Rajapakse under trouble due to demo

(November 30, London, Sri Lanka Guardian) Upon his arrival at Heathrow airport, President Rajapakse had to leave by the back door due to the mass demonstration organized by local Tamil people in favour of the LTTE. Many of the demonstrators waved LTTE flags.

Meanwhile, Sri Lankan who live in the UK and some EU countries who are opposed to the Rajapakse regime are planning a massive protest demonstrations in Oxford for Thursday.

Buses from various cities of Britain are being arranged to carry the protesters to demonstrate their opposition to President Rajapakse and claim international attention to the war crimes and crimes against humanity committed by the military forces last year. The US has a special interest in this issue as two Rajapakse brothers are US citizens.

The former army commander and Presidential candidate General Fonseka who is a permanent resident and is scheduled to become a US citizen soon is suffering in jail in Weilkade.

Legal moves are being also undertaken by a battery of lawyers in London, against President Rajapakse under the current British laws against war crimes. Meanwhile, the Tamils are concentrating on the Thursday’s protest.

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