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Mani Ratnam is Lanka-bound?

(May 10, Chennai, Sri Lanka Guardian) Director Mani Ratnam has reportedly sought permission to shoot in Sri Lanka for his forthcoming film Raavan, which is apparently based on the religious epic Ramayana.

According to insiders, since the film is based on Ramayana, Mani Ratnam wants to shoot at certain locations discovered in the island nation like Lankapura, Ashok Vatika among others which matches with the sites mentioned in the epic as demon king Ravana’s strongholds.

‘Mani’s film and characters are loosely based on the plot of Ramayana and so to establish the connotation that good and evil are always engaged in war to win over the other, Mani wants to shoot the film in Sri Lanka at the battle sites and other places like where Sita was kept as a hostage.’

‘The film will not recount the known tale of Ramayana. Instead, it will narrate the story from the point of view of the king of Lanka and how Sita takes his side when Rama asks her to go through purification by fire to prove her chastity’, they say. Aishwarya Rai plays Sita in both versions.
-Sri Lanka Guardian

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