nordrheinwesfalia with the highest population in Germany. This State is also the home to the majority of Sri Lankan Tamils in Germany with a strong Front Organisation base of LTTE activities.

Some 4000 pro LTTE Tamils took to the streets of Düsseldorf on Thursday the 8th accusing the Sri Lankan Government of genocide. The Demonstration started off with a street drama event at the Friedrich-Ebert-Street. From there they moved through Burgplatz, Rathausufer and the Landtag (federal state parliament) at the Düsseldorf Promenade.

According to Düsseldorf Police a group of Tamil individuals have organised the demonstration under the slogan "For the Tamils in Sri Lanka”. The heart of the City area was paralyzed for hours including 15 Bus and Street Tram lines as the demonstrators moved real slow causing much inconvenience to Germans busy with their Easter shopping.

The Organisers had many different features to attack the attention of the public such as a Mobile Jail, people dressed up as SL Army Forces harming Tamil victims, Buddhist Monks etc; But the highlight was a hired plane to fly over the demonstrating area with a sky banner “ Sri Lanka Stop the Genocide in Tamils”. The Plan was on the air for more than 3 hours flying in circles accompanying the protesters. This is a new turn of LTTE Properganda events. The Düsseldorf Pro LTTE demonstration also shows the large sums of Money that are readily spent by either by individuals or Front Organisations closer to LTTE.

Police spokesman Wolfgang Rodax said the demo was highly emotional but peaceful until the official end except for one incident where the demonstrators tried to block a key crossing which was quickly cleared by the police. Later a small group of Tamils continuined their protest with a sit in Blockade at premises of the Federal State Parliament.

During a Tamil demonstration in February this year, the demonstrators throw rotten eggs and paint pouches at the British Consulate, where the Staff was forced protected their National Flag.

In another sudden protest, around 100 Sri Lankan Tamils, mostly young children did a seating blockade protest in front of the State Broadcasting Station in the City of Bremen. Before arriving at the broadcasting station, they marched through the City charging the Govement of Sri Lanka Genocide against Tamils and evacuating them by force from their home lands.

The Tamil Youth Berlin (TYB) is planning to hold another Demonstration in front of the Reichstag (German Parliament) on Tuesday the 14th. It is not known yet whether the German Parliament President will give permission for the Demo.

German Papers reporting the demonstations quote that according to information they received from the German Foreign Office, because of the ongoing fighting between government and Tamil rebels, currently over 300 000 civilians cut off from international assistance.

But unfortunately the German foreign office have failed to inform the press not even with one word the humanitarian aid given by the UN, ICRC and Sri Lankan Government .

The figures of the German foreign office are far from the current ground situation facts and figures.

Sri Lanka Guardian makes a friendly suggestion to the press officer of the German Foreign Office, to visit the OCHA, UN News, Reuters Alert and the SL Government’s Humanitarian and Disaster websites regularly as it would give more credibility to their statements regarding Sri Lanka.

Plane over Düsseldorf
Pix. 2 - Demonstrators in front of the German Foreign Office (LTTE Flag & Poilce)

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-Sri Lanka Guardian
Tudor the Canadian said...

it shows the whole world what these guys are made of.Has no eespect for others and no wonder the tigers are cornered.

Unknown said...

these baby tigers should contribute there money to sri lanka to develop tamils and their villages. instead they spending wrong and imagination of genocide,this demos are illegal should baned.

Unknown said...

Dear Readers,

Time has come to think thousand times about Sri Lankans, us.

Do we let international NGO´s to protect again the timid Tamil Zionist?

As in the past decades, again international media slowly start to publish such comments about the Sri Lanka when SL army about to capture the Tamil demon.

Unfortunately international community can not see the devastation and violence which was created by the Tamil Zionist. Innocent Tamil civilians who live as Refugee visa holders in Europe are threatened by Tamil Zionist Carder groups to make such demonstrations supporting their butcher leader in a cage in this moment in Sri Lanka.

Unfortunately most of the international media became puppets of Tamil terrorism.

Please be conscious of the motherland, Sri Lanka.

Be alert the best moment of Sri Lanka.
No way back as we have the world best Army

Unknown said...

Let Western Politicos play double standards as usual against saying & acting & Terror Groups run the streets of Europe as a reward.UN can act as the Head office of selected Terrorists who have money & power, not all Groups please.

jean-pierre said...

People have a right to demonstrate and express their views. But using children for political purposes is precisely what the Tigers did, and in the end our next generation of Tamils was sacrificed to the SL army guns and eliminated. The Tigers are to be blamed for reducing the Tamils from about 15% of the population to perhaps less than 10%. That is why I detest the Tigers. They have done more harm to the Tamils than all the Sinhala extremists put together. Some people want to devolve power and hand that over to the Sampanthans and Ponnambalams. That will be enough to decimate the remaining 10% to half that. Any purely sinhalese region, or purely Tamil region, or purely Muslim region, leads to dangerous problems. You need multi-ethnic cosmopolitan societies to gurantee peace.