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Act Now! Pillai, Arbour and their Ilk Force Mr. Moon to be their 'comfort man'

(Remember, what Japanese did do to Koreans in WW II)

When the Spanish goalkeeper fumbled and allowed a goal in World Cup 2010, Sara Carbonero (the sexiest TV Journalist in the world, girl friend of Spanish soccer team captain and goalkeeper Iker Cassillas) asked on live TV ‘How did you muck that up?’ leaving Casilllas squirming in embarrassment. “I don't know what to say, '’I don't know if this defeat will have consequences. The dressing room is fed up.' he said, unable to look her in the eye.

When Wiihuluwansa (WW) messed up and organized a ‘devil dance’ and a ‘farce unto death’ in front of the Colombo UN office in July 2010, The Sri Lanka friendly nations asked Sri Lanka (the paradise Island and the Pearl in the Indian Ocean), in print and electronic media, ‘’why did you do that?’’, leaving Sri Lanka squirming in embarrassment. “We don't know what to say,” “We don't know if this ‘devil dance’ will have consequences. The 99.99% Sri Lankans are fed up with this whole political vaudeville.” The truly embarrassed Sri Lankans, local and overseas, said, unable to look the diplomatic community rather the friendly nations in the eye.

Written by Day

(July 18, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) Have they taken us for a ride? Have they pulled wool over our eyes? As I tell you always; a picture tells of a thousand stories, take a look at the photo in which you see a Moon, a WW, a President and a useless, wasteful and ‘waist-full’ ex FM. They are all smiles, shine of the smile like the shine on a full moon day expelling all the darkness in the world, are NOT they? Is there any bad blood between them? By looking at the picture, I do not think so! (Do you see what I do not see?)

There are a few questions we need to ask ourselves. Why on earth, a joker with no stature and standing whatsoever is introduced to the world top diplomat or official? What is the covert or overt reason or the compelling circumstances to introduce an undiplomatic WW to the top diplomat in the world? Is Wihuluwansa fluent in ‘hangukmal’, or what? I wonder! Wouldn’t it have been very fitting if some batch top graduates were introduced to the UNSG so that they could get internships at UN? Finally, how come Mr. Moon who was very steadfast and Sri Lanka’s side during the final war has fallen out with Sri Lanka all of a sudden? You will get to read the answers and much later in the article, especially the Depo-Provera injection for Sri Lankan Overseas Mission Staff. I will also introduce you to the latest recreational activity with a flying object in Sri Lanka. Ask your wife kindly to make a cup of coffee or world famous Ceylon tea, and read the article.

Do you all remember the time Moon was on Sri Lanka’s side and MR and Moon was buddy-buddy? They said that MR helped him in a way to become the world top diplomat. The talk of the town was Moon was being just ‘grateful’.

Do not hear it from this 8th Grade soldier why the world was against Moon and Moon was for Sri Lanka but from ‘The Economist' and a Norwegian diplomat:

The Economist gave Mr. Moon a failed grade in his UN performance (30%) and a leaked memo by Norway’s Ambassador to the United Nations, Mona Juul tell it all. "The UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon, who was refused admittance by Colombo at the height of the war, chose to accept its invitation as soon as the war was “won." “The diplomat added: "War in Sri Lanka is an example of the weak handling of the Secretary General. He was a passive observer when thousands lost lives and were driven from their homes, the diplomat further said in her midterm assessment of Ban’s tenure. The Economist gave a paltry 2/10 for Moon's Management skills and a 3/10 for "truth to power," saying his quiet diplomacy has failed to yield tangible results."

Do you also remember this? Several dozen American Tamils assembled near the UN building between 1st Avenue and 47th Street Tuesday 22 September 2010 around noon and protested against UN inaction, particularly the UNSG Ban Ki Moon, for first failing to prevent the bloodbath in May 2009 when more than 20,000 Tamil civilians were ‘allegedly’ killed by Sri Lanka Army using heavy weapons, and now for allowing Sri Lanka to continue to incarcerate nearly 300,000 in military supervised internment camps with little freedom of movement.

What was Moon’s reply? He said that his ‘leadership’ style was ‘different’. Simply put, he said he chooses ‘charm’ over ‘force’. He is right in a way, if one has been to S Korea, or knows of the Korean culture, one will see that they are not violent people, I mean, ‘bicycle chain wielding, razor-blade packing, pistol toting ‘undiplomatic Agalawatte drummers on death farce’!

Here is the historical example of Mr. Moon with regard to his personality; the date was 22 March 2007. His visit was the first to Iraq by a UN chief since his predecessor Kofi Annan went to Baghdad in November 2005. He was shaken by a blast (indirect fire blast about 100 meters from the building,) which interrupted a news conference with Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri Maliki in Baghdad. You see in the picture what I call his ‘reflexes working fine’ but Navi, Louis or Juul may call it ‘that dude ducking in fear’! You might not have seen the visuals but we soldiers are somewhat lucky as we get the video feeds. You might have seen Mr. Maliki was standing tall next to the UNSG, NOT SHAKEN AT ALL!.

Do not ever forget what the psychopathic terrorist killer, Prabakaran, once said “The Sinhalese memory is SHORT!” How on earth Sri Lanka let a friendly Moon (Full Moon) to turn an unfriendly Moon (Opaque Moon)? Everything was within Sri Lanka’s control or under control. Now Sri Lanka has to blame nobody but herself. Sri Lanka does not need to find scapegoats of Fall Guys or Gals for her sorry state of affairs or ‘f*king things up’ very badly.

This is how Sri Lanka could have ‘prevented’ Mr. Moon becoming a ‘Comfort Man’ for Pillai, Arbour, Vany, MIA or anyone else. This is how Sri Lanka could have won Mr. Moon over. We call it KLE (Key Leader Engagement) in the military. We develop a complete profile of the leader we are going to engage. We go to great lengths, even to find out what sort of a cigar (brand name) he prefers to smoke, at what colleges his children are studying; do they play soccer or cricket, to name a few?

I am 99.9999% sure, the diplomutts in MFA, top brass in the Sri Lanka military, or anyone in a Sri Lanka negotiating team has never done that or practiced it and put to good use. That is why Sri Lanka cannot get the upper hand, win concessions or grants and find herself upstaged most of the time in negotiations.

The top diplomats know the best tactic to work to “hug him close” as this is more likely to have the desired effect of improving situation in Sri Lanka. Marginalization rather ‘devil dances’ by ‘drummers’ to dispel ‘spirits’ is NOT likely to be successful. The top diplomats respectfully convince the world top diplomat that the goal of the Final War was not ‘Victory against Tamil people’ but ‘victory FOR Sri Lanka in particular and the world in general in the desire and fervent hope to free peoples from the clutches of ruthless and murderous terrorism of LTTE or any other group’.

Sri Lankan diplomats had a trump card they did not use in demarche but resorted to sort of physical intimidation and thuggery. Here it is; a top Sri Lankan diplomat should have had a heart to heart discussion with Mr. Moon and given a copy, printed or electronic, of The four-year-old Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Korea. The commission was established in December 2005 under the late liberal President Roh Moo-hyun to “reconcile the past for the sake of national unity.” It had a broad mandate to expose human rights abuses from Korea’s pre-1945 Japanese colonial period through South Korea’s military dictatorships into the 1980s.

Did anyone show Mr. Moon the outcome of the commission; “In many cases, we did not have documented evidence enough to clear the fog of doubts, with military operations nearby ‘collateral damage’ may be inevitable; in a small number of cases, a commission majority found “low levels of unlawfulness; they were more like cases of negligence than of liability or war crimes,”” commission President Lee told the wider world.

What is the problem now? What's sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander isn’t it? Thousands had died in whatever circumstances in Mr. Moon’s own country. The Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Korea found that there were simple negligence, there were NO WARCRIMES!

So why bully Sri Lanka, why waste precious man-hours of the top diplomats, government officials, military officers and ordinary people and soldiers why spend millions of dollars unnecessarily for an exercise that will end in futility on par or as with the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Korea. That was what the top Sri Lanka diplomats respectfully argued for than outsourcing diplomacy to a drummer bent on conducting a devil dance and ‘farce unto death’!

Mother Lanka go and revive if you can Dr. Vernon Mendis or Shirly Amersinhge from their graves, it does not matter if you disturbs their resting in peace in this moment of truth or in the hour of national emergency!.

The UNSG is a human being and we all have flaws. There is neither 100% good individual nor 100% bad individual. It is up to the smart, bright and shrewd diplomats to use good negation skills, démarche, charm and a little bit fun and sun together to push through their country’s foreign affairs agenda favourably.

When we make a lot of noise, drummers being drummers, what can a silent professional like Mr. Palihakkara do, other than banging his head, in frustration and anger, on the teak work table at his office in the MFA, until his head bleeds? How do we know that Dr, Jayathilaka or Mr. Palihakara is NOT writing his Letter of Resignation at this moment? For them, enough is enough. Sri Lanka is a laughing stock in the world’s eye, beyond redemption.

They are the ones who have to face the brunt and run the gauntlet in world capitals. They are the ones to face the diplomats and elected officials (power players) of other nations when dealing diligently to salvage the lost image or goodwill of Sri Lanka. That is why they are called ‘career’ diplomats. They serve the nation somewhere from 30 to forty years. Not like politicos who cheat, ruin and swindle a nation for five years and then draw a very comfortable pension and perks. How can they (diplomats) do their job assiduously when the ilk of Whiluwansas are treating foreign diplomats, staff and their families the way ‘some people’ dealt with old Prof Ediriweera Sarathchandra at the Buddhist Hall, near BMICH, a few decades back?

Time For Some Laughter; making noise in delicate affairs get you in trouble-when I used to hang together with one of my friends from schooldays he used to tell me this true story. One day a visibly shaken newly passed out ‘soldier’ had come running to my friend, who is a one of the best counter-terrorism experts Sri Lanka has ever produced. The young soldier, a SARC boxer, one day took a three wheeler at Fort and in front of the YMCA the three-wheeler driver had tried to be an extra smart a$$ and tried thuggery on this young soldier. The soldier immediately had resorted to ‘sparing’ outside an ‘official boxing ring’ and KOed (knocked him out) the three-wheeler driver, immediately took another taxi and rushed to my friend. The first question my friend had asked from the soldier; ‘Did you behave like when cats are having sex? “The soldier already dazed was confused had said “Sir, I cannot understand.” My friend had broken it down for him to understand “When you hammered the three-wheeler guy, did you boast aloud that you were a SARC boxer? The soldier had said “No, Sir!” My friend had said “Get lost and I will take care of it!” To date only handful of people know about the incident involving the soldier in question. Again, this was a true story. We have to be silent professionals and silent warriors, that way we can achieve a lot with no hassle, with less effort and pain, without getting on the nerves of others or ruffling their feathers!

Baring a couple or so, Sri Lanka does not have top ‘diplomats’ but top ‘DIPLOMUTTS’. When I saw the article written about and photo of Dr Vernon Mendis, linked from SLG to InfoLanka News I realized that he was no more. I froze for a moment and I stood up and saluted his image/picture on my military computer and said “May you attain Nibbhana”. It was a very sad day for me and for Sri Lanka. As I have said in my previous articles I have interacted with him only twice, once at Army HQ where I snuck into one of his lectures and the other time I managed to arrange for some personal current and foreign affairs for an officer taking the promotion test. He was so humble and kind enough to invite us to his residence. He lectured the officer and I sat on the floor (though he insisted to take a seat) and listened intently. I wanted to go back to ancient times to be the disciple sitting on ground and let him be the scholar, truly he was, sitting in the chair. For me it was most humble way I could afford to respect him from the bottom my heart. The things I learned on those two occasions have armed and equipped me to brush shoulders with the officers of world militaries. And when they praise this 8th Grade soldier for what I ‘bring to the table’ and share with them what I know I humbly want to give the credit to people like him for making me a better person. But as the article said “Vernon Mendis – the end of an era in Sri Lankan diplomacy”, sadly but truly that is it.

Here is the sorry and sad state of affairs in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the story of the mixed up priorities of diplomutts. When WW organized the unruly protest, ‘devil dance’ and ultimately ‘farce unto death’, who rushed to the scene? None other than the Secretary to Ministry of External Affairs! WHY? To implore a ‘performing monkey’ to stop the antics! At that moment he shamelessly and without reason surrendered the professionalism of diplomats at the feet of a former ‘galkatas’ or blunderbuss carrying mischief-maker now a modern day devil dancing joker appointed Minister.

Let’s discuss the protocol here. A secretary of a ministry is supposed to deal with his subordinates or only with a secretary of another ministry. A minister will deal with another minister. In this case Jayasinghe should have asked the crossover, the necessity has no law professor, GL, to intervene and stop the folly of Wihiluwansa’s course of action. If I were in his shoes I would give him two options; either MFA will call President and stop this or he will have the keys to my office and car. I catch a bus and go home. If push comes to shoveorf pushed back to wall I would send my CV to numerous friends all over the world I have made during my decades of service in Foreign Ministry. Then I would be standing tall and looking good, not head down in utter shame. I would tell you this too that I have not heard of a single lady doctor died of dengue in Canada, NZ, and Australia (in ‘greener pastures’).

Here is the ‘alleged’ list of sordid affairs or the utter mess Secretary, MFA has to clear or take care of; No wonder that Sri Lanka ‘diplomutts’ have no time (we call it in the military putting out the fires all over the place and drinking from a fire hose) to effectively counter the relentless Tamil Dias’hora’, LTTE, BTF and similar propaganda onslaughts.;

1. The diplomatic mess created unnecessarily by a ‘performing monkey’ in front of the UN office in Colombo.
2. Resolving the soap opera being acted on by a journalist turned diplomat, a female First Secretary and a staff in dilemma, called ‘The Cluster ----High Drama At Sri Lanka’s Mission To The UN in New York- Come and ---- me, or get ------!’
3. The arranging at the government taxpayer expense but free for MPs a Kenyan wildlife safari trips and shopping tours and what have you for the group of MPs (sans SF) who will be attending the conference of Parliamentarians of Commonwealth countries to be held in September in Kenya.
4. The sort out the spat between the editor of a gulf newspaper and an ambassador, before the media in Middle East turn sour.
5. The damage control needed as a of result a public blunder or an affront due to organizing New Year festivities on a Friday, prayer day, showing religious insensibilities in a Muslim country.
6. Flowing the body of a Tamil doctor turned sales manager who was killed in the ‘Ugandan blasts’ while watching World Cup 2010 Tamil to Sri Lanka through the efforts of SL embassy in Kenya.
7. The assault on the Sri Lankan embassy staff, a Driver and an office assistant, while having a drink in a restaurant at a Rail Station in Norway.

Remember always that a day has 24 hours and you have a personal life to take care of or have to lead life too. You have to exercise, to read to be current, you cannot neglect family and friends and other personal and official commitments. So tell me how diplomats deliver the goods what they are expected of delivering or supposed and required to deliver in the name of mother Lanka? It is not humanly possible to keep your head high and do your job other than saying “Yes sir, yes sir, three bagsful” just to get by, survive and enjoy perks. The detractors that are shameless politicos and jokers in lily-white national dress and distractions that are ‘devil dances’ and singing hosannas to rulers, shameless behavior of those who are supposed to be professional diplomats, military and police officers force the remaining very few professionals to take the eye off the Drealam ‘snow’ ball that is gathering momentum rolling downhill. (Thanks Professor J B. Lucas; first time I heard of the term, Avalanche Effect).

To give you the ground reality of Sri Lanka’s foreign affairs please read the following comment and two replies I picked up from the High Drama At Sri Lanka’s Mission To The UN in New York. It shows Sri Lanka is wasting a heck of lot of FOREX (foreign exchange) with no ‘returns’.

May I put it this way? MFA=White Elephant=Scandal=Murder=Overseas Elderly Home for Ailing Diplomats=Overseas Boarding House for DPL’s RELATIVES to ATTEND COLLEGE=Greener Pastures for Lackeys and Paramours

1. Manila -July 10, 2010-8:52 A.M.
Truth about the situation

Bandula Jayaserara is a manic.That is why is telling others have same disease. I worked for UN mission in New York for 20 yrs,Soon after he resume duties he called a staff meeting and show his political power and quoated that He was appointed by President Rajapaksha to clean the UN mission and he can sack any one. He repetitively threaten the staff including deplomatic staff during last 3 months.He verbally abuse me infront of all the staff members.It makes me really embaraced.I am a Sri lankan expact with US citizenship.I am a respected long standing employee in UN mission.He tried to sacked me and one other employee from UN office. I gave my resignation PR next day because of the Manic nature of bandula. The other name mention diplomatic officer tried to safe guard the hardworking staff members,that is the main point for the clash. Though this first secretary has political connection,she does a unpublish good service to the country.UN mission staff and New York Sri Lankan society will agree with my statement.
Bandula Jayasekara tried to sack another two employees subsequently. He tried to start human traficing in sake of employing new persons to UN office.America is a free country,Sri Lankan government shold not appoint this type of lunatics to US and UN

2. Manila- July 11, 2010-9:50 A.M.
Bandula Activitities In UN mission

1.Verbal abuse to UN mission staff repetitively
2.First purchase is buying large plastic bowels to mission toilets.
3.Purchase new furniture,computers for DPR office room as soon as resume duties.
4.Called a senior diplomatic male officer as a female in a staff meeting and threatening him he will be transfred ASAP.
5.Make a contravertial statement in UN against Isreal and make a negative impact to Sri lanka
6.Purchase palm mobile,flat screen TV for personnal use by violating financial regulations.
7.Had repetitive misconduct and treatening to UN media personnals,make a real negative impact to Sri lanka
8.Introduce him as a diplomat from new school because he do not know ABC of diplomacy.
9.Make several inappropreate behaviour towards the foriegn female diplomatic collegues in New York.
10.Frequent visits to “famous New York 42nd street shops” and night clubs.
11.Finally helping UN secretary general to implement special comittee as he is clueless what to do in that situation.(Bandula Jayasekara was the acting head at that time as PR UN was out of New York .)

Reply Comment of sandman –July 11, 2010-2.51 P.M.

Your spelling prowess speaks volumes on your claim as a RESPECTED LONG STANDING EMPLOYEE IN UN MISSION !!!!!!!!!!. U definitely are another political appointee to a sensitive post. People like u and the others now heading Sri Lankan missions overseas are the worst enemies we could ever have. People like you just warmed your butts in cushy armchairs while the LTTE and their Diaspora were crying murder in the international arena. You should be more embarrassed for dragging more muck into this subject. All diplomatic positions have been highly politicized by all governments both UNP and the present and they have let Sri Lanka down with their downright incompetence while true career diplomats with impeccable credentials are in disused underground locations.

Reply Comment of Prema de Silva-July 11, 2010-8.46 P.M.

Well done Sandman!!! You have spoken the truth. I wish there were many more people like you and me. These political appointees are an embarrassment to all Sri Lankans as they cannot even speak proper ENGLISH leave alone written letters or emails to function in Western countries and sometimes when you call the Consulate/Embassy you can hear some of them saying ” Mai, mehata ena ko, mena mey ganiyak kathkoronowa, mata therane naha monowada kiyanna. Engirsiyen kathakoronowa”. I called the Washington Embassy re a visa and that is what I heard. It was so disgusting and I slammed the phone down. The powers that be need to do something and appoint the correct people to the correct places if they want efficiency and also to present a good image of Sri Lanka English speaking people should be placed in Western countries and not idiots who cannot understand what is spoken by Westerners as it is not only Sri Lankans who call. I hope someone does something about this as I have written about this before but it still continues to happen according to what friends say.

Depo-Provera Injection for Sri Lankan Overseas Mission Staff: Some words of suggestion from me to you, please canvas or tell MFA when it sends diplomats and staff to overseas missions to give Depo-Provera (Depot medroxyprogesterone acetate -DMPA) injection for the men and the women alike; as far as males are concerned: Depo-Provera is also used with male sex offenders as a form of chemical castration as it has the effect of drastically reducing sex drive in males. For women: it is a birth control drug, highly effective at preventing pregnancy!

The Analysis of Farce unto Death: WW’s long national nightmare came to an end when a president on his knees offered a glass of water to invite him to have dinner with WW’s family. Was the president just following the Sinhalese tradition, sort of de rigueur, to invite the guests to meals with a glass of water? LOL (lot of laughter)!

This much attention for joker who has no stature or standing and is not learned-let alone his insurgent, oops, ‘galkatas’ past who is shamelessly into ‘political posturing’ is simply wrong on so many levels that is hard to where to begin.

Political Posturing-Taking a position on an issue strictly because it is politically advantageous to do so. For example, being against something solely because the other side in favor of it.

15 minutes fame for WW has become perpetual infamy for Sri Lanka world over or in the wider world eye. The Sri Lanka diplomats are covering their face with hands in utter shame and expats are shying away from friends in total embarrassment. They say “I am sick and tired of hearing about all that, to be honest with you. This is staged managed or ‘state’ managed drama rather ‘devil dance’, we have known and been talking about this idiot for years. What to do! The Sri Lankan gullible masses and fooled voters sent him to parliament with the highest preferential vote!”

You might remember I wrote an article on what may unfold due to WW’s gimmicks and it did not take 48 hours to majority of my assumptions or prediction to become reality. It is time to slice and dice the ‘Farce unto Death’. Do you remember the desired effect expected by WW and the devil dancers? To have the UN Secretary General’s Expert Panel on Sri Lanka rescinded. In the military when we mount an operation we state in the Op Order (Operations Order) what we call ‘End State’. As an example the ‘End State’ could be; to ‘Kill or capture the HVT=High Value Target). In the ‘devil dance’ political vaudeville stated ‘End State’ was to have Mr. Moon’s Expert Panel on Sri Lanka rescinded.

It was also stated it was WW’s personal decision as the NFF party leader but not as a ‘government minister’. It was emphasized that there was no connivance or collusion from, aiding and abetting by GOSL. Please look at the picture I have mentioned in the beginning of the article, is it a plausible statement of denial? Is not GOSL vehement denial tantamount to Pilate-like washing of hands? You may want to scream and say “Tell it the Chinese!“ but cannot simply say it anymore as China has been Sri Lanka’s benign and sincere friend during the three decades of war. If not for warlike materials at ‘Friendship Price’, if not for the veto power it has at UN, if not for subtle ways and means of helping friends,, His Excellency the President Right Dishonorable V Piribaharan would be conducting Cabinet Meetings in Killinochchia (NOT Medawachchia, RK, do you hear me?) by now. Always be grateful!

It is apt to remember how the ‘End State’ changed as time went by and the WW’s waistline decreased (was it that WW wanted to truly fast because his family doctor advised him that he was obese and prone to heart attacks and diabetes? You never know!) You will not find it out from a General Hospital but only from an Army Hospital. Now poor Army rank and file will have to go to some Ayurvedic Hospital for treatment when jokers are rushed where heroes are required to be treated. I know you are not at Army Hospital anymore. But, hey, Col Dudly Perera would you be tough on these rascals, the way you were into always ‘chewing’ our butts for the slightest noise when we were warded with injury or illness? It is because we were soldiers and they are ministers? Remember once upon a time they were galkatas orblunderbuss-packing insurgents threatened you with death if you reported to duty to ‘treat the sick and wounded’!

This is how ‘End State’ went from Fast unto Death (to have the UN Secretary General’s Expert Panel on Sri Lanka rescinded) ‘through’ (if a court order orders to stop or the President himself ask to stop to ‘Farce unto Death’ the President ‘alleged’ promises of that he would not permit any of the soldiers who fought in the war against terrorism to go before the panel appointed by the UN Secretary General to look into war crimes allegations, not to cooperate with UNSG Ban Ki-moon’s panel of experts and to appoint a commission to monitor the actions of the panel of experts and conduct a separate inquiry on them.

A Prime Minister also said GOSL is not hand in glove or in cahoots with devil dancers rather "The government has nothing to do with this." But GOSL never tried to exert influence to stop it before being staged. Whatever GOSL tries to say in unison or incoherently does not hold water as the audio in pin drop silence and the visuals, clear as daylight, betray it. The audio; A Defense Secretary undressing a DIG in public on the mobile phone speaker; the promise of a President to WW’s daughter bring home her father to dinner tomorrow night. The Visuals: No armed or mounted police, no water cannons or tear gas; ultimately a President himself offering H2O on knees to a humbug.

You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time-Abraham Lincoln.

What was the outcome? A total diplomatic mess; benign and sincere friends (like Pakistan and Malaysia) in NAM and UN distancing themselves from Sri Lanka; the inadvertent but felicitous propaganda mileage for Drealamists and their sympathizer in world capitals; a more and more polarized Sri Lanka; heaps over heaps of embarrassment for overseas Sri Lankans; Foreign investors getting cold feet (Economists visiting Sri shocked by Wimal’s actions – Dr. P.B. Jayasundera); Sri Lankans are no more being treated as rational human beings but ‘primitive people’ in House of Fashion or Odel apparels; worst of all, the very personal cost to Mr. Weerawansa’s family.

WW says he wants to save Sri Lankan soldiers from being prosecuted in international court for ‘alleged’ war crimes! He says aloud, blowing his own trumpet, Sri Lankan military is the ‘APPLE of HIS EYE’ and HIS HEART is BLEEDING PROFUSELY for SOLDIERS. What a joke it is and what a joker he is. Sarath Fonseka, oops, WW calls him, Aney ‘PON’SEKO had an acute shortage of soldiers during the Final War as more than 50,000 military personnel had panicked and deserted. I would like just know how many of NFF ‘Card Carrying Members’ at least with ‘a shotgun or a galkatas’ joined the military to fill the depleted ranks? Has WW ever served in uniform? If not, has been at least a school cadet, Tissa MMV, KLT for that matter a boy scout? If the answer is ‘No’ then what WW shamelessly doing is only blowing smoke up in soldiers’ a$, as we solders would say when we are frustrated! I would just tell you that elite operators just do not like it and may not take it kindly either.

In a way Tamil civilians had more quality and showed more class than these NFF shameless and bogus goons with empty bravado as the Tamil civilians underwent militia training with sticks and 2 by 4s, though no match, to face T-56 carrying Sri Lanka Army in the final war, at least they were willing fight for their ‘Drealam’. At least one had to respect that they were more patriotic, though the loyalty misplaced, than NFF members who did not join SLA to fight and be ‘career soldiers’. Please note what I said ‘career’.

(Indications are such, out of more than 50,000 military deserters vast majority of them are said to be with insurgent affiliations, got ‘free military training’, in case if there is another 71, 87-89 in future.)

We in the military say, when we could not achieve the ‘stated End State’, an Operation went from Op to (fl)Op! That was the sorry result of the WW’s thug operation in front of the Colombo UN compound, ending up in a flop!

The Very Personal Cost to Mr. Weerawansa Family: I have been in a combat environment since 1981 and have gone to war several times. My very close and true friends in the elite units of Sri Lanka military and Police will vouch for it. I know of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) as we encounter on daily basis with our soldiers and their dependents and I am very sad to say Mr. Weerawansa hastened the death of his beloved mother, an innocent lady who should have died peacefully in sleep but died as result of Post Traumatic Stress caused due to her son’s political gimmicks!.

One need not go to war to suffer from PTSD; civilians can suffer from PTSD after a traumatic event. No mother wants or wishes to see her beloved son die of self-starvation, after all he is a minister. What does a minister miss in life, after all?

Why did he drag his children and family into this ugly affair? Why his little girl has to cry on the phone and seek help from a person to bring him home to sit and have dinner together, after all he (MR) easily could have averted this whole ugly episode in the first place.

It is no telling yet how much or to what extent or degree Mr. Weerawansa’s little girl or son who was overseas, said to be on a school hunting mission, during this whole drama has been afflicted or affected with post traumatic stress. Time to come will tell the degree or level of damage. Why was he so foolish to drag his little and innocent ones to this meaningless drama, because of his unashamed personal ambition to realize self-actualization at any cost, irrespective of mental and physical suffering for the near and dear ones and the enormous damage to the image of Sri Lanka?

Mr. Minister, do not act the fool for others or on behalf of others at the cost of your family’s health and well-being. I have just a little soft corner for you as you went to a school north of the bridge near concrete ‘dageba’, near the (now fallen) Ironwood Tree junction, the rival school of Dil ‘Scoop’ Thilkarathne and late Narada Dissasekara. Go back to your old days when you used to play cricket; be normal, be modern, and be rational. DO NOT BE PART OF THE PROBLEM, BE PART OF THE SOLUTION!

What a shame! The cap of a spineless, shameless, useless Deputy inspector General of Police (DIG) is used by the ‘Devil Dancers’ brought with a ‘purpose’ to the Colombo UN compound locality by ‘drummers’ from Agalawatta to play ‘Bang the Moon’ flying disc game, though a wide range of flying disc variants are available commercially!

(Flying discs, though incorrectly called Frisbees, are disc-shaped gliders, which are generally and roughly 20 to 25 centimeters (8–10 inches), with a lip. The shape of the disc, an airfoil in cross-section, allows it to fly by generating lift as it moves through the air while rotating. Flying discs are thrown and caught for free-form recreation and as part of many different flying disc games.)

Let’s talk about law enforcement action on that recent day of infamy in Sri Lanka. The visuals clearly show us that police were deployed empty-handed to maintain law and order. Are they all good at ‘unarmed combat? If not I will gladly ask Colonel Mel of Commandos to teach police UC (unarmed combat). What I am gathering is that the police contingent on that day showed that they were good at ‘cross-country’ running!

We in the military go on humanitarian missions or what we call OOTW (Operations Other Tan War) we go with what we call ‘full battle rattle’, fully armed with PPE (Personnel Protective Equipment) and ABL or ACL (Ammunition Basic Load or Ammunition Combat Load). You know why? In a blink of an eye a humanitarian situation can turn in to looting, looting into riots, riots into killings, killings into mass killings, mass killings to low level insurgency, low level insurgency to full blown insurgency, insurgency into war, war into regional war ,and regional war into WW III!

Ask ‘diplomutts’ or vainglorious top brass about this, it is their duty (unfortunately they have failed in their duty time and time again) to educate Sri Lankan military and police, government and public officials, common man and woman: Even when a UN Peace-keeping force deploy to any theater of conflict to ‘keep peace’ being armed to the teeth. Only visible sign they carry that they are there for ‘Peace-Keeping’ is they wear blue berets or blue helmets. Anything else is ‘Real Deal’; API (Armor-piercing Incendiary) rounds to full-automatics, Tanks to APCs (Armed Personnel Carriers), water cannon to tear gas, just to give a fair idea!

Read about or watch the news videos of the recent deployment of 2BCT (Brigade Combat Team) of 82nd Airborne Division of US Army to the earth-quake stricken Haiti, they did not take chances when they were asked to be deployed by UN. They went there as if they were going to war, with ‘Forced Entry Switches’, with Zip ties to handcuff the looters and the mischief-makers, food and water for the affected, the medicine to treat the wounded and the body bags for the dead.

But the liberal media decried that they were rehashing for combat deployment to Iraq and AFPAK. They do not have to rehearse at all they have been to war several times since 2001. The uproar was ‘presumably’ caused by reported news of a ScanEagle UAV (unarmed aerial vehicle) being diverted to Haiti, not for combat purposes, not for intelligence gathering but for information gathering, to find out where the dead and injured, the displaced and the looters were.

I digressed too much. If unemployed graduate march on the President House, do police go empty- handed to stop the graduates and maintain law and order, direct traffic and save buildings and vehicle being pelted with stones? No, Right? So even though it was said to be a peaceful non-violent Gandian action to exercise democratic rights of people, what happens if it got out of hand as it happened on this occasion; how come people started to play “Frisbee’ with a DIG’s cap? That is why you go prepared. It seems to me that the DIG had not been a boy scout even (motto- “Allzeit bereit“-“Always Prepared”). But I know he has played soccer at school SF and GR, IGP went to!

The most revolting or sickening thing for me was the way DIG surrendered his uniform, professionalism and his department PC Sabhan died for more than I should say 170 years ago, in full public view and in front of hundreds of police constables. He failed to stand the ground, to show moral courage and stand tall with head high. I listened, in MP3 format, to him saying ‘Ahemi Sir, ahemi Sir, countless times when the caller on the other side, ‘alleged’ to be a Defense Secretary ‘dressing down and what we call in the military ‘chewing his butt’ in unprofessional and very public manner destroying the image and self-respect of a government official, a peace officer in uniform, on the speakerphone of a joker appointed minister.

The media unjustifiably pillory poor police constables and sergeants all the time, without any mercy for failure to catch criminals or enforce laws. What are you talking about? Here is a DIG literally or figuratively defecating and pissing in the khaki pants, shrieking and shivering in fear. Do you know the difference between a DIG and a PC, I mean, pay-wise, power-wise, status-wise, perks-wise etc? I think you know about it.

Do not get me wrong you have to respect your superiors. Respect is a two way street. If the superior wants to impress a joker and his goon squads in public I am sorry to say the superior is going to meet his waterloo with me , right here right now.

If I were in his ‘DI’ (Police are supplied with Dasa Industry shoes) shoes I would tell the joker inciting the crowd firstly I would not answer phone calls from anybody. WHY? As a DIG I deploy with VHF (very high frequency) link, whether they be walkie-talkies or man-packs. So I get all the orders what we call in the military from the ‘Tower’. In this case it was the IGP. He should have issued orders to me to withdraw, as the IGP had dispatched me. That is the proper chain of command and correct protocol.

Secondly I would deploy with tear gas, water cannons, and batons as a minimum for self-defence, oops, to save my cap from being used as a ‘flying object’. The water in tank will be dyed with purple pigment. You may wonder why? For Purple Rain, baby! To easily identify the mischief makers so that my men can baton charge selectively so that the Asian Human Rights Commission cannot blame me ordering the baton-charge or flogging the culprits!

Thirdly, if I am told, when I respectfully say to the Defense Secretary that I was deployed with my men by IGP, that he would sack the IGP, I know in my heart he is kidding. The Defense Secretary, IGP and DIG in question are from the same school. If the DIG in question is NOT politically against the ruling family the DIG in question would NOT be a roommate for an old boy from the same school. I mean, a swimmer and a football player from same school will not be housed in the same windowless room. Moreover I would say; go ahead and sack the IGP, for one he can retire and write the dissertation for his 2nd Ph. D. Since Dr. N. M. Perera I have not heard of any ‘publicly visible’ ‘Double Doctors’ in my life. For Dr. N.M. dropped a decisive catch at the annual Battle of Maroons that led to MR’s school to win a Big Match, for IGP look at the photo of him slouched in the chair in front of service commanders and Sec Defence, the IGP, a former Commandant of elite Special Task Force (the crack shots like Chief Inspector of Police Upali Silva (PSO) who died in the Premadasa blast and the brave ones like Vithanage (PSO) who died with SL Muslim Congress leader in the helicopter crash must be turning in their graves). He is too old and he needs to go! No wonder the Sec Def is mad with the IGP.

Fourthly, As the DIG in question I know that I went to the biggest Buddhist school in Asia, a police product, played soccer like ASP Sarath Mahinda, who died in the Premadas blast, at school, have so much qualifications under my belt. Bravely, I stand my ground in front of my men, I show my moral courage, and even If I am sacked, so be it ! I will go down with honor. I will join Interpol like DIG Sunderalingam or be the Security Manager for the Hatton National Bank, like CI A Hemantha, or ASP Bindu Kumarthunga (the son of Munidasa Kumarathunga) for Sri Lanka Rupavanini Corporation about three decades back. After all, A Hemantha was a Chief Inspector of STF, not a DIG but from the same school as GR, IGP, the DIG and SF!

Fifthyly. I remember these three incidents:

1. ASP ‘Honest Albert resigned and went home when he was pressurized in handling of the famous Sathasivam Case. He sacrificed his otherwise and his family’s futures on principle.
2. A police sergeant sent on elections duty arrested the SLFP thugs burning and damaging vehicles and house belonging to UNP MPs and voters in Dedigama, the first time Rukman senanayake got elected in the 70s. He arrested a goon, and none other than late PBG Kalugalle intervened and got the PS and his three PCs with the police vehicle transferred to another station. The PS went and told the OICin the new station “Sir, if you send me to the streets I have my Sterling Sub Machine Gun and 200 rounds, I shoot 199 goons and with the last round I shoot myself. The PS and three PC were immediately sent back to the original police station which both Wansas in JVP and NFF have seen every day when they were kids.
3. The STF Sergeant when ordered to protect and guard the LTTE delegation housed in Hotel Galadari Colombo went to the OIC said “ Sir, I cannot guard these terrorists who have killed my fellow commandos. Please remove from duty otherwise I will snap and shoot these delegates and it is not good for the country internationally. Request granted then and there, a crisis averted!

Those are true and fine example of moral courage from the very small shots of the police department of yore! They are well respected and talked about to this day and in future too.

Sixthly and finally; I know in my heart a DIG can be a Defense Secretary after all. Remember the (Gazetted) Officer and Gentleman named DIG T.B. Werapitya. Remember his name always. I do!

Last but not least the DIG in question left a permanent doubt in collective memory of Sri Lankans as to how he rose in rank from SI to DIG (joined police in 1972 as PSI and lived in Mardana Police flats). Was it on merit or being weak meek sycophant or lackey? We call it in the military ‘Wattiyada Muttiyada’!


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