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He came here to discussed currents problem in the Universities - UNP

|||| UNP Spokesman tells about arrest of student leader

(October 29, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) 
A few hours after the arrest of Udul Premarathna, a convener of the inter university federation, the Sri Lankan Guardian contacted Tissa Attanayake, spokesman of the United National Party and he disclosed why they had came to Sirikotha, the headquarters of the UNP. "He and other seniors came here as part of their programme which explained the real situation of the University to each political party. They pleaded with us to resolve the problem which is destroying their future", Tissa Attanayaka told the Sri Lanka Guardian from Colombo.

He further said, "No one has identified the persons responsible for the attack on the government properties in the Universities and these students also were strongly refused all allegations against them. They told us that certain persons wanted them evicted them from the University"

"Meanwhile, the government issued warrants against some students who were never involved with any kind of student activities. Especially the police issued the warrant against one Buddhist monk who allegedly attacked the security men of the Vice Chancellor of Jayawadhanapura University. But the particular monk had never been in the university that day," Tissa Attanayake quoted student revelations in the morning meeting with the Sri Lanka Guardian.

Talking about arrested of Udul Premaratna near Sirikotha, Attanayake said, that police says they have warrant against him issued by the court. In this case we cannot make any comment but government must stop hunting the students in the university in this unethical way. "This is not the way of solving problem but of making a Pandora box," he said. Tell a Friend

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