Distress message from a Tamilan

by Subramaniam Masilamany

“The journey must continue; freedom is a journey not a destination”.

(January 10, Toronto, Sri Lanka Guardian) It is an urgent plea to all Tamils worldwide because we are in great trouble. I was pleading with a few Tamil leaders for a joint proclamation and pro-action to lead the Tamil people out of the dilemma and the doldrums, but all I hear is blame game. No leader wants to pick up the mantle and run with it, NO, it is not in their mind, their inabilities and incapacities are transformed into nefarious and narcissistic actions of other leaders.

The problem today is not about whom the leader is; it is about the community that is in total disarray and we need some one to arrange it and put it back on track. When I point out this they called me traitor, so much for my youtube.com shouting. The question that should be asked of the leaders are, are you for the community’s improvement or just a parasite on the community? The first task of any leader is to unite the community, but not to play the blame game. Ineffective, Inefficient boneless losers do that. Our primary objective is to unite the people, then harness the power of the world to help us in our motherland and to arrest the tyrant in Sri Lanka and put him behind bars so that one criminal is taken out of circulation.

If we have a constitution, if we have our mission clearly defined; if we have our commitments spelled out strong and our convictions steel made, conscience is clear and if we stand on firm moral high ground and our moral compass pointed north, how can there be too many leaders? How can there be contradiction. If there is no community then there is no need for leaders, you cannot be an empty leader of an illusion. That is what is happening in the community. I asked TGTE what is happening and they said they have problems with the other factions, there are no there factions if you really stand for the needs of the community. Either we have chickens or cunning coyotes. I know some of my friends are in it for their own selfish purpose. The only way to know what they stand for is to get them out in the open.

We, as Tamils, have a sacred duty to clean up the community. When there are internal diseases, the demand is on the immune system to fight the internal situation, then what is left to fight the external invasion of diseases?

Next dilemma is why is it difficult to convince some people that we have problems to solve, not peoples to blame. The focus must on the community not on the individuals. Why is it happening? Because the people who want to be leaders lack back bone, they are boneless worms, they are lackeys more than donkeys, let me bite my tongue and keep the names to my self. When the problem is crystal clear, what mask the senses of the people who want to be leaders? Besides if there is no community what are you going to lead, unless your mission is to sell out the community for pittance?

We also realize that some of the elected members do not seem to understand their mission, I sensed that putting name on a letter head, a calling card and being invited to social function seems to the motive of some members. What we need at this time are hardcore, strong willed, principled oriented people to lead. Alas it is missing.

If I do not lead my enterprise with fundamental values people will sense it and look for another job. Same thing in politics, but politicians are 32nd in the list of trustworthy people on the face of earth. So looking for politician to lead the community out of the dilemma is out of question. They are simply parasites on the people. Tamils don’t need political leadership, we need people with martial leadership skills willing put their life on line.

Can we expect the religious establishment to lead our people? No they are the same; they create competitive religion out of one religion, like the politicians.

With 1,000,000 Diaspora, we should be a formidable force but we are not because of the jackasses, mules, donkeys and monkeys. I do not want name names, but people know who they are. Once I asked the members to disclose their assets, credit files and the criminal records to know if they are real people. No one dared to come forward.

Therefore what we are doing is, knowing the situation fairly clearly we have embarked on a rebuilding process. We are not looking into what will happen in the near future, but about the community in 1000 years. In the near future these cronies have to be educated and made to work for the community or eradicated!

This infighting among our Tamil community goes back into several hundred years. When the Europeans have invented community corporations to benefit the people we are destroying each other. When asked they come up with an array of what is wrong with the others, instead of looking into see what is wrong with us. As long as we look for a scapegoat we will remain a sheep. It is always they not us. We must reflect inside us to see what is missing within us before we look for what is missing in others. Taking responsibility is the mark of a real leader.

But what I notice is that some intelligent Tamils opt out of the freedom movement and are just changing religion, culture and language that are conducive to their progress. We cannot blame them for when donkeys lead only mules will follow, not mankind.

But we are not ready to give up hope, we are banking on our younger generation to take the leadership and form a modern democratic community that will have the necessary covenants and clauses to form a transparent, caring and responsible leadership, not by people but by constitution. A supreme constitution that is what need to convince our people, until such time and as long as our life will permit we shall not give up.

I watched the Doha debate, a member of the Qatar Foundation and realized that the once fourth world nations are propelled them to the first level. No wonder Indians, Pakistanis, Sri Lankans and Bengal Desis are doing the menial jobs in the Middle East. Sri Lanka once the Singapore of the Indian Ocean has been made into a Somalia. Sad indeed!

There is lots of hidden criticism in this write up but will only be obvious to those false leaders for they are into it. We want these leaders to either sharpen their commitments or gracefully vow out and let some one else lead or let the people go where ever they find convenient to live.

If you are an elected leader, you had better pick up your tools and start working for the community or please get lost. We don’t need ineffective inefficient losers in our community. You are probably not the right one for this job.

It is a long and arduous process, we have to do it, the way our fore parents did for us. The journey must continue; freedom is a journey not a destination.

And as I always say, All Tamils unite, Stay together, Work hard, Never ever give up and the Best is yet to come.

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