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"Govt. turning peoples sacrifices to win war into nightmare and hopes into despair"

(June 30, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) It is a pity that people are increasingly beginning to realize that the end of the war after all is not reaping for them the benefits they expected and deserved despite the monumental sacrifices they made and sufferings they faced when the Government during the war went on ruthlessly imposing hardships on them by taxation , price hikes, tariff hikes and soaring cost of living burdens while taking refuge under the war expenditure.

The people patiently bore all these hardships despite raging corruption in the Ministries and the Govt. sector ; media suppression and burgeoning lawlessness on the hope that the Govt. will provide relief to them after the war ends and honor its promises. Alas !, what has happened now ? Talatha Atukorale asked . After several months have elapsed since the war ended , the Govt . is still continuing to increase the people’s burdens, looking for ways and means to destroy media freedom rights by introducing Draconian Press Council laws , fattening itself and its over bloated Cabinet by increasing further the portfolios. Self glorification and celebrations are the order of the day , when truly it is the people who suffered while the Forces made the sacrifices on the field , she added.

UNP M.P. Talatha Atukorale expressed these views when addressing a media briefing at the UNP media unit today (30 Jun ). While 190000 workers have lost their jobs and thousands of Industries and Business establishments are closed down and closing down , the Govt. is not concerned about the sufferings of the masses or solving their problems , instead it is only making insidious attempts to hide the true picture from the people by stifling the media and Opposition exposing the Govt. misdeeds , inefficiency and corruption, she regretted. This country’s hard fought and won freedom of speech is being eroded . The Govt. instead of seriously coming to grips with the people’s problems is dissipating the entire time on wreaking revenge and pleasing its sycophants and serfs waiting to grab portfolios to serve their selfish ambitions. Recently a poor astrologer was imprisoned for his making a prediction which sounded not in favor of the Govt. When a Govt. which stoops to this lowliest level is in power , can people expect the country to advance or progress ?she asked.
-Sri Lanka Guardian

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Dayaa said...

This was expected and well predicted.
The current govt has no plans for the future.They will want to be in power forever.They dont understand that its public money wasted for the world's largest cabinet of ministries.I beleive, the cabinet is to be expanded again.

So the future is clear.

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