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Sri Lankan Muslim leaders are concerned about Rizana

Hasan Ali- Thanks to the President

Hakeem- I'm going to meet Saudi Envoy in Colombo

(October 27, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) The case of Rizana Nafeek, the young girl who accidently killed a baby while bottle feeding is under threat of death after the Supreme Court of Saudi Arabia has confirmed her sentence one week ago. The Government of Sri Lanka, and national, regional and international human rights organisations and also the Muslim Community in Sri Lanka are concerned about the case. President Rajapakse himself wrote a letter to His Royal Highness, the King of Saudi Arabia asking pardon for the Girl.

Meanwhile the Sri Lanka Guardian contacted three Muslims politicians in Sri Lanka regarding the case and three of them pointed out that they were concerned about the death sentence on Rizana Nafeek.

Hasan Ali, member of Parliamentarian of the Sri Lanka Muslim Congress, speaking to Sri Lanka Guardian said, "I'm very happy about the President writing to the King seeking amnesty for the girl who went there as a domestic helper. He further pointed out the SLMC wrote a letter of appreciation to the President. We wish the His Excellency the King will be concerned about our pleading and he will declare an amnesty."

Rauff Hakeem, the leader of the Sri Lanka Muslim Congress said, "We are about to meet the Saudi Arabian envoy in Colombo this afternoon to explain the situation. We also plan to write an appeal for the family of the victim in Saudi Arabia."

"As far as I know there are certain restrictions in the Law in the Saudi Arabia which cannot be changed once a decision is made. Now the Supreme Court of the country has decided that the girl is guilty. So we have to kindly plead to them for her survival. Now, His Royal Highness the King and the family of the victim only,can save her life,"

Meanwhile Former UNP Member of Parliament Hussein Ahamed Bhaila says that he believed that H.E. the King of the Saudi Arabia will be concerned about this matter as will the family of the victim and that they will consider the plea aimed for pardoning Rizana Nafeek. Tell a Friend

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