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By Keerthi Ratnayaka

(November 12, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) Mahinda Rajapaksa during his election campaign At Matara, berated US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton for her remarks at the UN Security Council, "We have seen rape as a tactic of war in Bosnia, Burma, Sri Lanka and elsewhere." Rajapaksa said "Mama Clinton Nonata Abhiyoga Karanawa boru chodana karanna epa kiyala…… ( I challenge Madam Clinton not to make false accusations), the situation has been further confounded by Prime Minister Ratnasiri Wickremanayake, "Hillary Clinton seems to have forgotten the Monica Lewinsky episode".Prime Minister Ratnasiri Wickramanayaka also said that former US Ambassador to Sri Lanka and current US Under secretary of State Robert Blake was attempting to present a war crimes report on Sri Lanka and bring charges against some Sri Lankan government officials.

He recalled that during his tenure in Sri Lanka, Blake had voiced displeasure over the road closures for VIP movements and had at one time even walked from the Colombo Embassy to another location just to draw attention.Subsequently Army Commandr Jagath Jayasuriya an interview to Asian Tribune told, "The U.S. Secretary's accusation has puzzled us. On what basis this allegation was made against us. Of course, the State Department has since retracted the statement and declared that they did not receive such reports (of rape as weapon) from 2006 to 2009. If that is the case, how could the Secretary of State make the allegation in the first place? Take it from me, the allegation is totally malicious. It is absolutely baseless."US State Department officials were later issued another clarifications seemingly backtracking on what Clinton said as local regime staged farce based with narrow path .

In fact today the President,Defence secretary and other official are worry on an International conspiracy of human right issue to de stabilize the government but non of them not make any attempt thrashed it out at the Global level or the UN assembly.Further local authirity deal with gallery by antagonizing to IC. The President instead of accepting the invitation and addressing the Int. assembly of Sri Lankan delegation to the 64th session of the United Nations general assembly , he address Grama sevakas schoolchildren , Aurvedic Doctors,House wives and complains of the International conspiracy . The recent visit of defense secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa and foreign minister Rohita Bogollagama,Dallas Alahapperuma to the US was aimed to delay the war crimes report which was scheduled to release by the U.S. State Department to the U.S. Congress, to discuss a ‘deal’ with the US on handling the LTTE cadres and suspects in its prison camps ,but mainly to the renew their green card.It was reported that Gotabaya flew with covering him self by UN diplomat label .Nevertheless,this week Wimal Weerawansa told in media briefing that" Gotabaya was questioned for one hour on human rights issues by the Immigration officials.Further now there coming evidence that Gotabaya has betrayed Gen.Fonseka to wash his hand on war crime charges.The most important factor is This information was not revealed by Gotabaya or non of the Government official since it diclose by Wimal Weerawansa.

This week local government was strongly protested US plans to question Chief of Defence Staff Gen Sarath Fonseka over alleged human rights violations in the civil war, saying he has no authority to share any information relating to national security with third parties."Our position is that the meeting should not take place,""Whatever information General Fonseka may have acquired in the exercise of his official duties is privileged by nature. Therefore, it cannot legally be shared with third parties without the prior approval and consent of the Sri Lanka authorities," SL FM said. Further Government official launched forcefull operation towards the Gen.Fonseka to initiate his return journey to Colombo.Obvious,any body can call for double standards of USA,and inquire in to its human rights abuse in Vietnam,Iraq, Afghanistan,Pakistan or "Guantanamo Bay Naval Base by themselves, first, before they try to be the world police.But it is a deferent matter.Point is Again and again SL Government slip away from the major argument and move to set guerrilla attacks on concern parties. Sure, Rajapaksha regime frightened that US intelligence agencies may trying to use General Fonseka to elicit information from him against Gotabaya on HR violations based on the speculations that Gotabhaya and Sarath Fonseka do not see eye to eye .NOw it is evident the show of Infight between President,Defence secretary and Gen.Fonseka is now moving towards global theater.
-Sri Lanka Guardian

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kahagalle said...

If the Commander of the Army, most trusted officer by the President behaves this way, how can you account for professionalism in the forces? Kumarathunge trusted her uncle as Defense Secretary even bringing him into the forces outside the regular cadres. JR trusted his nephew Bull Weerathunge to hold Army in line. But for Rajapakse he trusted Fonseka to do the needful and gave him full support to do his job. I cannot imagine Fonseka to be such a turn coat to betray the trust of ht commoner in chief. If he enters politics there is a lot of skeleton in his cupboard to be disclosed.

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