Thank you! Norway, you are out

Now that the Riot Act has been read finally to Norway seen blameworthy for supporting the Tiger terrorists ever from inception and told in no uncertain terms that this Scandinavian country is not welcome as a facilitator, a role that was dishonourably and immorally abused, it appears another route is being explored to stay in the arena.

By Jyoti Easwaran from Vavuniya

(April 16, Vavuniya, Sri Lanka Guardian)
The media spokesperson for the Norwegian Embassy in Colombo, Rannveig Skofteland, had noted that Norway would now focus on helping the civilians caught in a desperate situation.

“Would now focus on helping the civilians caught in a desperate situation” and that are her exact words. Where were they all these times and how did they wake up to the desperate situation only now? Why is Norway so keen to stay in even when told the Norwegians are out?

Having supported a terrorist outfit and cheated the people of Sri Lanka giving clandestine support to the LTTE in various forms, how can Norway focus on helping the human shield victims of the LTTE? There is no doubt Norway wants to stay in coiling like a venomous serpent to gain entry, and the motives for that must be dangerously ulterior.

In fact, the Government of Norway should be firmly asked to submit a report on how the country had conducted itself towards Sri Lanka through its governmental and non-governmental personnel from the 1970s onwards. In particular, Erik Solheim’s role should be thoroughly investigated. Sri Lanka should also appoint a commission to make its own inquiries on the Norwegian role and in particular its relationship with the LTTE.

In the meantime, Norway should be told categorically that this country is out of anything pertaining to Wanni even if the intentions appear to be genuine. Anyway, they cannot be genuine.
-Sri Lanka Guardian
Onlooker said...

It is more than a case of once bitten twice shy. When we look at the array and quantities of arms captured from the LTTE it is quite scary to think what the outcome would have been if GOSL would have delayed the offensive operations by a couple months. Norway is the evil force behind this LTTE build up and now they are trying to rope in some other powers to bail out the Tigers, of course someone has to give them asylum and we can all guess who.

P'karan has been convicted for murder both in Sri Lanka and india and and many of his band are murderers. If taken alive let them be tried both both in Sri Lanka and India. If Noway is not thrown out they should not be allowed anywhere North of the International Airport

jean-pierre said...

A commission of inquiry must be appointed to go into the multifarious ways by which Norway had acted - perhaps to someobody's good, but making the mistake of siding with the LTTE and facilitating the LTTE, to the great peril of the Tamil people.

Corey said...

Thank you for this article.

Norway - stay out and mind your own business. Dont support terrorism even if it promises a 'lot' for you.

d1234dl said...

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