Time and time again 90% of Sri Lankan Tamils, local or overseas, are showing their hypocrisy rather ‘true colours’ – Part Two

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(January 10, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) It is very strange why DBS only worried about the LTTE IGP family, Pulidevan family, Col Ramesh family and other civilians? Why he did not resort to ‘twittering, texting, e-mailing, calling from Canada to tell those civilians to surrender the way SOOSAI’S FAMILY SURRENDERD WITH NO ISSUES OR AND WITH NO HARM? Then there would not have been this utter confusion, misunderstanding and pandemonium about so-called senseless murders of ‘Tamil civilians’ in cold blood or ‘who said what’, ‘he said this’ and ‘she said that’ (by the way weren’t there the majestic fighting columns of Tigers, Tamilnet used to write about with pride among those ‘Tamil civilians’ too? Do not you think Sri Lankan military have to kill or capture them?) Who is to be blamed for DBS brethrens’ untimely and unnecessary deaths? Definitely not GOSL! Those ‘dead-enders’ did not want to surrender and face the law but adamant to die in vain. In a way Tigers top rung cannot also be blamed for choosing that way to die as they knew very well their heinous crime against humanity.

Let me tell you one of the reasons I am mad at LTTE. They killed scholars or politicos like Dr Neelan Thiruchelvam, Laksman Kadiargamar, Laith Aathulathmudali. They were national assets and the future leaders who were capable of steering Sri Lanka in right direction, to peace and prosperity, and allowing all communities to live in amity and concord. But LTTE did do nothing to politicos like Dr. Dutu Kelaniya, who does not let a devotee peacefully worship in a temple!

So DBS and others of his ilk, I ask you to forget about the last stages of humanitarian operation, forget about the deaths and destruction, and lean forward. Remember there was an underlying reason for their deaths and destruction. The reason may be that they were misled by politicos of both side of ethnic divide, misguided by megalomaniac Honorable Piribaharan and his extortionist ‘diasHora’ supporters, or just bad luck for being in the wrong place at the wrong time!

The Special Forces operators would not have heard in the fog of war, in the din, noise and heat of the battle, in the moment of truth and on the spur moment at the Nandikadal lagoon the patronizing words of the wife of the terrorist police IGP to the operators about their mothers and sisters and their race and religion, as they were so focused in their mission at hand, to kill and capture as many as terrorists possible with least possible delay, the same way as to why hundreds of devotees ‘observing sil’ and meditating , on May 14, 1985 at the Buddhist Sri Maha Bodhi shrine in Anuradapura, did not hear the charging Tigers in fatigues with guns blazing as they were so focused and concentrating on their religious observances and practices, to be mowed or cut down in cold, and pools of blood by automatic gunfire!

What Douglas Devananda said “You may brush a cobra’s teeth, plough the and squeeze an elephant through a needle’s eye but you can never make peace with Prabakaran”, and Plato said ”only the dead have seen the end of the war” may have played in their mind at the final stages of the humanitarian operation and war against terrorists and decided to the right thing do, to kill terrorists so that they would have seen the end of the war!

From a historical perspective as to why soldiers did what they had to do in Nandikadal, please, read the following, which I had quoted in another article too.

As a young British officer, William Slim, later Field Marshal the Viscount Sir William Joseph Slim of Burma, provided "aid to the civil" in India during ethnic clashes between Hindus and Muslims. On one occasion, police attempted to restore order in the face of mob violence, but they were in danger of being overwhelmed and killed. Slim made the decision to warn the surging mobs, both Hindu and Muslim, that his troops would fire if the disorder continued. When his warning was ignored, Slim ordered four members of his platoon to fire, two into the Hindu mob and two into the Muslim crowd. Had the violence continued, the police would most likely have perished, along with many civilians as well.

But Slim’s soldiers killed five civilians and wounded several others. In his charming memoir, Unofficial History, Slim reflected on the incident and its likely aftermath.

The soldier always knows that everything he does on such an occasion will be scrutinized by two classes of critics—by the Government which employs him and by the enemies of that Government. As far as the Government is concerned, he is a little Admiral Jellicoe and this his tiny Battle of Jutland. He has to make a vital decision on incomplete information in a matter of seconds, and afterwards the experts can sit down at leisure, with all the facts before them, and argue about what he might, could, or should have done. Lucky the soldier if, as in Jellicoe’s case, the tactical experts decide after twenty years of profound consideration that what he did in three minutes was right. As for enemies of the Government, it does not much matter what he has done. They will twist, misinterpret, falsify, or invent any fact as evidence that he is an inhuman monster wallowing in innocent blood.

Now, let’s move on to Vany kumar, an alleged medic (angel of mercy), who snuck in to Sri Lanka to be a medic for LTTE. I do not buy her theory that she came to treat Tamil civilians injured in crossfire. If she was honest in her mercy mission, and declared through the UK High Commission in Sri Lanka and insisted that she wanted to be in Wanni to attend to the injured I am pretty sure that Sri Lanka Ministry of Defence would have attached Vany to the ICRC vessel, the MSF or the Indian field hospital. Sri Lanka Army would have made a bold and gutsy decision to ‘embed’ her with forward marching troops so that she could work as an ‘interpreter’ and a ‘medic’. The only thing she had to declare was that she was honest in her mission. That way she would have lived and worked among troops and really understood the life and psychology of a brave soldier in an active combat zone. She would have seen the LTTE barbed wire prison cages, super bunkers, swimming pools and the luxury living of LTTE top rung with remittances (FOREX) she and her brethrens mistakenly sent to create a Drelam!

Instead she became a member of the Fourth State for the LTTE propaganda machinery all the while being an underground member of LTTE ‘Foreign Legion’ (Légion étrangère).

She has said in an interview "Sexual abuse is something that was a common thing that I personally saw. In the visitor area relatives would be the other side of the fence and we would be in the camp. Girls came to wait for their relatives and military officers would come and touch them, and that's something I saw," And "Tamil girls usually don't talk about sexual abuse, they won't open their mouths about it, but I heard the officers were giving the women money or food in return for sex. These people were desperate for everything," she added.

We feel sorry for this 25 year old ostensibly an angel of mercy but really a LTTE Foreign Legion medic for her lack of knowledge about military recruitment process and military personnel. An army recruits its soldiers and officers from the pool of general population of a country. If there are sex offenders, cads, or criminals in the ‘society’ or in that pool then they fall through the cracks and end up in the rank and file of the military during recruitment process. It is unfortunate. It is impossible for a third world army or a superpower to do fool-proof screening and vetting all the recruits that enlist. But I would say this that the system is going to catch up with him or her sooner or later. And they will be kicked out, cashiered, drummed out or dishonorably discharged from the army. There is no army in the world full of rapists, cads and criminals. And the same time there is no army in the world devoid of bad elements in its rank and file. They are the very few and minority. They do not reflect the quality and class of 99.9999% of the rest of a fine and professional army. Rapes or ‘getting or becoming amorous’ on seeing a ‘thangachchi’ is not a ‘systemic problem’ in the Sri Lankan military, but I do not doubt about a few individual cases.

I believe the contrary is true, as a whole, instead of, on seeing a Tamil girl in an IDP camp, one getting a ‘SEXUAL FEELING’ he gets a ‘SEXUAL HEALING’ especially given the squalid conditions and lack of privacy in the camps where shower and toilet facilities are scarce. The charges that soldiers, audaciously, groped Tamil girls in IDP camps in broad daylight and bartered sex for food are outlandish, to say the least, very hard to believe as a vast majority of soldiers are professionals, disciplined, and have sisters and mother and self-respect.

I almost forget to mention; just because Mahadevan Sathasivam (the famous cricketer) allegedly killed his wife, are all male Tamils wife-beaters or killers?; just because Maj Gen Thevanayagam’s son killed bothof his parents, are all male Tamils bent on patricide and matricide? If the answer is NO, then Vany CANNOT LUMP SUM Sri Lankan army soldiers she talks about as ‘sex offenders’ in uniform! If the answer is YES, then, I assume, those soldiers were acting out to satisfy the ‘PRURIENT CURIOSITY’ of Vany!

On a side note, I read the Sathasivam case in "Mostly Murder" by Sir Sydney Smith, late Professor of Forensic Medicine at the University of Edinburgh. Because of undue influence Sri Lanka police lost the most honest Gazetted Officer ever to serve in the Sri Lanka Police Department. He was known as ‘Honest Albert’. He sacrificed his promising future and that of his family on principle. If people like ‘Honest Albert’ were supported, protected, preserved, and allowed to continue without the undue influence Sri Lanka would not have had a messed-up, very unpopular, good for nothing police department Sri Lankans have had now. With regards to the major general Thevanayagam case we have had drinks with the first police officer on the crime scene, then SI Hemantha from Wellawatte Police Station, who narrated the episode blow-by-blow. The other most honest person to hold a military commission ever in the Sri Lankan military was Maj Gen C.A.M.N. Silva. He dressed down his official driver, who stopped the car when he saw Maj Gen Silva’s wife walking on the road on her way home. The driver thought it was okay to pick her up. He had told the driver that the car was for his official use, not for family members. When he was Commandant at the Diyatalawa Military Academy he garnered from some majors pay, which were delinquent since they were cadets. They had not paid their dues for that long! The corrupt politicos did not like his probity, and he could not be Army Commander. Had he been able to be the Army Commander, I know him and his family too, there would not have been a single, I say again, a single scandal involving arms or equipment purchases or procurement for Sri Lanka Security Forces. The country suffers and pays dearly for those costly mistakes!

Vany Kumar, who was kept in the Menik Farm refugee camp for four months, also claims prisoners were punished by being made to kneel for hours in the hot sun, and those suspected of links to the defeated Tamil Tigers were taken away and not seen again by their families.

For Vany and starters, here is why physical measures are adopted in humanitarian or military operations; the four types of captives that you may encounter on the battlefield are enemy prisoners of war or EPW, retained personnel, civilian internees (CIs), and detainees. Each has a different role and place, and, as such, must be treated differently. .

1. EPW: Basically, EPWs, in this case, are persons who have taken up arms against Sri Lanka or its military forces. They can be either military or civilians accompanying the military. They can be part of an organized armed force or members of an organized resistance movement.

2. Retained Persons: Of the persons classified as EPW, some have special significance. These are noncombatants who can assist Sri Lankan forces with the handling of other EPW. The retained persons are allowed to perform the mission for which they are trained and are generally given more latitude within an EPW facility. Examples include doctors, nurses, other medical personnel, chaplains, and Red Cross workers.

3 Civilian Internee (CI): A CI is a member of the civilian population of an occupied territory who does not fall into the category of EPW, but whose internment has been decreed necessary by the appropriate commander for security reasons. CIs are segregated from EPW.

4 Detainees: Detainees are all other persons that we choose to hold until a more definite legal status can be ascertained. BASICALLY ALL CIVILIANS START OUT AS DETAINEES AND ARE TREATED WITH THE SAME RIGHTS AS EPW. Detainees also are segregated from EPW

All capturing troops use the five Ss and T-Method to Search, Silence, Segregate, Safeguard, Speed, and Tag captives until they can pass them into the custody of Military Police operating an EPW collecting point.

1. Search – For weapons, military documents, or special equipment.
2. Silence – Prohibit talking among EPWs for ease of control.
3. Segregate – By rank, sex, and nationality.
4. Safeguard – To prevent harm or escape.
5. Speed – Evacuate from the combat zone.
6. Tag – Prisoners and documents or special equipment.

The troops will have to USE Stress Positions i.e. use of physical posturing (sitting, standing, kneeling, prone, etc may use stress positions) to gain control of three hundred thousands of IDPs. Sri Lankans have personally experienced these, and know how difficult to control a restless and an impatient crowd in a cinema hall awaiting to buy tickets for a ‘Bruce Lee’ show or an opening show. So you need more extraordinary methods to control extraordinary numbers.


I can understand the complaints and frustrations of westerners about the stress positions as they travel in comfortable cars, luxury busses, trains, boats and planes. BUT NOT A SINGLE SRI LANKAN SINHALESE, TAMIL, MUSLIM, MALAY OR WHATEVER CAN COMPLAIN OF OR MAKE A BIG ISSUE ABOUT STRESS POSITIONS, UNLESS HE OR SHE IS A SHAMELESS HYPCRITE. SRI LANKANS HAVE TRAVELLED IN ‘QUARTER BREAD’ (PAN KALA) PRIVATE MINI VANS OR BUSSES TO GO TO WORK OR SCHOOL EVERY MORNING DURING RUSH HOUR. I know very well about stress positions as I have been subject to in training, as punishment, and a test subject. At the same time I have travelled in private minivans and busses for decades in Sri Lanka too. I prefer stress positions to traveling in private minivans or busses for hours!

So Vany, what is your beef rather gripe? When and if you do come to Sri Lanka again I ask you to travel from Dehiwala junction to Maharagama in a private minivan during rush hour and experience firsthand for yourself and then tell BBC and British Guardian about your experience. Do not be a puerile, whining, softie, sobbing woman shedding crocodile tears and telling cock-and-bull stories to gullible or unsuspecting people in western capitals. As long as detainees were not water-boarded , bitten by military working dogs or kept in nude, or KEPT IN THE BARBED-WIRE CAGES OF THE LTTE OPEN AIR PRISONS AND AT THE MERCY OF ELEMENTS, SERPENTS, MOSQUITOES, INSECTS, RODENTS AND VICIOUS GUARDS then the detainees should have been alright!

GOSL need to rehabilitate the Tigers who surrender on their own free will in the camps like one in Ambepussa, and put the other Tigers mingling in the IDP population in the captured LTTE barbed wire prisons and lock them up so that no western INGO or activist can criticize GOSL as they did not criticize the LTTE prison system then.

Aren’t you really lucky, because you did not become part of the collateral damage, to save your skin and life and go back to London given the scales of artillery and mortar barrages, the carpet bombing, the massacres, rapes and torture you shamelessly describe as facts in sensational and sob stories to BBC and UK Guardian and continue to live a good life? You are nothing but a Propaganda Secretary to the LTTE Foreign Legion.

Vany, next time when you go to BBC please ask to meet and sit down with John Simpson, the famous BBC international correspondent, and then ask him whether he remembers the 6th day of April in the year 2007, when an American warplane mistakenly bombed a convoy of allied Kurdish ‘Peshmerga’ fighters and U.S. Special Forces in Arbil, in northern Iraq, marking one of the Iraq war's most costly friendly fire incidents. BBC correspondent John Simpson, who suffered injuries in the incident, said: "This is just a scene from hell here. All the vehicles are on fire, there are bodies burning all around me, bits of bodies all around. . . . The Americans saw this convoy and they bombed it. They hit their own people. "I saw people burning to death in front of me," he added. BBC translator Kamaran Abdurazaq Muhamed died in the bombing from blood loss after losing his legs.

By the way, Vany, you would love, after sitting down with Simpson, Sri Lankan army officers and fighters pilots for sparing your life and not making you an unfortunate statistic in your bloated body count of ‘collateral damage’. You may even have a crush on or rather a ‘fatal attraction’ towards them now! Anyway they love you, ‘thangachi’ and expect you to come back legally, to treat and attend to ‘KP’! ‘KP’ needs and asks for a good British masseuse, oops sorry, a ‘physiotherapist’ to take good care of his old and frail body, after all ‘KP’ is also human and has needs!

I hope now HR activists, media activists, other vociferous people, Foreign Ministry officials, and State Department officials with vested interests, who are out of touch with reality, will better understand the time tested and battle-proven methods and procedures adopted by the professional militaries all over the world when it comes to the civilians and terrorists on the battlefield. They would not pillory a country with clout, nuclear weapons or on the verge of acquiring them. They dare would a helpless third world country.

After all we know that thousands of LTTE fighters mingled with civilians and are among IDPs. So until the LTTE fighters are separated from IDPs they have to be treated as EPWs. The process is time consuming, the task laborious, the patience on all fronts required, and the interference or pressure unnecessary!

These activists and critics are having a field day for a third world country not having; knowledgeable history professors as advisors to, visionary military officers as Defence Attaché, courageous diplomats, like Kevin Conrad, the delegate from Papua New Guinea, who, at the 2007 Bali climate change talks, told the US delegation “We seek your leadership, but if for some reason you are not willing to lead, leave it to the rest of us. Please get out of the way.” in the present day Ministry of Foreign Affairs,

A foreign ministry with its overseas diplomats having the extracurricular activity or duty of driving around visiting politicos, with wife and children in tow, on shopping sprees and showing around night life, seeking treatment for their frail bodies or searching higher education opportunities for their kith and kin, or posting a vacuous Defence Attaché purely on ‘home boy’ connections will do no good or not augur well for GOSL when a ‘Transnational Government’ or ‘Eezham Tamils’ launch a vicious, relentless ,full scale onslaught in a future date. The MFA will not be able to effectively counter it with the present majority of political square pegs in diplomatic round holes, resources allocated and mechanisms or projects in place. The MFA has to lean forward, anticipate and plan accordingly.

High Security Zones with concrete blast walls, HESCO Barriers and concertina wires are dictated by ground realities and created to thwart threats. They provide a safe environment for Security Forces to operate from. This is not a phenomenon limited only to Sri Lanka. In the other part of the world they are known as ‘Enduring Bases’ and their areas are as big as 10 square miles. There are mosques, schools, government buildings and residences, inside, the locals have not been able to use at all since 2001. Like The Green Zone came down, like the Berlin Wall came down the HZSs in the north, east, or elsewhere in Sri Lanka ultimately will come down, or might go back up again, depending on what Tamils genuinely desire or not. Gen SF who once opposed dismantling HSZs has promised TNA, in writing, that he would dismantle High Security Zones in keeping with the re-location of the Security Forces, if elected president.

Ask Tamils, Muslims, and Sinhalese in hundreds, who live and work in Iraq in particular and in the middle east in general about the situation, the conditions and life inside those Enduring Bases. There are no labor unions in those bases JVP can manipulate, and there are neither human rights or media activists nor Tamil NGOs to decry their working conditions, work hours, food, medical and living conditions. The Sinhalese, Tamil and Muslim labourers, who just ‘get by’ in Sri Lanka and collect a pay check for almost doing nothing, but sweat a lot without a whimper to ‘spit shine’ the shower and toilet trailers. I have been warded in two government general hospitals in Sri Lanka and have seen the condition of the toilets, bed pans etc but these Sri Lankan labourers in Iraq ensure toilets in these enduring bases and the middle east are spick-and-span! Why not, most certainly, in Sri Lanka? Why, joy well, overseas? So what is your gripe about HSZs in the north and east? The contractors, KBR, Halliburton and others do not ‘correspond’ with or speak to Tamil or Sinhalese labourers, more than a million in Iraq and the Middle East, in Tamil and Sinhalese respectively. Then why Tamils resort to violently separate a beautiful island in to two, three or more, manly using a language issue as a gripe? Isn’t it naked hypocrisy, pure and simple?

Sadly, that is the poor psyche of a majority of Sri Lankans. That is why Sri Lanka is in such a sorry state of affairs. This status quo, I doubt, will go away in a near future or our life time but will be perpetuated by the scum in Sinhalese, Tamil and Muslim communities for their vulgar advantage and benefit!

Let’s discuss what TNA Parliamentarian M.K. Sivajilingam has said “Solution to Tamil issue in neither main candidate getting 50%”. That shows the shameless hypocrisy we have been hearing, seeing and experiencing throughout our lives from Tamils like him. He is contesting presidential elections but his idea is not to be the President or show that he has a very strong support from Tamils to seek solutions for Tamils’ ‘extraordinary’ problems, IF ANY, but to stymie the elections and put a spanner in the works. His shameless attempt is to create a runoff like situation and let billions of rupees spent by parties, candidates, well-wishes and government go waste.

Here is another one; on or about 30 December 2009 the news was such that the All Ceylon Tamil Congress had decided to boycott the upcoming Presidential elections but by 06 January 2010, in a short span of ten days or so they have had a change of heart, or maybe have a hidden agenda, and decided to participate in the elections, according to a media report filed by P K. Balachandran from Colombo. It is indeed cause for serious concern for right thinking Sri Lankans.

Here is the third one; according to a 30 December 2009 Island newspaper article “Former Supreme Court Judge C. V. Vigneswaran, who was under tremendous pressure from the majority Tamil Diaspora to stand for the Presidential election as a common candidate of the Tamils, said the Sri Lankan Tamil community should negotiate with both main presidential candidates and get the maximum benefit before deciding on whom to support. He said that fielding a common Tamil candidate or boycotting the election would be tantamount to giving up their democratic rights”. DO YOU SRI LANKANS AND INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY READ HERE, IT IS LOUD AND CLEAR, SRI LANKAN TAMILS WANT ‘BENEFITS’ NOTHING BUT ‘BENEFITS’? So why Tamils ‘BLAME’ Sinhalese for when every Tamil receives free education and medicine and fishing rights and other benefits thanks to the majority tax payer money and their kindness. All this regardless or irrespective of your LTTE murderers who killed innocent Sinhalese, blasted places of religious worship, destroyed government and private properties etc for nearly three decades.

Do we need to talk here either about the famous Ceylon Workers’ Congress man, a master of crossovers for ‘benefits’ and vested interests, Saumyamoorthy Thondaman, the Cabinet Minister of Rural Industrial Development under President J R’s Government and Minister of Livestock Development and Rural Industries on under President Kumaratunga’s. He was the Minister of Livestock Development and Rural Industries until his death on March 11, 1997. Or his grandson, Arumugam Thondaman? I do not think so!

All these rascals and humbugs, Sivajilingam, Vigneswaran and their ilk have one and only one thing in common, not to create a solid Tamil consensus to iron out issues to live in concord and politically and economically developed Sri Lanka, but to perpetually bicker and use ‘bogus and baseless Tamil issues’ and whip up anti-Tail sentiments expecting a violent Sinhala backlash, then to run, crying blue murder, to western embassies to file paper work or to board a vallam, theppam, boat or a ship and sail to another country for ‘political asylum’. No sooner they land on foreign soil they make ‘Paper Planes’, like MIA, out of the asylum seeking paperwork and throw at GOSL. Then they start their cushy life all the while fooling kind and unsuspecting western governments, and the so-called international community to press for tougher and punitive action against GOSL, and to grant more and more ‘Permanent Residency (PR)’ visas. After a couple of years they move into 600,000 dollar house I described elsewhere. QUID PRO QUO (This for That or Something for Something) for the opportunistic politicians in western nations is a promised ever-increasing block vote in return of for more and more PRs for ‘economic refugees’! Then Late Apppapilai Amirthalingam and TULF used their VIP passports and privileges as the Opposition Leader and Opposition on party to global trot and discredit Sri Lanka to gain sympathy. The lawmakers and peoples did not have time or the knowledge to find out about these rascals, who were representing less than 14 per cent of total population and less than twenty seats in parliament. The idea and understanding of these western lawmakers or officials was when these rascals introduced themselves as ‘Opposition Members’ the lawmakers and their peoples in western nations automatically and mistakenly assumed, due to sort of paradigm effect, that these MPs shaking hands with them have had or represent an almost equal mandate like the government in power. Due to ignorance, the promises of tigers and elephants, throwing lavish parties at public expense and sops thrown at gullible and ignorant voters in Sri Lanka a massive swing of voting for one party was created and that resulted in a massive mandate for one party, thereby the separatists felicitously and inadvertently got the golden chance, opportunity and perks to espouse separatism from overseas and use violence within. Now Sivajilingam, Gajendran, Sampanthan, Ganeshan and the birds of a feather have undertaken to carry the mission on relentlessly.

As a soldier I have travelled overseas and fought and served in number of countries. I have seen much worse treatment meted out to minorities in those countries. Sri Lankan Tamils’ issues pale in comparison to nothing or become very ‘minor’ issues of a minority. Those minor issues do not elevate to a point to justify separatism, violence or terrorism to destroying the social fabric of the beautiful island nation that is called Sri Lanka. I have seen the exorbitant cost incurred for higher education and medicine and medical services in those countries. Every aspect of live is controlled and driven by the insurance and lending mafia. The vast majority of Tamil academics who wish ill for unitary Sri Lanka and strive for a Drealam got his or her MBBS, B.Sc (Eng), BDS or LLB, FREE OF CHARGE, Thanks to SRI LANKA! Please NEVER FORGET THAT! Did you listen to or hear the interview given by the doctors who were in custody for being medics for LTTE, after all being government servants, what are their backgrounds, some studied at estate schools and graduated from Sri Lankan medical faculties. What were the total tuition fees, ‘in state or out of state’, for the degree course, books and lodging they or their parents had to pay for the MBBS degree? Almost nothing! What about if they had to get it in Canada or Australia? It would have cost a fortune, compared to one’s earnings in Sri Lanka.

I know for a fact given Sri Lankan polity where members of parliament or presidents are voted to power based on votes cast on caste, race, and wealth or ability rig. It is difficult for a Tamil candidate from a Tamil party to come to power as President how good, smart, educated he is. The only way a Tamil poltico/person of stature and repute and with probity can create a ‘precedent’ being a ‘President’, he or she has to join either of two main political parties or a coalition, with an overwhelming approval from the entire Sri Lankan Tamil population.

The smartest things Tamil intelligentsia and Diaspora to do, and failed to do, was to create a unanimous following for a person like Dr. Neelan Thiruchelvam and asking him to join UNP or SLSP to work within for the benefits of Tamil and the unity of the country. That way there would not have been a dispelling effect but sort of attracting effect. After all a female Bandaraniake was married to a Tamil, Maithreepala Senanayke’s wife was a Tamil. This way Tamils could have promoted their man or woman without polarizing or antagonizing the majority Sinhalese. Tamils should have used or ‘exploited’ their family ties and relations to the rich and politically powerful for the benefit of all Tamils. They could have easily promoted and strengthened the hands of Mr. Kadiragamar for the benefit of Tamils. What Tamils did was, instead of building a strong base, case or support for a bright future for every community in Sri Lanka, took up arms against a unitary state thus destroying the peace and stability in the country and the understanding and coexistence between communities. They failed to understand the power or amount of synergy created when two powerful communities join together. They did not care a bit about the saying ‘United we stand divided we fall!’ Now see the status and plight of Tamil people used as pawns in their murderous political and separatist game; the innocent, helpless and hapless living in squlid refugee camps with their lives destroyed or changed forever, hopes of a better future dashed, and then look at the Tamil ‘handles’ ‘inciters’, and death dealers living in palaces, having a scotch or two daily, with millions of dollars collected by force from innocent and unsuspecting Tamils with a promise of a ‘DREALAM’!

What I see and read in the media gives me the impression that ninety percent of Tamils do not want to get out of this status quo. They like it and are accustomed to it. They need this status quo to realize and materialize their vested interests and hidden agendas and gain and retain the fruits or benefits, one of which is to migrate to greener pastures using political ‘asylum card’ to get a ‘Green Card’ (PR) and to be a well-off economic refugee. Then they also use the new found freedom and status to involve themselves in gang warfare around high schools killing each other, petrol bombing Buddhist temples and stabbing the Sinhalese in their precincts expecting a violent backlash back in Sri Lanka to continue or sustain the vicious cycle.

Gone are the days cities in Sri Lanka went up in flames due to pent-up emotions generated by a senseless terrorist act that results in a backlash. Sinhalese are not that foolish or ignorant anymore. They now know that they are the ones that created violent and vociferous ‘DiasHoras’ in western capitals who cozy up to accommodating and opportunistic western politicos and academics. Now the law enforcement agencies and military have perfected the of art catching the culprits, terrorists and mischief makers and serving the justice, either by way of ‘silent disposal’ or in direct confrontation!

Here is a massacre (NOT IN NANTHIKADAL or MANUMUNAI, SRI LANKA) DBS, Vany and theirs separatist Tamil brethrens may study during their free time;

WHAT: the Wounded Knee Massacre; WHEN: 29 December 1890; WHERE: Dakota, USA; WHO: Miniconjou Sioux and Hunkpapa Sioux, WHY: Because they were Native American Indians, the Indians, 350; all but 120 were women and children HOW: Using personal weapons of five hundred troops of the US 7th Cavalry supported by four Hotchkiss guns (a lightweight artillery piece capable of rapid fire)

The 7th Cavalry did not surprise the Indians: just one day prior, the Sioux had given up their protracted flight from the troops and willingly agreed to turn themselves in at the Pine Ridge Agency in South Dakota. They were the most hardened and the very last of the Sioux to do so.

The military hired civilians to bury the dead Lakota after an intervening snowstorm had abated. Arriving at the battleground, the burial party found the deceased frozen in contorted positions by the freezing weather. They were gathered up and placed in a common grave. It was reported that four infants were found still alive, wrapped in their deceased mothers' shawls.

Here is a genocide (NOT IN NORTHEN, ESTERN OR WANNI SRI LANKA) DBS, Vany and their separatist Tamil brethrens may study during their free time;

WHAT: The Herero and Namaqua Genocide; WHEN: from 1904 until 1907; WHERE: German south West Africa (modern day Namibia); WHO: the Herero people under Samuel Maharero and the Nama, WHY: Because they rose in rebellion against the German colonial rule HOW: The Germans drove them and their families into the desert of Omahake where most of them died of thirst.

What Would Jesus Do: If we live in Biblical times, and everything is governed by biblical laws then Sri Lankan soldier would turn his other cheek to be slapped. But in this modern age and time he will retort when attacked, and the attack will be avenged through successful, aggressive counterterrorism operations. Special Forces soldiers are more than willing to be far from home and close to the enemy, doing the hard work that must be done to protect Sri Lanka from terrorism. Though Lt Col Lalith Jayasinghe is no more there will be no retrenching or slowing the pace or OPTEMPO of clandestine operations. There are plenty of people, ready, able, and in place to pursue the fight. One of them, you may be aware, delivered the Justice to ‘Charles’ to in Mannar to avenge the Central Bank bombing. The atmosphere at 2SF is one of even greater focus and determination. The place is so galvanized, and they are undaunted after Lalith’s heroic death. Please be advised, Tamil Tiger terrorists or any terrorist cannot ever fill Sri Lankan Special Forces lion soldiers with trepidation!

(Tamil people, but we see your true colors shining through… we see your true colors, with our sad eyes……. With apologies to Cindy Lauper)