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Moment of Truth

by Rufus Randeniya

(December 11, Washington DC, Sri Lanka Guardian) A young man with a bandaged head taking the hand of a weeping mother cries with her overtaken by sheer emotions. He is Sinhalese and she is an elderly Tamil woman. The video clip I watched made a lasting impression. This snap shot of the moment of truth amply tells how we genuinely feel for the oppressed and suppressed. Let us ignore his party affiliation. He represented us the majority of Sinhalese who empathize with those who are helpless irrespective of their nationality. Politicos may brag that they treat all nationalities in the country alike. Yet there are many whose lamenting is isolated and forgotten. This young man and his team dared to go to them and remained with them even after getting bludgeoned by some and warned by the police to leave the area. Millions of us are behind the picture of the young man who wept holding a hand of a weeping mother. This picture is in our hearts and it should be in offices of Amnesty International. I see it as the picture of the year, a moment of truth that depicts us as a caring society.

We cry for the price of coconuts and rice. That is alright. But a man who cried for not having shoes stopped crying when he saw another man with no legs. Now we are jubilant but where are the priorities?
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