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Unncessary excitement over 'historic' Sri Lankan announcement

(September 30, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) A message of 'unity' to bring communities together through a TV commercial showing the Yal Devi (train to Jaffna) was the focus of what the government termed as a 'historic announcement' on Wednesday night.

In a commercial shown on all TV channels, the Yal Devi was shown with people from the two main communities joining the train together. The South-North train to Jaffna has been off the track for many years and is yet to resume its services. In any case, the rail track a few km north of Vavuniya to Jaffna needs a lot of repair.

Earlier in the evening, an SMS was sent by a government agency alerting Sri Lankans to a historic announcement on all channels at 8.05 pm. What finally appeared was a damp squib and unnecessary excitement, media analysts said.

The planned announcement set off wild speculation that it may be on the discovery of oil, the extension of the railwayline from Matara to Kataragama, a possible dissolution of parliament or a special announcement related to the southern province ahead of the PC elections.
-Sri Lanka Guardian

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