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Friday, January 1, 2010

2010 will be a year of the people

Full text of the New Year’s Message from a common candidate of forthcoming presidential election General Sarath Fonseka, is follows;

All citizens, be they Sinhalese, Tamils, Christians or Muslims, irrespective of cast or creed will be able to live with self-respect and in harmony with their brethrens.

By General Sarath Fonseka

(January 01, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) We stand upon the cusp of a brand new year, the beginning of a fresh decade, poised at crossroads that could alter the political history of this nation for many decades to come. 2009 has been a year of immense triumph on the one hand and tragic lost opportunities on the other. As Sri Lankans we stand at the door of this new decade, concerned about our future, a future that seemed so promising seven months ago when we defeated the menace of terrorism.

The past years have been a hard one for Sri Lankans across the board, whether you live in the capital city of Colombo, the deep South or the North and East. We have suffered great losses, fought against tremendous odds and emerged triumphant. Today as we welcome the New Year, we have an opportunity to make something of our triumphs and build on the foundations of reconciliation, prosperity, development and true peace. After decades of living under the menace of terrorism we are now at a historic juncture where we embark on a journey of the like that is undertaken once in a generation, where we finally realise our true potential as a nation.

On this auspicious day, I would like to promise all citizens of Sri Lanka that if one family rule and corruption is defeated in the forthcoming election, it will be with rejoicing hearts and as a united nation that will see the year through. And the end of 2010 will not look anything like the end of 2009, a year that has been spoiled and embittered by expedient politicians and their dynastic agendas.

If I am elected President, it will truly be a victory of the people. And 2010 will be a year of the people. All citizens, be they Sinhalese, Tamils, Christians or Muslims, irrespective of cast or creed will be able to live with self-respect and in harmony with their brethrens.

Under my watch, I will ensure that the soldiers who made the ultimate sacrifice to bring peace to this country, would not have done so in vain. I will ensure peace prevails and promise to attend to the welfare of their families, as I will, the grievances of those of who lost their limbs, and those affected by the war, now living the life of the displaced.

2010 will be a watershed year; where the peace dividend will enjoyed and experienced by every citizen, instead of by one ruling family. It will be one in which the hard won victory of war shall be converted into a tangible peace. Sri Lanka will open her doors to security, freedom and economic development that will enable our great nation to reach her full potential and bring her citizens the prosperity and bright futures they have been denied so long.

The challenge before us today, on this first day of the new year is to find the will to do what it takes to liberate this country once again, this time from the evils of politics that threaten to hold us back as a nation forever. I am asking you to place your trust in me and to march alongside me as you did when we marched into terrorist territory in the jungles of the Wanni. I believe that as an upstanding, patriotic citizen of this country, you deserve more than what has been handed out to you by politicians all these long years. Remember that as you step into the New Year, the future of your children and the collective destiny of this country lies in your hands. Vote wisely to usher in a brighter future for yourself and your nation.

As a new decade dawns it is a simple choice we are called upon to make. Will we squander this golden opportunity to achieve a brighter future for those who will come after us, a future rich with the promise of prosperity, communal harmony and freedom or will we go down in history as a generation that wasted the best chance we were provided to march in the correct direction?

New years are about resolutions and new beginnings. The year 2010 could be a grand new beginning for all those of us who love Sri Lanka and those of us who believe that our greatest day still lies ahead. I take this opportunity to wish my fellow countrymen all the very best for the New Year. May it be a year of change for the better, offering hope to the despairing and prosperity for all.


Dulasiri said...

I read with great interest the new year message of Sarath Fonseka,the Opposition common Candidate for President. His message envisions the promising land that we want to see. A nation of national harmony, equal opportunity for all citizens, a country with no curreption, no waste and no nepotism. Lets vote for change.

SRSH said...

How to Prevent Corruption in Sri Lanka and Support the General for Presidency.

• The average person in Sri Lanka think bribery and corruption as the small notes slipped into the hands of a Traffic Cop, a hospital warded or may be bit large sums to school principles for admission of a child. Although this too is a very bad conduct, the real facts of corruption are not understood by most.
• The effects of corruption on economy, thereby making the hungry child hungrier by way of increased prices of rice and bread as well as not being able to afford basic comfort is not visible to the average voter.
• It is essential that this fact is made known to every citizen so that any politician or officer involved in corruption is not accepted and discarded as a cancer in the society.
• Although news papers expose of massive frauds the average person is not concerned as the effects on them is not visible in the short term. They will praise the politicians who will ceremonially open bridges, buildings and projects but the underlying corruption and the amount of corruption involved is not known. The fact that less than 60 percent of the total expenditure is actually spent on the works and the balance has one into the pockets of politicians and officers involved are not known.
• Consider the massive expenses made on construction of flyovers which have been funded through British loans. Why steel bridges instead of concrete bridges. Larger the amount estimated larger the percentage of commission. The real culprits are the officials in the Road Development Authority and the Ministry. These corrupted officials had not analyzed the life cycle cost of these projects, the actual cost of capital and the effect on the economy of Sri Lanka, just for the sake of extracting larger share of commission from the contractors. These corrupted officials have devised ways of maximizing their share by manipulating the entire tender process.
• These traitors arrange with the lending agencies to limit the contractors mostly nominated few and no actual tendering process is followed while the local agent of the contractor manipulates with the officials of the Government as well as the Ministry and arrange to jack up estimated cost. This process provides all those involved to share a massive share of the cost of the project while the quality of the workmanship is compromised.
• A good examples are the projects implemented by the Water Board in Sri Lanka where more than 3 times the actual cost was paid to the contractors for following projects:
o Eastern Coastal Area Water Supply Project Phase 1, II and III
o Kelani Right Bank project
o Austrian funded projects for Integrated Rathnapura, Colombo Sewerage, Weligama

What we see happening at the moment is manipulation of projects to extract maximum commission by top politicians jointly with the Government officials.

The only way to prevent this corruption happening any more is to investigate the assets of all the officials in Government Owned Agencies and Ministries. The assistance of Interpol has to be obtained to find out the bank deposits in foreign countries. The smarter rouge officers even plant their relations in foreign countries and buy assets and deposit money on their behalf to avoid detection.

All responsible voter should be made to understand these facts and support whoever who would provide firm undertaking to stop any more corruption.

AskRED said...

Most Important Vote for the next Decade! Can Sri Lanka become like Singapore!
Change is good. We thank Mr Rajapaksa for his political leadership to end the war. He chose the correct people to orchestrate the war. He was an improvement over former president Chandrika. For that he has been the president of Sri Lanka. I believe change is always good and we should give Mr Sarath Fonseka a chance to bring the needed political change. This is the benefit of democracy. It has been disappointing to see the corruption and support of the current government to corrupt officials starting from some Rajapaksha family members to Mervyn Silva. Some programs like Mihin Air is also a joke! Sri Lanka needs to spend money judiciously and not frivolously as otherwise we would not be able to develop long term. Debt should be used wisely. Discipline is needed and I believe Mr Sarath Fonseka will be a good change. An independent voters view for democracy.

C Silva
Chilaw, Sri Lanka

jathikaweeraya said...

Oh, yes general 2010 is definetly the year of people not traitors like you.

Prince said...

You know what this country needs more than anything.Politicians with common motives not motivated by personal vendetta.With SF's decisive defeat on the 26th Srilankans will have that

Sarath said...

General,Before your decision to enter politics I have read thousands of genuine requests made to you by many admirers mostly intelectuals not to enter this dirty politics. But you took that decision and subsequently spoiled the essence of the contest by givng contradictory comments on many issues. What has happened today is that you are in cross roads as far as the political vision is concerned. Mainlly between two major parties who are having different opinions in major political issues concerning our country. Hope now you are too late to realize the consequenses.

Janaki said...

Yes ofcourse, 2010 will be great year for Srilankan if Mahinda win prasidential election. You can give your fullest support to him to build up our country again. We need unity not fighting. We learn good lession from you to keep our assistants away to protect our future without giving power they cannot afford,

jayalal said...

It is in the hand of people in sri lanka to think wisely before voting .No sri lankansa can afford to let the dirty politicians to ruin the country.there should definitely be a change.

faizal said...

General , I am happy finally we found the ideal leader for the country.
You have promised to clean the country, one more request to add in your promises, I hope you will find it reasonable to eradicate racism from Nation.
Wish you good , my heart with you.

Vaniasingham said...

SF is trying to portray as if he is not part of the current system of governance. He managed to harness many peeks under the present system, and a glorified contingent of security personnel while harping at other politicians about their security cover. SF after retirement should not be any security detail than the former Army Commanders per se. The politicians in power or other top bureaucrats need that security only while they are in office. He seeks to buy the official Benz worth 44 million for mere 2 million. He also wants a piece of land at Kirimandala Mawatha worth 90 million for nothing. What ever he gets is for good reason, but for others he is frowning. He needs better explanations to do his own involvement in arms deals. During the war he brimmed with pride to state that he personally supervised all tender boards awarding contracts for the Sri Lankan Army though he say a different thing now. The fact that he changed the rule book to bestow several decorations on himself is legendary.
SF holding on to American Citizenship is troubling. I wonder how the current constitution provided for this anarchy did. Mr. Kongahage should file action in court seeking a clarification whether SF in fact can contest at the presidential election posing a threat of dual loyalty.
Anyway all this just society he is talking about he should give a time frame. He should clearly state how these promises are going to be full filled, from where the money is coming. He simply cannot keep on saying that he can save all this money from corruption as he thinks rampant in the government. He also should state that if he cannot get this under control within 6 months, he will step down. 6 months is the time frame he gave to the government to take control of the mess created for 30 years by respective heads of state? Rajapaksa deserves more time to fulfil his obligations to the Sri Lankans for having defeated terrorism.

jayalal said...

It is in the hand of inelligent people of Sri lanka to make 2010 year of people .If your dream is corruption free,more democratic,peaceful country you will have to use your vote for carefully selected candidate at the forthcoming election.