SC takes up General's FR petition on misuse of state media

(December 16, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) Three fundamental rights petitions filed by General Sarath Fonseka regarding the conduct of state media institutions were taken up for consideration before the Supreme Court today. The case was called up before a panel headed by Chief Justice Ashoka N. De Silva.

The Bench also comprised Justices Nimal Gamini Amaratunga, Shiranee Thilakawardena, Saleem Marsoof and K. Shri Pavan.

Attorneys at law appearing on behalf of the petitioner informed court that none of the guidelines issued by the Commissioner of Elections with regard to the presidential election have been adhered to. They noted that it was the reason, the plaintiff had to seek redress through court.

The attorneys at law appearing on behalf of the respondents raising a preliminary objection noted that it is a violation of the Constitution to hear this petition before a five-judge Bench.

However, the attorneys for the petitioner dismissed this claim stating that provisions have been created in the Constitution itself for a five judge bench of the Supreme Court to hear cases pertaining to election laws during the time of a presidential election.

Lawyers then urged court to speedily resolve this issue prior to the presidential election as this is a matter of great importance.

The Supreme Court justices observed that they had in fact understood the importance of the matter before them.

The justices informed the petitioners to rectify any shortcomings in the petition and submit it once again to court tomorrow.
-Sri Lanka Guardian
Stewart Sloan said...

I wish SF the very best of luck but must say, in all honesty, if I was an insurance salesman I wouldn't touch him with a barge pole right now. SF, if you see Mervyn the Vermyn or any of his goons approach you within three miles RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!