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Wijekoon in injury scare before Asian Games

by Champika Fernando

(October 31, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) Sri Lanka’s Asian Games medal prospect Chaminda Wijekoon suffered a major set back when he aggravated his foot injury while competing at the National Sports Festival at the Bagambara stadium in Kandy yesterday.

Wijekoon, who narrowly missed a medal running with an injury at the Commonwealth Games, was recently treated by several doctors including Dr. Eliyantha White, the private physician of President Mahinda Rajapaksa, but nothing seems to have worked for him.

With just little over three weeks left for his event, Wijekoon if worse comes to worse will have to forget about competing at the Asian Games despite knowing that he is so close to winning a medal this season.

“Will have to wait and see what the reports say and depending on that I will have to take the next steps,” said Wijekoon who clocked a career best 3 minute 40:78 seconds establishing a new Sri Lanka record at the Commonwealth Games.

A confident runner, Wijekoon who had taken the field last morning after getting clearance from the doctors was doing well until the last 400m where an attempt to accelerate and get back his rhythm resulted in sever pain.

Wijekoon, 29, trains along with some of the top-notch Kenyan sprinters in Kenya and has showed great improvement.

“I am determined to run (at the Games) though and will try my best to sort out the injury before the Games,” he said.

However officials say if the injury continues to worry him, he will miss out on lots of training which would have lasting effects on his performances at the Games. Tell a Friend

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