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This is not a conspiracy

By Dr Nalin de Silva
Translated by Ranjith Soysa

(March 09, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) British Foreign Secretary, David Miliband had addressed the so called world Tamil forum at the UK Parliament Westminster building. It is reported that delegations from fourteen countries have taken part at this forum. Addressing the so called world Tamil forum David Miliband has mentioned that even though the so called civil war has ended , the so called peace has not reached Sri Lanka. Miliband singing his typical ‘baila’ had buttered the forum by indicating that Britain will be there to protect the so called human rights but, cannot intervene in Sri Lanka’s internal issues.

He said that he endorses the decision taken by the EU to withdraw GSP duty facilities and he indicated that GSP program recognizes so called values as its core and EU’s attention had been drawn to the incidence of harassment and corruption in SrI Lanka which in turn contributed to the withdrawal of the facilities.

In his speech he has touched on the so called corrupt practices connected to the Presidential elections and the so called arrest of the candidate of the opposition Miliband as well as former US ambassador in Sri Lanka, Robert Blake have stated that the opposition candidate must be treated according to Sri Lankan legal system. Both have told the whole world that the Sri Lankan government had taken into custody the oppositions’ candidate. But, the Westernized Jewish Christians based on their practices from the childhood clearly know that the Sri Lankan government took into custody the former Army commander or the former chief of Defence security. But, they hide this fact in their communications. Even the so called human rights owners know very well that the person in custody is a former Army official and not a politician.

Unfortunately, the Sri Lankan government too has failed to clarify this important difference The parasitic news directors,producers, journalists ,presenters in the state media lacking in grey matter are not capable of doing anything other than wallowing behind meaningless words and terms. In addition, there are cheap politicians without any vision who attempt to influence the media direction. They close the doors to the persons who are capable of seeing and presenting the truth which is of course beyond their grasp. Their sole effort is to close their eyes and to live contentedly in their fool’s paradise.

The final result of all these omissions and commissions is the wrong impression created in regard to the arrest of Sarath Foneseka as an act of political revenge. The other day a three wheeler driver inquired from me whether it is true that the Government is now in search of incriminating evidence to prove Sarath Foneska’s guilt after arresting him. I explained to him that Sarath Foneska had done wrong things while in service and that there is a difference in the way the Military Police is handling the issues compared to the normal Police. How do we comprehend Sarath Fonseka’s changing attitude from his reckless public statement made at Dharmasoka College about the shooting of the white flag carriers to his recent utterances.? While we can discuss this issue at length on a later date, in short,the Americans and the Britishers have made use of this irresponsible statement and have cornered this green card holder and have promised to give him protection on the basis of him agreeing to meet their demands. Among these are to volunteer to provide evidence to enable prosecuting M/s Mahinda Rajapkase, Gotabhya Rajapakse and Savendra Silva while claiming the total credit for the war victory and to come forward to contest the Presidency.

Blake and Miliband were eagerly waiting for the Supreme Courts to conclude that the arrest of Sarath Fonseka was illegal. But, the Supreme Courts allowed Sarath Fonseka to be kept under arrest for a further period. It was a blow for West as well as to their lap dog Somawansa- Anura Dissanayake clique and to Ranil, Ravi,the Western agents. It is very clear that the Government and the Defence forces in this country are working in accordance with the country’s laws. Further, Miliband was rendered speechless as the Sri Lanka military Act is based on the British military Act. While it is necessary to re-enact these regulations in keeping with our aspirations Blake or especially Miliband cannot under any circumstances state that any action taken as per the Military Act is illegal as the Act was adopted after their own legislation.

Many in our country have failed to assess correctly the role of the West including Blake and Miliband.Without doing so we cannot defeat them. It is not possible to create knowledge-proper understanding-,concepts in politics, Physics or in any other field like a blind attempting to shoot. According to some, there is a conspiracy by the West against us. They also said that there was a conspiracy behind the emergence of the LTTE. The leftists and the ones who loyally followed their thinking patterns, the so called intelligentsia always referred to CIA conspiracies. The CIA conspiracy evolved into a Western conspiracy later. The term conspiracy does not provide us with any clue or meaning. It creates further complications when one tends to question how and why a conspiracy is affecting Sri Lanka for the last thirty years. I read recently a statement by a so called member of the intelligentsia indirectly referring to me and saying that I was refusing to accept the term conspiracy in relation to the role of the Westerners as it was some others who discovered it before me. I do not hesitate to hold high the ideas and opinions which are of any value. As an example, I recognize the importance of the assessment by Gunadasa Amarasekera that ’56 was a revival Anagaraika Dhammpala’s movement. But, many others attempt to comprehend various issues like a blind trying to aim stones and the use of the term the conspiracy to explain the issue under discussion is a glaring example in this category.

We have concepts regarding the origin and the growth of Tamil racism as well as the history of the Tamil Race. Since I have written many papers on this subject, I do not expect repeat same. We were able to defeat the Tamil terrorism as well as Tamil separatism in the Nandi Kadal lagoon.. But, unfortunately Tamil racism remains. The reason being the Tamil racism was a creation of the Western colonialists. It is also nurtured by the Westerners.

At present in Sri Lanka and in the West the Tamil racism survives with the assistance of the West. It is wrong to assume that likes of Blake ,Miliband are acting against us because of the vote banks of Tamils in the Western countries. Milibands are active not because they want to please the Tamils in the Western countries. Among the Tamils in the West and with the likes of Sambandan, NGO types Tamil racism is nurtured and strengthened by the Western colonialists. Nor are the Westerners acting in this manner to get at our so called oil reserves. The Westerners always take action to destroy the countries which stand against Western Judaic Christian culture their politics and economics. The main weapon used by them to strangle Sri Lanka is the Tamil racism created and nurtured by them.But, they cannot publicize it. What they tell us and the world is that in Sri Lanka there are no human Rights, there is no freedom of technology, media freedom is suppressed, we have jailed the so called political opponents like Sarath Fonseka. ( to arrest and have him in a house occupied by the senior most officer in the Sri Lanka Navy is publicised as if he is forced to live in 2’ by 2 ‘small cage!) and we have negated the so called rights of the Tamil people. We have replied to these baseless allegations.Like the withdrawal of the GSP facilities in future they will enforce more economic sanctions. They will attempt to make Sarath Fonseka another Aung Sung Suki. The Government and the People can face these challenges. But, then we have to speak of concepts and nor conspiracies.

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