The pathetic Channel 4 Show, a cooked up con

By Satchi Sithananthan in Frankfurt

(May 06, Frankfurt, Sri Lanka Guardian) Viewers on Sri Lankan affairs globally are being treated to a cooked up con show by Britain’s Channel 4, the purpose of it without doubt is to discredit the Government of Sri Lanka. If it is not for news of a sensational value, a terrible addiction in the west, then it must have been intentioned to serve the interests of terror forces.

Claiming that it managed to steal in a camera into one of the IDPs camp, something that Channel 4 should not have done and probably endangered the life of someone to undertake that task, with some clippings here and there that could be obtained easily without stealing a camera inside, it made a Himalayan claim of rape and murder of women. Of these there was no photographic evidence of any kind, just a verbal claim of a shadowy figure.

This shadowy figure could be an LTTE cadre who had stolen out of the No Fire Zone masquerading as a civilian. He may even be a plant. His story and the way he expressed it bears no trace whatsoever of having been an affected civilian. He could be living in a Tiger-funded mansion in London or an employee of Channel 4; just about every kind of role is possible. But what one can be certain of is that a pack of lies pre-canned was prepared for this cook-up.

It was just a man in the shadows making such a claim and that could have been in the Channel 4 Studio in London. In actual fact, the stealing the camera story into the camp must itself be a lie.

Then as if this was not enough the interviewer in London, a lean and hungry man gets rough with the Sri Lankan High Commissioner to Great Britain ignoring the decencies that are required for interviews. This nasty interviewer was behaving as if he has a right to dictate terms to the High Commissioner and therefore to the Government of Sri Lanka. He should ask his own government in Great Britain how they treat civilian Iraqis instead.

Channel 4 News served no purpose except to throw mud at the Government of Sri Lanka engaged in fighting the most brutal terror organization in the world. Its entire presentation especially what it claimed as happening in the IDP camps is certainly a conspiratorially contrived con. How pathetic!

This TV feast is very good proof why foreign journalists should be kept away from areas that could be used to twist, turn and contort events and issues according to their whims and fancies and the demands of the masters they serve. It must, however, be said to the credit of the LTTE that they have exposed to the world that there are people in the higher echelons of power in the west who can even be influenced by the Tigers. Otherwise why do these people want to help the LTTE?

-Sri Lanka Guardian