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IDP shelter assessment for Civilian Safety Zone (CSZ) - Mulattivu District (Map)

(May 01, Washington, Sri Lanka Guardian) A satellite-derived estimate based on automatic detection methods, indicates there are approximately 31,400 buildings / shelters within the CSZ and approximately 800 additional shelters immediately outside the zone as of 6 March 2009. This is an increase of approximately 18,200 from the count estimate of 13,200 on 19 February, and a total increase of over 28,700 from 5 February 2009. Note that the satellite imagery from 6 March 2009 did not cover the southern portion of the CSZ and thus the total shelter count is likely to be higher.

The count from 5 February (2,650) represented almost all fixed buildings, and not tent shelters associated with IDP presence. Because of this rapid influx of IDPs, the available land for shelter placement has decreased, forcing thousands of IDPs arriving in late February and early March to locate their tents on marginal lands previously avoided by earlier IDP arrivals in the CSZ. As the three satellite imagery focus maps illustrate below, thousands of IDP shelters have been erected in wetland areas prone to flooding, along the beach within 200m of the coastline as well as on deforested land, recently cleared for new settlement. Analysis was done with WorldView-1 satellite imagery from 5, 18-19 February & QuickBird imagery from 6 March 2009. This is an initial assessment and has not been verified in the field. Projection : UTM Zone 44 North, Datum : WGS-84.

Satellite Data : WorldView & QuickBird
Date : 5, 18-19 Feb09 / 6 Mar09
Resolution : 0.5m / 0.6m
Copyright : NextView / DigitalGlobe 2009
Source : US Dept. of State (HIU)
Analysis : UNOSAT
Production : 23 March 2009
GIS Data : Vectorized by UNOSAT

( Click here to Map in PDF )

-Sri Lanka Guardian

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