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An open and very important letter to Apsara, Aparna and Anoma and Top brass

'I know you or near and dear family members did not desire SF’s taking to politics. I read the open letter written by SF’s brother to the media. It clearly showed the reservations your big family had or entertained about SF entering into politics but he says he decided to support because he was SF’s brother.'

Written by Day

(June 13, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) I thought of writing this letter, out of concern for your well-being and Sri Lanka’s national security, to you three in particular and the other stakeholders in general and with some suggestions to avoid a situation nobody in Sri Lanka would like to wish. I know you as a family are going through a lot on the daily basis and your life is very rough nowadays. I know there were solid sacrifices and contributions by your father and husband to win the final war. But let me be brutally honest with you and the people on both sides of the political divide or military divide.

I am NOT an agent of any party but as a soldier I can clearly see what is coming. There are very serious national security issues spinning out of control for Sri Lanka. It is going to be very ugly in coming months or years.

My dilemma sort of is that I know so many powerful players on the military divide very personally Prasanna or Mahesh (from same Intake and SF) ‘Sujith Jaya‘or ‘ Sumith Mana (from Galle), Jagath Al , Jagath Di, Kamal Guna (Ananda) Col Prassana Wick (Airport and Nalanda), to name a few. Not only in the Army, are they in the Navy (from Shirantha to JJ), Air Force (from Royce G to Sumangala D) and STF (from Ayasa K to M Welikanne) They have known me since I was 15 and know very well that I am very outspoken rather speaks my mind, call spade a spade. I read about their actions in the media but I have no right whatsoever to question them (their actions) in public as I do not know under what imperatives or compulsions or orders or circumstances these military officers did/do what they did/do in the SF and MR saga. As a Soldier I have to salute them in public or in front of soldiers but behind the closed doors, in a very private setting I could ask ‘Machang, WTF, over?’ –What the F@ck is going on?

I take this opportunity to offer you some poignant points to discuss with your father /husband when you visit him next time at NHQ, and tell ‘Thisara’ that ‘Isuru’ would like have some mercy on SF as he was an Anadian, and I appeal to the military top brass to use their connections (we call it in the military ‘working the phones’) to the powers that be to calm them down or let saner counsel prevail in the name of national security.

People, please understand that ‘politics’ and ‘National Security’ are two totally different things. You all need to treat them separately. Unfortunately in Sri Lanka, citizens have got both mixed up very badly. As a result everyone is affected in a very negative way. I am not saying that the ‘people in power’ or ‘rulers’ running the country are righteous and their politics is what a country needs. Not at all! What I am saying is National Security ‘transcends’ everything and is of paramount importance. Sine Qua Non! No two words about!

When a nation or a government is pushed to the wall it will jump (to devour whatever in its path as if there is no tomorrow, like a wounded lion) at your father/ husband for opening what we call in the military ‘a can of worms’ by giving a very incriminating interview to SL Editor FJ, regardless ‘retractions ‘or ‘I did not say so’! The national security implications or the spillover effect are such some disgruntled officers, it seems to the wider world, have taken a ‘cue’ from the interview and have, ‘allegedly’ decided to give ‘affidavits’ or sworn statements of sort, said to be running into hundreds of pages to include photos and videos, to the parties with vested interests, ulterior motives and hidden agendas to use against Sri Lanka.

What do these disgraceful officers get in return for ‘breaching’ the trust of the ‘community’ or selling Mother Lanka and her national security information and details? Nothing more than the mere ‘promise’ of ‘asylum’ in a foreign country for their ‘immediate’ family, some money, and fame that would last 15 minutes, at the most. I have seen so many broken promises in Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan to name a few. They are left to their own devices or mend themselves. Anyway what ‘former Sri Lankan military commanders’ do not comprehend is that the damage to national security and Mother Lanka caused by their short-sightedness and utter selfishness is very much greater and graver than these ‘perks’ promised to them, to be delivered ‘in a future date’.

These former SL military commanders have just opened another Pandora’s Box or the floodgates through which the ‘gray water’ of dirty linen washed in public would flow tarnishing Sri Lanka’s good image. There is no good ending or outcome possible out of this whole episode. Their selfish way to get ‘even’ with the politicians or military top brass or MOD officials who caused misery to them is disgraceful and utter shameless, to say the least. All these officers willing to sell national secrets for ‘cooler climes’, perks and a wad of ‘Benjamins’ have seen young soldiers still in hospital beds with ‘stumps’, not with legs. These officers have attended the funerals of young soldiers who fought valiantly and sacrificed their lives on the battlefield. They did not die while driving drunk, accompanied by or with a wife or widow of another officer in the front seat. These officers have done nothing but injustice to the poor brave sons of Sri Lanka, valiant Soldiers!

What sort of example these commissioned officers set to poor soldiers, literally the paupers, who live by ‘Army Values’ on the daily basis, without surrendering them for money, perks or ‘greener pastures’. But patriotic soldiers ‘show the finger’ to these rascal, humbug officers saying, “F@uk U, sir! We will pluck ‘jak’ out of the trees planted by late Arthur V Diyes’ (Kos mama) and eat with ‘pol sambol’ but we will NOT utter a word when it comes to conduct of the final war or how we killed terrorists, we will NOT surrender Sri Lankan national security, we will live and die with honor !”

It is a slap in the face and a damning indictment to those who have already surrendered Mother Lanka’s national secrets for personal gain or are ‘shopping’ for the ‘highest bidder’ to surrender or sell the details and information. One cannot blame a soldier if he decides to sell the ‘secret’ out of necessity rather than revenge. It seems to me the LTTE sympathizers have netted a few vulnerable soldiers too.

This no way is an attempt to hurt your feelings further but see whether I can help you all build your lives again and come to a compromise with the other party, and both of you parties together could save Sri Lanka’s national security interests from international forces instigated by very determined and relentless LTTE sympathizers.

It is disheartening to see that your husband/ father say it is his duty to ‘expose’ those who committed crimes and those accused of wrong doing or frauds. May I ask why then your husband does not ‘expose’ the son-in-law to any court of law, local or overseas, to clear his name once and for all?

One cannot become an Army Commander in a great army unless he did do ‘certain things’ ’normally not acceptable’ to a layman to accomplish mission. He has to balance mission vs. man. For a layman what CIA, KGB, Mossad, RAW, ISI ‘do’ is NOT right, because they are violating boarders, stealing secrets, assassinating people etc, isn’t it? Let me ask you this then, what does IBM, INTEL, AMD or BOEING do? Steal commercial secrets, isn’t it? In the RAW and ISI case if they do not know what is going on the other side of the hill (the Hindu Kush or Jammu-Kashmir) or the INTEL and AMD case if the CEO is not aware of what is going in the other’s ‘microchip’ factory the survival of a country or a big corporation is at stake or doomed, then what about the thousands of employees and their families? Now replace CEO or RAW or ISI Head with Army Commander (Soldiers and their families and citizens), he has to do ‘certain things’ while in ‘uniform’ what he will not do as a civilian. That is the ‘reality’ and because it is the ‘right’ thing to do. That is the bottom line.

Please let me tell you this, when you go for an Assessment and Selection to join an elite unit to work on the ’Dark Side’, the ‘Psych Tech’ gives you the Psychiatric Evaluation Questionnaire consisting of 600 plus questions to evaluate character, reliability and mental stability etc, the next thing comes out of his mouth is “‘Jesus Christ’ never passed this test or ever will or was never accepted to this unit or never will be!”

Now if your husband/father try to be prude, lily-white or squeaky clean after 40 years of military service, I am sorry to say that he makes himself a ‘pious fraud’ in the intelligentsia’s eyes. We know what a young man does as a cadet in the school or an officer cadet in a military academy or a second lieutenant overseas on a YO (young officer) course. Everybody has dirt under his nails. Please ask him to quit ‘Holier than Thou’ attitude with respect to the operations to vanquish the tiger. He should have demurred or answered questions put to him by FJ of SL or should have answered the way the 80th Attorney General of the United States, Mr. Alberto Gonzales answered questions at the congressional hearings “I do not remember, I do not recall” fifteen times in five minutes! Did he look a fool? Yes! Did he turn in any one? No! What is important; sacrificing ‘self’ or ‘surrendering a beloved nation’? Honorable men will take former.

Now everything has come to light in your life, people warned you all not to take to politics; especially Sri Lanka is not a place for a military man to be a principled politician. Your father/husband could have covered all the human flaws or weaknesses he has displayed to ‘public’ since he hung up his boots and died like a king, on par with the ‘ancient’ King Dutugemenu, not the modern day one with a ‘granted’ Doctorate. SF has lost all the glamour and is losing fast his following. You want to know an indication “150 of Sarath Fonseka's supporters and relatives have held a candle-lit vigil –BBC reported to the wider world”. Mere ‘150’! If everything is going right for your family, if there is hope for you, as a display of strength or solidarity there should have been an army of people, more than at least 100,000 thronging the streets of Colombo bringing traffic and life to standstill. You know the sad part and most dangerous part it allowed MR to take ‘atmospherics’ (what we in the military do to feel the pulse). On lighter note; MR would have, on hearing the number of attendees said; “Nice!” Gulped down a couple of shots, whisky on the rocks and kissed the Chinese doll, Shiranthi and gone to bed saying “It feels so good’, with a very loud laughter.

The best way to go about a ‘regime change’, if one wants one, is by letting it ‘implode’. What your husband/father did was to put ‘politics’ and ‘national security’ in a deadly mix. As a result of SF taking to politics it galvanized the MR’s powerbase or voter base as he could exploit the human rights commissions being pressed or heaped on Sri Lanka to his maximum advantage.

Let me give a fine example of similar circumstances. Take the case of Iran. Ever increasing number of Iranians Including some mullahs want to topple the present government but when the momentum is building and gathering power and the Basji militia thugs flogging students on the streets and it is closer to implode some western nations press the ‘Iranian’ nuclear issue. The momentum fizzles out the Iranian nation is galvanized as whatever the politics of the present regime, the Iranian nuclear program, for peaceful purposes or military purposes, is a national security issue and national pride. They know once you have the ‘capability’ or the ‘bomb’ you are treated differently. A nation with hostile intent thinks not ‘twice’ but ‘thrice’ before attacking.

Do you think AFPAK war would have lasted this long, since 2001, if not for AQK rolling out the nuclear program in public by exploding ‘devices’ in tit-for-tat in May 1998? I do not think so for a minute. If the nation with ‘the first Islamic Bomb’ is so desperate or on the brink or verge of being attacked by a superpower it will not attack the superpower as it is unable to be reached but will empty the entire ‘nuclear inventory’ on neighboring India over Kashmir across LOC (Line of control). No one will be able to do the ‘consequences management’. As a result of this deterrence or balance of terror now ‘terrorists’ are killed in ‘twos’ and ‘treys’ in cross border ‘drone’ attacks. It is very time consuming and an economic burden to keep and maintain over 200,000 troops and civilian contractors for almost a decade and counting.

If you separate both, national security and politics, a ‘soft power revolution’ or an ‘implosion’ will occur definitely and result in a regime change when nepotism, cost of living, corruption, crime and the economic situation in right proportion reach unbearable levels creating a ‘perfect storm’. As Phil Collins said you cannot ‘hurry’ love, and you cannot rush an ‘implosion’. You have to be patient and when the conditions are right it will spontaneously occur. But if you mix national security and politics the way you are doing now in Sri Lanka, I doubt, it will occur in our life time.

I am not sure how concerned, scared or frightened you are right now. But the ‘writing’ is already ‘on the wall’. They have let the ‘cat’ out of the bag, so to speak! I hope it is a ‘scare tactic’; the powers that be will not resort to it. But you have to be justifiably concerned as they have ‘thought’ about it. The word ‘hang’ just jumped out of the horses ‘mouth’ in a fit of rage. The setting, ambience, timing and circumstances all tell me that it was not ‘figurative speech’, faux pa or gaffe. That is very ‘dangerous’! As soldiers we immediately sense what we call in the military ‘Commander’s Intent’. All the future ‘actions’ and ‘operations’ are going to be built around it. I will describe later what I mean giving you a real world situation. (Thanks to Dr. Vernon Mendis, he told us at AHQ in a lecture to listen intently to very important Speeches and Interviews and Addresses to seize the ‘bio wave’!)

I will also tell you this is the time to ‘swallow’ the pride and ‘revaluate’ your lives. I know both parties, SF & MR, need some ‘face saving’ and if I go by the media reports MR is willing to ‘pardon’ if ‘SF’ is willing to apologize. One needs more moral courage to accept failures, mistakes, and wrongdoings than be smug about them. I have seen and read your desperate blogs. I read about your handing over a letter to a Secretary of Sates, European Union will threaten with repercussions. But what is the guarantee whether those are just superficial or just lip service or genuine demarche? But I believe, at the end of the day, to get a compromise, you have to swallow the pride and speak to the ‘devil’ himself. He will listen and show magnanimity if you promise that you as a family eschew politics and live and lead a life like normal citizens, he would then hope you will keep the word and become another ‘Vany Kumar’, escape to freedom thanks to the benevolence or largess of GOSL and blare anti-Sri Lanka propaganda through BBC. Remember people can change and will change; tough people become yellow-mellow in a heartbeat if you touch the right nerve!

I know you or near and dear family members did not desire SF’s taking to politics. I read the open letter written by SF’s brother to the media. It clearly showed the reservations your big family had or entertained about SF entering into politics but he says he decided to support because he was SF’s brother. I believe him as he does not need a ministerial portfolio to make filthy lucre because he is an engineer living in Australia. But you were in a worse or precarious position as daughters or wife. You had to live your entire lives with his stubbornness and obduracy. Though SF ostensibly said that he was going to change the ‘status quo’ of the Sri Lankan rough and tumble politics what the intelligentsia could see that he was a disgruntled general, bent on realizing self-actualization in no time and wanted get ‘even’ with the Commander-in-Chief and his brothers, real or perceived step-motherly treatment.

When SF made the decision to enter politics through UNP, JVP and a coalition of parties to include some Tamil parties that openly championed the LTTE Tamil terrorist ‘cause’ I was shaking my head in Mesopotamia where the civilization started and I immediately went to Sri Lankan unskilled laborers working in a camp in Western Anbar, Iraq. I asked how they would vote; the three Sinhalese said-MR, the Muslim-SF and the Tamil-none. I asked three times to see whether they would change their mind-None did!

They even said why SF was going to lose; they said “he is a ‘soldier’ not a politician”. They did not even call him ‘General’. To them, the citizens of Sri Lanka, he was familiar as a ‘soldier’ not as ‘popular’ politician. In the Third World Armies it is so easy to command a military as soldiers just follow orders without question, mainly out of fear of personal repercussions or sycophancy ( we used to call it ‘gona saha thanakola attitude- The Bull and grass attitude), but not necessarily because officers always provide motivation, direction, purpose or leadership. Leadership is full time business, on and off -duty, in uniform and in civvies, day and night, within earshot or out of sight! It is by example.

As civilians you and lot of others think that your husband’s leadership was the main thing in defeating LTTE terrorism militarily. I have written a lengthy article about other factors and players (stakeholders). I am going to tell some things here you might not like but I request you to read and understand very well where I am coming from.

The Grave Mistake #1: Why on earth SF decided to tie up with JVP. I am not sure whether any one of you was a student in one of Sri Lanka universities. If yes, it is more surprising and unable to fathom why you decided that cozy up to Red Brothers and depend on them in politics. I will tell you about Red Brothers, and this is firsthand information.

1. I think it was in 1979, when Prof Jinadasa (known as Basunnahe), used to be chauffeured in 13 SRI 13 black Peugeot, there was some student unrest in Viddodaya University and I was attending college and I got to go there as a non-academic staff member from the university was boarded with me. An entire 4-story had been defaced with graffiti.
2. A female undergraduate, sent in the front, broke her shinbone into two at Galle Face being forced to participate in JVP incited processions led by Adams from Royal College against the ‘Education Whitepaper’ when mounted police chased the protesters causing to jump off the parapet wall. She graduated a couple of batches later and so many years older than normal as the university was closed indefinitely.
3. Killing of the Vice Chancellor Prof Patuwathavithane, Chathura’s father’, of University of Moratuwa and security officer Ranaweera in cold blood.
4. I have seen Varuni from Ladies College, (Mr. H. L. de Silva-PC and eminent lawyer’s daughter Nilmini’s friend) fighting, tears rolling down, with JVP student activists, who was forcing the engineering students to vacate classes to go on strike. And stockpiles of improvised weapons and warlike materials on campus.
5. Involving really bright students like Narada, UoM 1983 batch, in JVP activities and ruining their future.
6. 1971 and 1987-1989 insurgencies and resultant death and destruction; sending school children on strike etc.

You know what JVP did to schools and universities. I do not know how many people know this that falling education standards of a country or denial of educational opportunity to her citizens are a real national security issue. Gone are the days, soldiers carried shot guns and .303 to combat, now they go with automatics fitted with advance optics, lasers, night vision devices, and hand carry GPS (Global Positioning Systems) and advanced radios which have to be loaded with encryption programs and secure frequencies. All these have to be done by individual soldier. What would be the situation if the soldier is not educated enough, knowledgeable enough or what we call in the military ‘he is NOT up to the speed’ to do these? Sovereignty is threatened; an enemy occupies the country as a nation loses the war!

What did go through SF’s mind, him being a former Army commander, above all the very same people threatened each and every military man with death if they had reported to duty, when he decided to side with such a bunch of rascals? My hunch was that if SF had a school connection with Rohana W as both went to Dharmasoka MV. If you think SF knows about Red Brothers better than our family, I disagree. Next time you meet S’wansa, please ask whether he have brothers named Siripala and Piyadasa and he owned a motorcycle in 1971. Like you suffer for SF’s actions, Piayadasa ‘physically’ suffered, in 1971, for S’wansa’s actions.

Did you all think that Red Brothers could save you from any ill will or ill-wind? They could not save Rohana when he was believed to be dying on a golf course or Upatissa was taken in whilst running a mini garment factory in Bandaragama. Only thing we know is that Upatissa asked a Defense Minister to talk to him in mother tongue and he replied him with some ‘kung fu’ kicks! How come ‘Lanka Truth’ website is in English? Hypocrites!

How could SF miscalculate so badly when Red Bothers faring badly in successive elections with dwindling votes that they were a people power? It was vice versa, they wanted, with SF’s popularity to ride to power, effortlessly. Can you remember, in Iraq, Sadam was getting 100% votes in every election until he was deposed? You saw what happened when a superpower rolled in and his statues being pulled down and people slapping his statues with slippers, urinating and spitting on? Entire world came to know the façade he maintained with violence and at gun point.

I read a media report but I do not how far it is true. After having read what transpired between you and the 14 Army officers who withdrew support from SF’s political party I felt that your families are ‘prisoners’ of JVP. You all are trapped in the Red Bear hug! Remember in today’s world what matters is not the ‘truth’ or ‘reality’ but the ‘perception’. What people tend to exploit to their very advantage is nothing but the perception.

The Grave Mistake #2: To tie up with a jinx or his party that is UNP. Take these statements ‘Thoppigala is a jungle-RW’ ‘Army, having reached only Medawachchiya, had claimed to have marched on Kilinochchi or it had taken Alimankada when it was still at Pamankada-RK’. For common man it is a shameless exercise to ridiculing a victorious and forward marching Army by a politico. But for military analysts it showed lack of knowledge of the main opposition party leader and a person vying for the deputy leadership of the party about the capabilities of the same military of which the party leader would have become Commander-in-Chief if had RW won in a presidential election. It is the same military SF was the Commander. That was shameless lack of respect, worst of all they could have checked privately with independent military sources about the veracity of ‘military gains’. Or they could see it on the TV! No wonder the Party and CWE both are now bankrupt!

They also wanted to ride-free your father/husband’s popularity wave to Diyawannawa. No sooner it fell apart they bolted from DNA faster than Usain Bolt of Jamaica the flamboyant world 100m and 200m records holder off the starting blocks. I truly believe none of them was at the vigil 0n 08 Jun e 2010.

The Grave Mistake #3: I can accept Wickramabahu K Brothers-in- Arms with Mano G or (A)Sambandan of TNA. How can SF be friends with them for mere political expediency? How can SF look in the dead soldiers’ widows’, children’s or parents ‘eyes and say I was your son’s Commander! How many of them worshipped you, not in Sri Lanka but at Maha Bodi in India thinking that you are an honest Commander?

The Serious Flaws and Weaknesses: Your father/husband does not possesses calm and collectedness that a successful Head of state or successful politician needs to have or that have to be displayed in public. He is quick to temper and throws a lot of temper tantrums and bent on revenge too. It was in very public display when you all were ‘holed up in the hotel’ and two journalists interviewed your father/husband on camera. I think vast majority including me was dismayed. The people who were ‘on the fence’ are not ‘on the fence’ anymore. Journalists ask tricky and very embarrassing questions and you have to demur or parry them like JRJ quoting something from ‘Bagavath Geetha, ‘Mahabharata, or Shakespeare! These digital age young journalists are not fully conversant with ancient ‘scriptures’!

The Historical Example: Benedict Arnold V was a general One of the most famous men to serve in the American Revolutionary War. He began the war in the Continental Army but later defected to the British Army. He distinguished himself through acts of cunning and bravery. His actions included the Capture of Fort Ticonderoga in 1775, successful defensive and delaying tactics despite losing the Battle of Valcour Island on Lake Champlain in 1776, the Battle of Ridgefield, Connecticut (after which he was promoted to major general), operations in relief of the Siege of Fort Stanwix, and key actions during the pivotal Battles of Saratoga in 1777, in which he suffered leg injuries that ended his combat career for several years. While he was still a general on the American side, he obtained command of the fort at West Point, New York, and plotted unsuccessfully to surrender it to the British. After the plot was exposed in September 1780, he entered the British Army as a brigadier general. Why he did that? Arnold was passed over for promotion by the Continental Congress while other officers claimed credit for some of his accomplishments. Adversaries in military and political circles brought charges of corruption or other malfeasance, but he was acquitted in most formal inquiries.

But today at West Point his name is inscribed with other Commanders’ but his ‘photo’ ABSENT (intentionally kept blank). That is America; revenge is not ‘physical’. But in Sri Lanka if these so-called human rights commissions to investigate the final war go very bad for Sri Lanka, I cannot imagine what would happen. I will leave at that.

One Thing to Ponder: True that your father/husband did a lot for the Army. It is a given. But a blast that SF was subject to and another blast just across the boundary wall of AHQ on the Galle Road Vice Admiral C F’do subject to are totally two different blasts. In SF case it happened in a supposed and required to be very secure compound no outsider should have access to without surveillance or body searches but CFdo’s case it happened on a very busy and public road where ‘Umbrella Lovers’ and Kadala Vendors were not very far away.

I hope you will not be mad, angry or furious like heck at me. I hope you will not be defensive thinking ‘we will be alright’ and thank you for your words of advice and concern. You might hate me or else think everything is honky dory and we are protected by Red Army, none of whom joined SLA when your father/husband was faced with recruitment problems and desertions in the final war. I request you three, Triple A, to read this over and over and over and make a very bold decision before it hits the point of never return. Discuss with SF what ‘could’ be in store for your family; f@uck Sri Lanlan politics, beg him to quit and give a new lease of life to your lives. Explore to see whether there is some middle ground where SF and MR could come to a ‘compromise’ for the future of Sri Lanka.

This letter is getting long and I have to tell you a lot but let me you the scariest part. I wish and pray a day like this never dawn for Sri Lanka. The day was 30 December 2006 there was lot of activity diplomatic activity a western power and a government in middle eastern country, the western power tried to delay hanging for about two weeks but the ME government insisted and produced the papers. The ‘person’ in detention in very secure location, guarded and under surveillance by the elitist of elite, was brought out and given a shower by the military guards. He was rushed to waiting helicopters, bundled in and flown a short distance. The western military handed over the ‘physical control of person’ to the said government officials. The gallows was already prepared, an unruly and disrespectful crowd had already gathered. They started taunting him and hurling barbs. Time was about 0600hrs and he was about to be hanged ‘the person’ treated as a ‘dictator’ was dignified at the gallows and when hanged, and the taunts were recorded by cell-phone cameras. The entire world has seen those grainy videos or could see on You Tube. I knew very well the unit that guarded him in 2006 and today, in 2010 June, I am not far away where he was held or hanged. I am very sorry if I scare anybody. I do not want to be prescient or portend about something which will not happen. I wish that will not happen. If it does happen I am free of guilty has I have done, in my small little way my civic duty to bring both parties together and let themselves settle this vexed problem amicably .

As I promised to you, Apsara, Aparna and Anoma I am going to openly appeal to the other parties and exhort and impel my military friends on the military divide now: Sumith, Mahesh, both Prassannas, both Jagaths, Kamal, Shirantha, JJ, Ayasa , Munasinghe, Welikanne, Sujith, Priyantha, Sumangala , Royce, and all other top military and police officers I have known throughout my life, I know you guard the powers that be, you talk to them freely, and you fly them often in SLAF planes and choppers, please do this for the future of Sri Lanka and her national security, use one of those opportunities or moments in time, pluck some moral courage and implore the powers that be to settle this ugly situation to unite Sri Lanka. Lest you have as top brass may have won the ‘battle’ against SF but will definitely lose the ‘WAR’ against ‘Trans National Tamil Terrorists’, hell-bent on revenge, in future! Please do it sooner than later!

I wish you all Good Soldiering and all the luck in this world! Thank You!

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