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Peace in Sri Lanka: Way forward

Association for progress, prosperity and unity (APPU) : An introduction Bulletin

(November 12, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) The Articles of Association for the 'Association for Progress, Prosperity and Unity' (APPU) in Sri Lanka have been prepared and arrangements to register are in progress.

The objectives of 'APPU' are:

1. To form, establish and operate an organization committed to the task of evolving a nation where all peoples – speaking different languages and practicing different religions- can live in amity, respecting the rights of equal citizenship and the deeper concepts of democracy.

2. To assist and participate in the care of persons who are internally displaced, injured and traumatized as a result of conflict and are in need of rehabilitation; in the resettlement of such persons and to provide housing and support for other infra-structural development and income generation activities.

3. To contribute towards progress and prosperity by promoting activities in post conflict areas, including but not limited to vocational training, educational support, health care and development of agriculture, fisheries, animal husbandry and industries.
4. To promote the organization's activities and seek funds to finance the envisaged activities.

5. To manage the funds collected efficiently, optimally and transparently to achieve the desired objectives.

'APPU' intends to work with the government, political parties, civic and social organizations, and all the peoples of Sri Lanka to achieve its objectives. 'APPU' will also seek the financial and skill-related support from Sri Lankans, the Sri Lankan Diaspora, foreign governments, charitable organizations, international bodies and non-Sri Lankans to achieve its objectives.

'APPU' wants to be:

1. An organization representing the best in Sri Lankans.

2. An organization that will be an integral part of the Sri Lankan civic society.

3. An organization that will make the lives of hundreds of thousands of unfortunate Sri Lankans, who are the victims of conflict, better and in the process make Sri Lanka progress and prosper as a united entity.

'APPU' primarily needs the commitment, contribution and support of all Sri Lankans, the Sri Lankan Diaspora and their organizations, to embark on this mission.

'APPU' is open to membership of Sri Lankan nationals, Sri Lankan Diaspora and their organizations, and non-nationals and their organizations, who share its vision and objectives.

'APPU' is organized by a group of Sri Lankan and Sri Lankan Diaspora professionals, academics and business-persons, interested in the progress, prosperity and unity of Sri Lanka and are touched by the immensity of the tragedy that has befallen hundreds and thousands of her citizens.

Please let us know if you are or the group you are associated is, interested in seeking membership, contributing financially, forwarding ideas and project proposals, and physically participating in the activities of 'APPU'.

Your early response and efforts to disperse this appeal widely will encourage us to proceed enthusiastically towards taking the initial steps to make 'APPU' a reality and a vibrant and effective entity.

Your support, however small, will be welcomed, appreciated and acknowledged. 'APPU' will also keep you regularly posted on the progress made.

"Little drops of water, little grains of sand make the mighty ocean--". We want 'APPU' to become a 'Mighty Ocean' with your support, efforts and contributions.

It is necessary to highlight problems and protest. This is in fact one essential component of the democratic process. However, the need to seek solutions or remedies is equally, if not more, important. Hundreds of thousands of unfortunate Sri Lankans need a helping hand right now and well into the future. They are the victims of a national tragedy of immense proportions. They need solutions now. Time is on neither their side nor ours. This help has to be well-planned, targeted, sustainable, long term and all embracing to be effective.

These solutions should be found within Sri Lanka on an urgent basis. The government of Sri Lanka cannot do it alone. Civil society should come together to make its contribution as well.

Every tear we shed for these unfortunate people, every penny we contribute towards their cause, every thought we devote to them and every drop of sweat we spill for them, will make a big difference to these people and Sri Lanka. These will help heal the national wounds faster.

Please forward this message and appeal to your friends, colleagues, family and acquaintances. Your replies, inquiries and comments will be welcome. We shall also place you on our e-mail list for future communications. The 'Articles of Association' will be available on request.

Please do not contribute to anyone claiming to work on our behalf until we let you know the modalities of making such contributions. This bulletin is to introduce 'APPU' and its objectives, and gauge your response. We shall forward you the Sinhala and Tamil translations of this bulletin soon. Please address your response to 'appu.slanka@gmail.com' or rajnarendran@yahoo.com

- Dr. Rajasingham Narendran
-Sri Lanka Guardian

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