Time for Muslims to rise against the Traitors and Communalists –Part 02

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By A.A.M.Nizam

(April 11, Matara, Sri Lanka Guardian) The gallantry and firmness shown by the Commander in Chief President Mahinda Rajapkse for unwaveringly commanding our heroic forces to totally annihilate the LTTE terrorists is highly admirable. The Provincial Council election in the Western Province provides a golden opportunity for Muslims of the Western Province to express their gratitude to the President for eradicating the terrorist menace, as it was done by patriotic people in the East, Sabaragamuwa, North Central, Central and North Western provinces eschewing all their political, ethnic and other petty differences.

The terrorist outfit LTTE had remained the worst enemy of Muslims right throughout since it raised its ugly head as an armed gang. It has inflicted so many atrocities against the Muslims from killing of hundreds in Kattankudi and in Polonnaruwa and Batticaloa districts. The UNP governments did not take any action to compensate the innocent widows and children of these victims. When the Muslims were chased out from the Northern districts making them paupers overnight, the UNP government neither condemn this terrorist act, nor gave proper protection to these innocent Muslims, nor even raise it in international bodies although it covertly and overtly canvas now for international action against the Sri Lankan government to save the terrorists.

In the current phase of the war, the terrorist LTTE started the war by attacking Muttur and displacing over 42,000 Muslims there. If it was not for our heroic forces which instantly defeated the terrorists in this attack, the terrorists would have initiated such attacks in other Muslim areas too forcing them to leave the Eastern Province as it was done in the North. It is indeed admirable that under the initiative of the President the government took prompt action to look into the problem of Muslims displaced in Muttur and settled them in their original habitats within a short span of time unlike the UNP government that in conjunction with the terrorist LTTE forced the Northern Muslims to languish in refugee camps. The UNP even failed to condemn and criticise the recent Godapitiya Mosque suicide bomb attack carried out by the terrorist LTTE that totally disrupted the National Event of celebrating Holy Prophet Muhammed’s Birthday.

On 31st March 31, a group of Sri Lanka Muslim Council representatives who met President Mahinda Rajapkse at Temple Trees and presented a cheque for providing scholarships to the children of war heroes. The President of the Council, Al Haj N.M.Ameeen told the President at this occasion that “following the successful military operations in the East, the people in the area are now free to get on with their normal lifestyles, and the military is providing the Muslim people in the East with adequate security”.

Although there are scores of individuals who claim to be Muslim leaders none of these blokes ever thought of forming an association and uphold the voice of Palestinians in their legitimate struggle. It was the current SLFP President Mr. Mahinda Rajapakse who functioned as the Chairman of the Sri Lanka-Palestine Friendship Association from its inception for several decades and it is in gratification for his true and honest friendship, the Palestinian Government has named a major highway in Palestine as President Mahinda Rasjapakse Highway.

Consistent with the policies of the late Prime Ministers Mr. S.W.R.D.Bandaranaike and Mrs. Sirimavo Bandaranaike, President Mahinda Rajapakse has continued to develop and improve Sri Lanka’s relations with the Middle Eastern and Muslim countries. President’s current visit to Libya further consolidates this policy. While Pakistan is one of the major arms suppliers in the war against the terrorists, supplying bunker buster bombs, multi-barrel rocket launchers etc., Iran, Saudi Araibia, Kuwait, U.A.E, Libya, Qatar and Malaysia are involved in a massive and an unprecedented way in helping Sri Lanka in its economic development.

The UNP which only fools the Muslims at times of election and ignore them totally afterwards resent President Rajapakse establishing close relationship with these countries, just because Americans, Britishers and some other western countries dislike these nations. When President Ahmednejad of Iran visited Sri Lanka to inaugurate the Uma Oya and Sapugaskanda Refinery Expansion projects, UNP leader Ranil Wickremasinghe severely criticised his visit and speaking in Thoppur made a despicable attempt to create dissension and unrest among the Muslims claiming that the Iranian President had come to urge President Rajapakse to chase out the Sunni Muslims from the Hambantota district.

Mr. Ranil Wickremasinghe is the worst anti-Muslim to hold the leadership of the UNP. While the whole world severely criticized the American action in Iraq and Afghanistan the heartless and inhuman Ranil Wickremasinghe speaking at UN justified the brutal American action against Iraq and killing of Muslims in their thousands in that country. In granting nominations to Western Province, especially in the Colombo district, in a systematic way to stop getting Muslims elected, he has denied nominations to many prominent Muslims and instead given to some cronies who include notorious characters with underworld connection and human trafickers. Former Deputy Mayor Asath Sally and “Ape Gona”fame Mareena were some of the aspirants who were denied nomination.

Although the UNP entice the Muslims with all gimmicks and promises at times of elections there is no significant service done to Muslims by the UNP so far. Any Muslim has the capability of challenging the UNP leadership and the UNP Muslims who finance this anti-national party, to list out at least five services done to the Muslim community by the UNP. Their record is nil and so poor. They have only helped the merchant mafia and money-lords in granting them bank loans and overdraft facilities.

Despite the fact that Muslims of Colombo, particularly those within the Colombo Municipality, had remained staunch supporters of the UNP for the last several decades, this party of the elites have not taken any action to alleviate the sufferings of these masses who blindly and stupidly vote for them. Several families crammed into one extended family, these blind and stupid UNP-slavish people continue to live in the wooden and tinned roofed huts, and shanties their fathers and grandfathers used to live. Although the UNP continuously held the mayoralty of Colombo for decades, there was a President from the Colombo Central who fallaciously boasted of building millions of houses, there were powerful UNP Ministers from the concerned areas the wooden and tinned roofed huts, and shanties remain intact as they existed decades ago. Though the UNP was able to distribute the housing units in the Maligawatte scheme, this was not a UNP scheme but was initiated by Comrade Pieter Keuneman who was so dear and near to the poor masses of Colombo Central.
In conclusion it also needs mentioning about the communal gang, the Sri Lanka Muslim Congress, that drives the Muslims on a vicious path of communal disharmony eradicating the amicable and brotherly relationship that existed between the Sinhala and Muslim communities for several centuries. Historical facts reveal that patriotic Muslims fought as soldiers in the warfonts of Kings Mayadunne and Wimaladarmasooriya in their fight against the Portuguese invaders. For this patriotic deed, they had to pay a heavy price at the hands of Portuguese, particularly in the massacres of Matara in 1575 and in the massacres of Colombo in 1580. At the Matara massacre alone more than 3000 Muslims were lined-up along the sea beach and were brutally killed. It is with such sacrifices our both communities have co-existed amicably for several centuries.

Even the founder of the Muslim Congress Mr. Ashroff belatedly realised the harm communal politics could endanger the society and formed the political party named the National Unity Alliance with a Buddhist priest as its Chairman. If he happened to live a few more years or months he would have undoubtedly dissolved the Muslim Congress.

Since Mr. Ashroff’s demise the present leadership of the Muslim Congress, the few blokes who call themselves as its High Command with despicable persons ingrained with un-Islamic ethics, norms and characteristics and its notorious leader continues to drive the Muslim community along the path of hatred and discord.

These communal blokes have no shame to betray the community and sell its interests and dignity at any given opportunity for their personal benefits or pecuniary gains. For them there was nothing wrong in the 2007 budget at its 2nd reading and voted for it. But suddenly it became unacceptable in the 3rd reading voting after a matter of few days although there was no change to the budget proposals or to the text of the document between the 2nd and the 3rd reading. It was obvious for any sensible person what made them to make this sudden jolt and embarrass the whole community.

During the Provincial Council elections in the East they made a huge fanfare by resigning the seats in Parliament and claimed that it was done since they are committed to serve the people of the East and they would even sacrifice their lives for the protection of the people of the East. Eating their own words these jokers shamelessly returned to Parliament within a few days after elections betraying the Eastern Province voters.

Umpteen times it had betrayed the community and sacrificed its interests to its worst enemy the terrorist outfit LTTE and the so-called leader of these clowns even grieved on the death of the terrorist Tamilselvan. What else can we expect from a bloke who urged the Muslim youth in the East to emulate the terrorist megalomaniac Prabhakaran?

In the Westtern Province these clowns in conjunction with the Anti-Muslim UNP are playing a hidden game to divide and split Muslim votes and thereby reduce the number of Muslims getting elected. Muslims in the Western Province should be very vigilant and cautious about these underhand manoeuvres being played by the treacherous UNP and the communalist SLMC, who are devoid of honesty, integrity, and credibility.

As it was done by patriotic Muslims at the times of Kings Mayadunne, Wimaladarmasooriya and Senarath, to join the Sinhala army in their thousands and valiantly fight the Portuguese enemy, it is the time now for Muslims, particularly to those in the Western Province to shed all their personal allegiances, discard political affiliations, and join in their thousands to strengthen this government and uplift the image of the President as if not for him and his sterling boldness the terrorists would have devastated this country. We all should appreciate that the wise and strong leadership of President Mahinda Rajapakse has forced UNP/SLMC adorned Prabhakaran and his killer-gang to discard their cherished tiger uniforms and hide behind the innocent masses.

Muslims should not get fooled anymore by the gimmicks, election time promises and deception of the treacherous UNP and attempts being made to create divisions and discord among the communities by the Communal gang that does things which go totally against the basic tenets of Muslims. It is time now for the Muslims to align with its real benefactor SLFP and to rise against the traitors and communalists and unite as a one nation to build a prosperous, amicable and harmonious Sri Lanka.

-Sri Lanka Guardian
Unknown said...

You state that Muslim congress is communal then what about Jathika Hela Urumaya? It is more communal than others. Although we are SLFPer we regretly note that the present govt supports Hela urumaya to raise their hands against other communities.