A statement from the son of a White Flag victim Mr. Nadesan

Media have received several testimonies from family members of those killed, including those who were killed while crossing into the Sri Lankan government held territory with white flags.

(December 30, London, Sri Lanka Guardian) A statement from the son of a White Flag victim Mr. Nadesan. Mr. Nadesan was the head of the political wing of the LTTE. and A statement from the wife of Col Ramesh. Col Ramesh was recently shown on Channel 4. In that video statement he was seen being interrogated by the Sri Lankan security forces in an undisclosed location. The Government now claims that he has been killed.

A statement from the son of a White Flag victim Mr. Nadesan. Mr. Nadesan was the head of the political section of the LTTE. His son’s statement:

Q: What is your name?
A: Prabath Suresh Mahendran.

Q: How are you related to Mr Mahindran Balasingham (Alias LTTE Nadasen).
A: Son of MR&Mrs Mahindran Balasingham

Q: When did you speak to him last?
A: 18th May 2009 at around 2am UK time (45 mins before he surrounded)I spoke to My dad, and rest of the family

Q: What did he say?
A: Dad said that he has spoken to diplomats, and that they advised him to go with a white flag and surrender to the Sri Lankan Army, but he said that he didn’t believe that him or anyone with him will be safe. He also said that there are more than 1000 wounded carders and families with him, because of them he had to go and surrender. He also said that he couldn’t contact Pirabaharan (LTTE leader) for any instructions. He said that mum and rest of the family were with him along Pulithevan. He said “If I don’t get back to you within half an hour, please assume that we are not safe.

Q: What do you think happened?
A: Sri Lankan army executed him.

Q: Why do you think so?
A: Because he was unarmed, and the people he was with were political wounded carders and families. I have had information from people who have seen my dad,mum and pulithevan and others being taken by the army. If needed I can give the details of those people, provided that UN panel gives them a witness protection scheme as they are still living in Sri Lanka.
In the last days, his main concern was the safety of the others, and he was always thinking and acting in the best interest of the people around him. Because he was the one who was in charge of the wounded and political persons and everyone wanted to get medical care for the wounded.

Q: What do you want from UN?
A: Independent enquiry into my family’s death and to bring the perpetrators to justice

A statement from the wife of Col Ramesh. Col Ramesh was recently shown in Channel 4. In that video he was seen interrogated by the Sri Lankan security forces in an undisclosed location. The Government now claims that he has been killed.

Col Ramesh's wife 's statement.

My name is Vathsala Devi I have three children. The eldest is a daughter 11 years called Meliha. The second is a son called Prathban nine years old. The third one is a girl four and a half years old. My husband is called Thurairajasingham born 1964 Sept 18th. He got involved with the LTTE in 1984. He was given a higher post in the organisation. The name he was given by the LTTE is Ramesh. He was given the position of Cornel. We were living in the open, because the war had escalated and the territory we lived was under the occupation by the SLA (Srilankan army). As the army was occupying our land we had to leave. I was a bit poorly and evacuated along with other civilians along with my three children. We left on 28th April. I was forced to live in various places due to the conflict for nearly one month. I was in contact with my husband all the time.

Q: Which year did you leave?
A: 2008 April 28th we left to Batticola in East. I had contact with my husband, but however the authorities got to know that Cornel Ramesh’s family have left the zone (escaped). We couldn’t stay there anymore and therefore left to South Africa. My Husband last spoke to me on 15th May 2008 in last time.

Q: 2008? 2009?
A: Yes 2009. My husband spoke to me on 15th May 2009 (Which was the last time) he said that the authorities have got to know that we have escaped and to leave the country in possible way. He also said that he will join us some time in the future. We will have to full fill our duties and will join you soon. Here may be a period of silence or quietness from our side, but we will be in touch after that period of silence. However, I have not heard or received any information in the last one and a half years. I hear and believe that my husband is still alive and that the UN is too aware of this episode by the leaked video. At the same time I am living with my three children here. It is also certain and proof that the SLA arrested him which is evident via the video. What I’m asking the UN is; that I am living with my three children here, and my request is to get my husband freed from prison and also away from Sri Lanka.

Q: Do you think that your husband is still alive in captivity by the SLA?
A: I’m not sure if he is alive, but the CD (Video) which is definite proof that he was captured alive. I’m not sure how old this Video is but the SLA should know that he is in captivity and is still alive. I hope and pray that my husband is still alive. SLA will have to inform me of my husbands’ whereabouts. The UN must intervene and urge the SLA to submit reports of my husbands’ situation. UN must investigate. My husband has been arrested for such a long time without any communication what so ever. We are living in suspense and in horror over my husbands’ safety. The UN must get a reply from the SLA. I have the right to know if my husband is still alive or not. If my husband is alive I demand that the UN gets him released and also get him out of Sri Lanka. People are telling different stories and I need to know the truth.

Q: If the SLG (Sri Lankan Government) says that he was killed in battle, what are your thoughts?
A: If my husband was killed in battle we would have got to know. When I was there, there were news reports that my husband was killed, but no corpse was shown, therefore I didn’t believe that. Now I am aware and have proof that my husband was arrested by the SLA thanks to the leaked video. This video is which is circulating shows my husbands’ surrender, therefore he didn’t die in battle. He was captured alive.

Q: So if he is dead, do you believe that the SLA killed him and there is reasonable evidence that this is war crime?
A: I agree fully. If a prisoner dies in custody then it is a matter for the UN to investigate.

Q: If your husband is alive, you will want him released and if he is dead, you demand a war-crimes investigation, is it right to assume so?
A: Yes of course. The SLA did arrest him and it is evident in the video, so I need to know what happened to him. What happened during investigations etc. The SLA had arrested him and remanded so it is their responsibility to explain. There is proof for his arrest and if anything has happened to him then the UN should investigate over his death. It is a war crime if my husband is no longer alive.

Q: We hope that the UN will investigate and hope they will be in touch with you. This may not be the only crime there are many others that the SLG, which is answerable. Do you give your consent for the UN authorities to contact you in the event of any further investigation into your husbands’ well-being?
A: Surely. I am ready to answer any questions in regards to my husband and willing to testify at anytime to save my husbands’ life.

Q: Thank you for this interview and we will do our best and hope the UN will take your husbands’ case seriously and do all it can to release him
A: Sorry to interrupt I want the UN to intervene into my husbands’ whereabouts and let me know immediately as a matter of urgency and get back to me ASAP.

I sincerely hope your request will be met by the UN and that you will hear soon from UN. Thank you. Mrs. Vathsala Devi

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